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Miles from any classroom, in the middle of Northern Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, Dana Albany, a “book sculptor,” creates a massive sculpture of the human body. It is composed of out-of-date textbooks and discarded library books. She names this giant figure: Body of Knowledge. It is burned to the ground. No one objects.

BODY of KNOWLEDGE by Dana Albany

BURNING MAN 2000, Black Rock Desert, northern NEVADA, USA

photo credit: “Scott Beale / Laughing Squid”

Can you trust him?” She asks, the cigarette dangling from her fingers. “Can tell him anything without feeling judged? Can you call him and know he’ll answer, or call back as soon as he can? If you’re hurt, and I mean really hurt, will he drop everything and get to you as soon as he can? Will he be there for you when someone you love dies? Will he look after you if you’re sick? Will he hold your hair back after too many tequilas? Will he be there? Does he try to see you, even if he has work early or a busy week?” She holds my gaze as she brings the cigarette to her berry lips. “If the answer is no to any of those things, maybe he’s not the one?
—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write// alter ego advice

My grimoire/BoS/altered book/art journal/smashbook/collage scrapbook-ish project. Base book was a university library discard. 

Alphabet stamps and a Krylon gold paint pen are my friends - the first, because my handwriting is shitty, and the second, because I can’t draw worth a damn but no one notices when everything is gold and shiny!!!

Made a very long index (to be filled in as I go, bullet journal-style) because this book is hella thick. 

More pics will come as I start filling it up. :)


Nabalungi/Arnold! SO I did like a half hour of research on traditional Ugandan weddings. Most dresses seem to generally have the pointed shoulders, a sash tied in the front, and a square neckline. Also the bride and groom do not show physical affection at the ceremony, they cannot kiss or hold hands (only hug, I believe?). I am not an expert on this particular culture but I have immense respect for celebrating all cultures, so PLEASE correct me if I have done something wrong, I am willing to alter this drawing!

Sometimes I am amazed by the simple fact that books are just frozen in time.

That I can just grab the same books years later and the text is exactly the same, the story goes down in an identical way every single time. I can start the same book from the very beginning over and over again, and the characters start out just as fresh, just as new, completely oblivious to all that is about to happen.

Seasons change and I will age, but books will always repeat their same old story, word for word, for as many times as anyone wants to read them. The world could burn down and humanity could go extinct, but a single comma cannot and will not ever alter in a book that’s already been printed.

 Claire Randall will always start out on that second honeymoon. Theon Greyjoy will always kick that head. Bilbo Baggins will never expect that party. Everything will alway play out exactly as it did the last time.

I find strange comfort in that.