Meanwhile back at the beach… the unsettling perving on male relatives continues…. the boring is catching, apparently *yawn* and snow cones go down a treat. Oh, and the toilets broke…

I don’t think this experience will be repeated any time soon… it was just far too weird and confusing for my delicate sensibilities…


anonymous asked:

How can you tell the difference between say a mania episode or an alter?? Granted I've never really had mania episodes before I don't think, but I'm not sure if my feelings were maybe being passively being influenced by an alter

I experience something very similar! One of my alters is perpetually much more social and energetic than the others, so if they’re out or fronting it can seem like a manic episode. 

I don’t have manic episodes outside of my alter-caused pseudo mania, but I think you could probably tell the difference by examining what memories you have access to if amnesia is one of your symptoms. Also, traits might be different with a different alter fronting. If you know the traits of alters most likely to seem manic, then you can distinguish mania from the presence of this alter?

Alright alright I’ve finally gotten the Dissociative fog to clear up a little. I know who I am. My name is Tony or Tman(a nickname I like). I’m fairly new around here. I hold some memories from​ Austin Texas that are not all that pretty. But here’s the thing. I’m laid back and try to get along with other people. I like video games and smoking weed. I know it’s not completely legal but hey it takes the edge off.

A little more about me. I’m 6"3’ and a little hairy. I’m bisexual and like sweet coffee. My hair is a little darker than the picture and I tend to dye my hair and beard different colors. I have dark brown eyes. Also I don’t have any tattoos, that was just the closest picture I could find.

That’s really all there is to it. But hey I’m not perfect so if I missed something or you have a question just go right on ahead and ask ok?

anonymous asked:

Hello, I am an alter who went dormant many years ago, and though I don't remember much from now, I also don't remember much from back when I was active... Is this normal? What should I do to get back on my feet? Everything has changed and it feels like I'm no longer necessary, I'm not even sure why I'm back...

Please be patient with it!! Most issues like this will get sorted out in time. You’re important and there’s a good chance you’re back for a reason. 

You can develop a new place and purpose in the system. Please don’t discount yourself, you’ll figure things out. Be patient! It’ll be okay!


We interrupt your daily Tumblr-browsing to bring you this Squid Research Lab Special Report.  In addition to learning all about Salmon Run, we’ve also learned that Splatoon 2 is coming July 21!