Naruto has ended

It won’t be there on my anime list any more.

I don’t know what I was expecting after 15 years of airing. But after watching the last episode, I don’t think I was disappointed. Many thanks to Masashi Kishimoto for introducing us to such a life altering anime series with so many unforgettable characters.

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We legitimately wept and raged for them during the good moments and the bad. 

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We watched Naruto grow up and walked his path alongside him (if only in our brains).

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It was a long ride but it’s been a good one (minus the damned fillers).

Farewell, Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi, Kakashi, Gaara, Sakura, Sai and all the rest! You will be missed. Until I start Boruto.

Batjokes kinks

Ok so since a couple of you asked, here’s a list of me faves. Probably forgotten a load but oh well.

. Sleepy cuddles. Just-
. Pretty much anything to do with Europa. Give it the ending it deserves!!!!!!!
. Angry snogging during/after fighting. Or whenever really.
. Angry snogging in the rain.
. Snogging and blood. Gross, yes but I blame Europa.
. Sleepy cuddles.
. Bruce pining. Because ANGST!
. Heh um ok so maybe I kinda like subby Bruce? Just, y'know, a lil bit.
. Bruce and J being gentle with each other. Or mainly J being surprisingly affectionate or caring and Bruce being all “wtf?!?!”
.sleepy cuddles.
. Ok so y'know the Joker/Rachel TDK party scene? Well, replacing her with Bruce. I want a fic of that pretty please thanks so much.
. J rehabilitation. (I blame HWA. In fact I blame that fic for many things)
. Did I mention sleepy cuddles? Cos I really like sleepy cuddles.
. Sleepy KISSY cuddles.
. Bruce seeing/interacting with J when he’s not Batman.
. Those two assholes finding any way to say “I love you” without using those actual words. Cos they’re idiots.
. TDK interrogation scene. Not just for batjokes but it’s a fucking brilliantly filmed/acted/written scene. Whole movie is actually. I love it.
. Right, ok, so I blame @jeffersonhairpie for this kink that I shan’t name here. Just read their fic Rose Gold and you’ll see.
. J’s hypersensitivity
. The smudged lipstick. Any excuse to put that in a pic and I’m there!
. J getting overwhelmed.
. J being comforted by Bruce.
. Any fic that’ll make J and Bruce kiss at the end of TKJ. Yes purlease.

. Bruce and J fixing each other which is basically why the City Goblins series by @altered-eagle is so wonderful!

Errrrr that’s all I got for now.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins Thoughts and Stuffs

As you might know by now, possibly from me screaming so loud you could hear it where you live, the next Assassin’s Creed game, Origins, was officially announced yesterday, and it looks like that year Ubi took off from the franchise was put to good use. You can find an extensive amount of detail on the game in any number of places (most notably Game Informer), but I wanted to get beyond what we saw and into the wonderful realm of speculation and analysis. Here is a mostly unorganized mix of ten thoughts, suggestions, hopes and dreams for what looks like a series-altering entry in the AC lineage. Warning: Minor spoilers if you aren’t at least past Assassin’s Creed II.

1. Let’s get back to the story
Yes, I’m aware there’s a vocal part of Assassin’s Creed’s community that hates the over-arching meta-story about an ancient precursor race and Apples of Eden and whatnot. It certainly isn’t perfect—and if you’ve made it through ACIII you know there’s a fairly massive hole in the logic involved—but after two entries in which the larger story was all-but-irrelevant, I think we’re ready to get back on track with something to tie the games together.
Furthermore, if Ubi is set to reveal the origins of the Assassins, they need to have something epic cooked up, especially after they mostly botched the French Revolution in terms of narrative.

2. Speaking of those origins…
If you delve into AC’s extended fiction (and I can’t blame you if you don’t; it can get pretty strange), you find that both Assassins and Templars existed well before the time Origins is set in. Note the very specific wording in the tagline: “As an empire falls, a Brotherhood rises”. Nowhere in the as-yet-released information does it say the Assassins didn’t exist, just that they weren’t yet organized. In fact, one of those statues in the headquarters in Assassin’s Creed II (remember those?) explicitly identifies three Assassins active well before Origins’s day, and since the game is set in the 40’s BCE, that means it is in the very decade that Assassins, according to the in-game fiction, took down Julius Caesar.
The death of Caesar rocked the Roman world of the time in many ways, and it seems unlikely it won’t be essential to the game’s story…especially since we know said story involves the rise and reign of Cleopatra VII.

