altered tights

/ one

I know sometimes I’m a jerk- of how I treat people cold blood and pretend like there’s nothing happened. But to tell you, I really am not that kind. It’s just that I am half-complete. I tend to look my other parts at people who surrounds me with love or the sensation I have always wanted to feel. To others, it’s cynical- but to tell you, it’s not. It always felt like the walls in my spine doesn’t seem to substantiate themselves and refrain from falling apart.

/ two

I tend to find comfort from people who mean the most to me. Like that of a how constellations combine and practically swing amidst the corners of the world. Ignoring the void. Just pure happiness.

/ three

I saw you standing there- your gaze towards mine. Again I remembered my demented universe. How pain altered everything I took tight grasp on- how I tried to fix you when I myself, is broken.

/ four

I let go.