More altered Magic cards, next to the original designs! The Kiln Fiend will go out to my friend Manu and the Mox Opal to Achim, but the Baleful Strix is still available for purchase.

I’m also available for commissions for mtg alters, so if you’re interested, feel free to drop an ask/fanmail or preferably an email via kibakazuki(at)yahoo(dot)de. Thank you!

I’ve been making fun proxies of Magic cards I own as of late, but that got me to thinking about doing fantasy equipment from other games as though they were going to be, loosely, turned in to Magic cards. This first one is The Flaming Poisoning Raging Sword of Doom from The Adventure Zone.

I’ll probably do a few more from TAZ before I move on to other fantasy universes.

Dear customers:

If you ever ask me about altering a magic card with a Dark souls character be aware that unless to tell me to keep it short, I’ll write approximately two essays about your request with deep analysis about the card’s colors and the corresponding character and how awesome Dark Souls is in general.