3. About those Templars…
If the story is going to get into the origins of the Assassins, it seems likely we’ll also get an early look at the formations of the modern Templars. Throughout the games, the upper hand in any one era and area has shifted between the two groups, but the Templars have generally had the upper hand. They’re usually depicted as having their fingers in every pie, and empire, on the planet, like the Illuminati meets the mafia. It would be fascinating to see a time when both groups were in their formative years, and the Templars not quite the Hydra-level threat they would later become. The two groups are so diametrically opposed in goals and means, in fact, that it would be a particularly devious twist to show them as more chummy in the beginning—and merely hint at what caused the massive divide as a topic for future games.

4. Life on the River
The Nile may be no Caribbean Sea, but it’s no stream, either. Your vision of what Ancient Egypt looked like probably involved plenty of wooden barges sailing up and down it, possibly with ruins visible along the shoreline, small villages dotted on the course, and of course the annual floods that defined life in the Egyptian desert. It would be a shame if you weren’t free to explore this waterway.

5. An Already Ancient Land
To most of us, Egypt’s time of mattering is thousands of years past, and we just think of it as one lump of history all packed into a short time span. But the Egyptian empire had already been going strong for thousands of years by the time of Origins…in fact, the game is explicitly set in the empire’s waning days. The country’s past is probably as mysterious and alluring to protagonist Bayek as it is to us, and illuminating the history of his own ancestors should not just be a side activity saved for tomb raiding—it should be an integral piece of the story, especially if the First Civilization is again a major element.

6. The R Word
One notable thing no one seems to be talking about is that Origins will be the first AC game to take place in a timeframe during which Christianity and Islam are not the world’s dominant religious forces—in fact, they don’t even exist yet. Although religion hasn’t been a major or specific element in those entries, the characters and situations have often been defined by the cultural, moral and supernatural ideas that stemmed from them, if only in the sense that they were breaking away from them.
At the time in which Origins is set, however, religion is still a matter more of regional practices than national or global ones, with multiple pantheons full of multiple gods being specific to Rome, Egypt and a whole lot of smaller places. Could the characters in these times being more pantheistic actually mean they have a greater knowledge of the First Civilization, possibly identifying them with their gods?
And of course, the big question: set less than a century before the Crucifixtion, will Origins or the games that potentially follow it work the rise of Christianity into the narrative? The potential, both for fascinating narrative developments and for pissing lots of people off, would be huge.

7. What about the Jews?
I’m addressing this separately from the other two Abrahamic religions because the Jews had transcended a faith alone to become a recognizable culture well before Christianity and Islam showed up. If Ubi wants to do the period up right, they can’t possibly ignore them. Though the rebellions of the Jews in the Roman empire wouldn’t happen for decades yet, the uneasy co-existence of the two—monotheists and polytheists living side-by-side in conquered provinces—must have been felt by both. How much this touched Egypt at the time is hard to say, but if you go by the Jews’ own accounts, they had quite the sordid and complicated history with the country in its own right. I don’t usually get political, but with the growing number of Nazi-lite “movements” around the world, showing the Jews as a fully formed and individual, thriving culture in their game would also be a great middle finger from Ubi to a bunch of racist jerks.

8. About Bayek’s Age
It’s not going to mean a lot to you if you’re under 25, but if you started playing AC when it first came out and you were at least 18 (and shame on your parents if you weren’t), you’re at least 28 now and you may have started to notice that main characters in games are almost all kids, and those that aren’t generally act like they are. That’s why Ubi making Bayek in his mid-thirties, with a position in life to match, is a big deal. People are more active at higher ages than ever before, but protagonists in games rarely crack their early twenties, and hopefully Bayek will be a change from that.
Or his age could turn out to be a meaningless number. We’ll see.

9. The Most Varied AC World Yet?
A look at the gameplay trailer shows deltas teeming with reeds and (shudder) crocodiles, glistening cities of white stones, palaces built into hills, and oases in vast deserts. With Unity and Syndicate being based almost entirely in a single huge city apiece, the wide open world is a welcome return. Hopefully, it is as packed with hidden secrets and things to do as II’s Italy and BF’s Caribbean were.

10. The Seven Wonders of the World
Another historical thing possibly overlooked by fans in their excitement: at the time of Origins, six of the seven (Man-Made) Wonder of the (Ancient) World were still standing in some form. From The Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the Golden Statue of Zeus, these were some of the most gorgeous constructions the considerable minds of ancient humans could accomplish. We’re obviously going to visit quite a lot of pyramids already, and very likely the Pharos Lighthouse, located as it was in Egypt, but the remaining four (and maybe even the ruins of the fifth) would make great locations for those special side missions AC’s devs often like to sneak in.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins releases on video game stuff everywhere October 27th. What would you like to see in the game?