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fandom fic rec days, post the second

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just hobbit stuff in this rec, i’m afraid, bar one! but i make up for it with quantity?

Heart of the Mountain by esama (post-botfa, everyone lives, gen, kiliel; drama, friendship, political) neat as heck (unfinished, but still neat as heck) aftermath-of-the-everyone-lives-outcome piece, following bilbo and the dwarves’ efforts to piece things back together post-betrayal and bloodshed and all that unpleasantness

The Winter of Discontent by Brass_Brassicas (universe alteration, bagginshield; drama, hurt/comfort, slow burn) wonderfully characterized universe alteration wherein bilbo reluctantly plays host to a pair of displaced young dwarves and ends up with far more on his plate than he knows how to handle

The Haunting of Bilbo by EinahSirro (post-botfa, canon compliant, bagginshield; supernatural, angst, drama) because you can’t go wrong with ghost!thorin, let’s be real

I’m Not Sure This is Actually a Coffee Shop by bendingsignpost (alternate universe, gen; drama, humour) aka this is not the trope you were looking for

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~May Coord Challenge - Day 9~

Today’s my birthday, so I put together something special! This coord uses a lot of my favourite things - my Claudia OP, a bustier, rose motifs, gold, and the colour wine.

OP: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Bustier: Victorian Maiden
Jewelry: bracelet-gift, necklace- vintage
Hair accessories: bow- VM, rose clip- Crown & Thorn
Stockings: Grimoire
Shoes: Rivers

Altered Fairytale written by violetscentedwriter
If you want to read something different in the SwanQueen fandom, she is your author.

VioletScented is unique writing Enchanted forest stories. She writes beyond a fairytale, beyond Once Upon a Time.

Enjoy this story, such as the other she wrote (Scent of Roses, Culltown and more)

I hope you like this poster. It’s a pleasure and I’m honoured. You are very talented and I can’t wait to make with you our project.
Never give up!!! Because you are an amazing writer.

@rufeepeach OMG, Ru! I made an Austenland AU collage ages ago. In my version Belle has saved money her entire adult life to see the world, but her interfering father wants her to grow up and settle down with her ex-boyfriend Gilbert Legume. To cure her of her delusions of adventure and her lust for travel Moe “invests” his daughter’s savings on a trip to Storybrooke Manor, an outrageously exclusive and expensive fairytale themed resort for adults. The vacation package, although the cheapest available, is completely non-refundable and Belle reluctantly packs her bag and boards her flight to “the best kept secret vacation destination in Maine.” Once there Regina Mills, owner of Storybrooke Manor, micromanages every step of Belle’s transformation, namely confiscating her luggage and electronic devices and making appropriate wardrobe choices for her assigned fairytale character- a damsel in distress.

Belle’s fairytale alter ego, Lacey, is literally a maid- tiny bedroom, difficult cleaning assignments and all. Her package doesn’t cover the spa services or horseback riding lessons so lyrically described in the brochure video, and she isn’t assigned a face character love interest like the high profile guests either. The only person she interacts with is Rumplestiltskin, a heavily made up actor that serves as the villain in most of the other guests storylines. As mocking as Rumplestiltskin is he does prove to be an excellent conversationalist when he doesn’t have to engage with the other guests. He doesn’t look half bad in the leather trousers of his costume either. Just when Belle starts to wonder if she’s part of an impromptu Beauty and the Beast story her father’s true motives for sending her to Storybrooke comes marching in. Sir Gaston, as Gilbert Legume christened himself, has arrived to slay the beast of loneliness and propose in style. Belle leaves the resort in a rage, a day or so later a remarkably scale free Rumplestiltskin, also known as Robert Gold, shows up at her door. Together they decide to pursue a real life happily ever after.