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Pros and Cons of living alone


  • No line for the shower. You can have the bathroom at the precise second that you want it.
  • You can have all your makeup and millions of different hair products out all over the bathroom. No one else needs any counter space anyway.
  • No one steals your food (unless you have an evil alter-ego that sleep walks and causes Chinese take-out to go missing the next day)
  • No awkward boyfriend/girlfriend/random-bar-person sleep-overs. Unless they’re yours of course.
  • Not having to wear pants.
  • Not having to wear ANYTHING.


  • When the toilet paper runs out, you can’t blame a roommate.
  • When anything runs out, it’s your fault.
  • All those dishes in the sink? YOURS.
  • The pile of clothes on the floor? YOURS TOO.
Darkiplier Headcanons

— Dark’s eyes change a lot. Sometimes they’re full black demon style, and sometimes his pupils are a dark red that reminds of the blood.
— Unlike Anti who likes blood and mess, Dark prefers a clean environment, he doesn’t like getting his hands dirty but if he needs to nothing stops him. Usually he takes off his jacket first or adjusts his sleeves since he doesn’t want any blood on them, blood isn’t that simple to wash off.
— He’s so damn good at persuading people and with mind control. It’s just so natural of him. In a way or another people always do what he wants them to do.
— Dark is quite calm. He doesn’t like too much chaos and he doesn’t like to provocate Mark but he likes to start fights with and between the other egos. (Just for fun tho, he doesn’t hate the other)
— Unlike Mark who always rejects Anti’s provocations, he often teases him back, making him blush or he either ignores him who leads to an Anti who’s pretty frustrated.
— Since he’s Mark’s alter ego his hairstyle changes along mark’s ones. He never liked the pink hair or the blue hair, that’s why he never showed up. He was pretty comfortable with the red one but still, he thought that no one could listen to him like that.
— Him and Mark have this deal where Dark doesn’t bother Mark too much and Mark doesn’t bother Dark too much
— Mark always wants to make fun of Dark but he never really tries because Dark is stronger than him. Stronger than anyone and he doesn’t want to get hurt because Dark has a really bad temper.
— Even tho he says that he’s soulless and doesn’t have any feelings and hates everything that breathes, when Chica lays her head on his lap he enjoys it but he only shows it when he thinks that he’s alone by rubbing her head.
— He really likes Wilford, he’s one of his favorite egos and Dark respects Warfstache so much. He considers him family.

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On the subject of cringe culture, I’ve been looking at some stuff by Jacksepticeye because my gf is into him and on a recent video he said something I really liked

He does this “dark/evil alter ego” thing called I think Antisepticeye? And it involves lots of like glitch effects and a weird voice filter and stuff. And he was talking about it and how some people were groaning about how “cringey” it is and his response was “Of course it’s cringey, it’s me pretending to be a demon or something!” Then went on to say he doesn’t care if they don’t like it, but to stop shitting on people who do. And I love this full on acceptance of the cringe. Like yes, it can be considered very cringey, but who cares? He and a lot of his fans have fun with it, and that’s really all that matters, so stop shitting on people for harmless fun.

The myth that persecutors/avengers/angry protectors/etc are inherently “bad alters”/”evil alters” needs to stop. I used to believe this and I ended up being openly hostile to several alters (in my system and in others) who are children, trauma survivors who have not yet learned that the world is not as violent as they think it is, or that they can find comfort. If you’re able to safely do so, please try to teach these violent or self-destructive alters that they don’t need to be destructive anymore. It won’t heal them overnight, but please consider that they’ve likely been through the worst of whatever the system has experienced, and try to be patient and welcoming.

People are already theorizing that Della might have transformed into Magica de Spell and I’m begging with my whole soul for the creators to not take that route

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Malec & s2 fairy tale tropes

It’s not a secret that fairy tale AUs are quite popular in fandom, but what is more interesting is that the canon too played with this trope in season 2.

I’ve counted at least three fairy tale references / reimaginings – the first two are the most obvious ones – the Sleeping Beauty’s kiss (2x03), and the Beast’s wilting rose (2x18); the third one is probably a bit harder to recognize at first sight since it wasn’t yet adapted by Disney – the myth of Cupid and Psyche, which was also used in the TMI books (as far as I can see from the book spoilers). [And also little bonus: Malec vs. the demon!dragon]

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Gang leader jack. / jack gang leader of one of the most dangerous gangs in the world his reputation is evil he doesn’t care who you are if you screw him over he will punish you. And he is known for he evil alter ego coming out to play while “punishing” someone. You gotta be careful around him. But to his fans he is a sweet boy who could do no harm./ | tags bc maybe they’ll be interested? If not then ignore me. @lum1natrix @markired |