altered tights

New Home


“Where are we?”

The alter felt his arms trembling, blood burning his veins as he eased to a crawl, eye twitching as he fought to see, only seeing darkness.

“Dark… can you hear me?” the green haired ego licked his cracked lips, voice a hoarse croak of desperation. He felt blood dripping from his lips, but he didn’t care. He needed to see Dark.

The other ego was sprawled a few feet away in the inky universe like blackness they were in. Anti hesitated, his stomach clenching in the sudden rush of fear and panic that rushed over him, the floor just black, no walls, just endless black. He felt like he was going to fall.

What was happening?

“Dark-” he breathed, his eyes slowing to a close, squeezing tight. He could make it. For Dark.

Crawling at a snail’s pace, the alter felt his throat tight and dry, desperate to see and go back to reality.

When his hand bumped leather, his breath returned, a heavy sigh of relief leaving him. He shot his eyes open and focused on sitting up the stirring brunette. “Dark, please, I don’t know where we are.”

After coughing and gripping the irishman’s jeans with a hand to steady himself, the other male cracked his eyes open, both burning to the brim with tears.

“Wh…er.e… A..nt..i…?” he wheezed, trying to choke out some words. His eyes searched around. There was nothing…

“Where are we?”

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Dark and Anti series anyone??

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Ein Versuch cheeky nandos auf Deutsch auszudrücken, näher komm ich dem Konzept gerade nicht: Okay also, du hängst mit deinen Kollegen am Markt und ihr habt echt Spaß und es is halt echt gechillt. Aber ihr schiebt voll den Kohldampf, also sagt Kevin, "Ey lasst ma Mäcces gehen." Aber du warst gerade erst bei Mäcces, und Mesut steht da eh nicht so drauf. Aber dann hat der Müller die Idee: "Lasst Döner essen. Geht heut auf mich." Und dann sagst du "Müller, mein Freund, absolut tight Alter."

Oh mein Gott. Ich liebe es! *wischt sich Träne aus den Augen*

/ one

I know sometimes I’m a jerk- of how I treat people cold blood and pretend like there’s nothing happened. But to tell you, I really am not that kind. It’s just that I am half-complete. I tend to look my other parts at people who surrounds me with love or the sensation I have always wanted to feel. To others, it’s cynical- but to tell you, it’s not. It always felt like the walls in my spine doesn’t seem to substantiate themselves and refrain from falling apart.

/ two

I tend to find comfort from people who mean the most to me. Like that of a how constellations combine and practically swing amidst the corners of the world. Ignoring the void. Just pure happiness.

/ three

I saw you standing there- your gaze towards mine. Again I remembered my demented universe. How pain altered everything I took tight grasp on- how I tried to fix you when I myself, is broken.

/ four

I let go.