@ People who make ocs and selfship

Don’t be afraid to make your oc a main part of the media you’re inserting into???? Like don’t be afraid to be part of whatever group THE main characters are in. Don’t hesitate to impose your character into big important canon events that have happened. Don’t feel guilty about being related to main characters or affecting their lives or pasts

Self inserting is about having fun and it’s not like you have any power to alter the series so it’s not affecting anyone. 


1/8| “Eliminated” - SACRIFICE| Chase Brody [”Teabag Edition | Bro Average”]

Boom! I’m working on a series of alter ego related drawings in which I show Anti’s cruel ways of getting rid of each and every one of them, until he’s left as the only relevant personality in Jack’s mind. Therefore taking full control of everything Jack owns and more. (I’m too happy about this shit gnarfyfdx)

I will upload one finished piece every day for the next week, starting today. Have fun theorizing! ovo
(rip my wrist)

Technically the first one would be the drawing of Jack surrounded by his egos i posted a little while ago but shh it dont count for now

(Full series/ set is out now! Check it out right here:

CB + underappreciated scenes | 4/?

In this episode, Blair finds the courage to confess to Chuck that she loves him. It’s the realization of that sentiment that drives Chuck’s actions later in the episode when he considers exposing Lily’s secret. Lily warns him not to turn away from the people who love him and that jolts Chuck out of his state of anger. His frustration and want for vengeance fade away when he remembers what Blair has done for him. Instead of chasing after revenge, he finally releases all his pent-up despair at his father’s death when he goes to see Blair. She’s the first person in his life to truly love him for who he is, and that makes such an enormous difference in his life. Even though he acts like he doesn’t care when Blair first tells him she loves him, it obviously impacts him tremendously on multiple levels. Because of the love that she conveyed to him, he later chooses to burn the letter holding Lily’s secret because he realizes it’s the right thing to do. Chuck and Blair consistently encourage each another to be their best selves - they are each other’s anchor and inspiration, and that never alters throughout the series.