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‘Street Fighter 2’ brings an old racist trope to Nintendo Switch — brown-skinned villains

  • Street Fighter 2 launches on Friday for Nintendo Switch, bringing the classic fighting franchise to the company’s latest hardware.
  • The release also features the return of couple faces we haven’t seen as playable characters in almost 15 years: Evil Ryu and Violent Ken.
  • But here’s the problem: In the game, Evil Ryu and Violent Ken are just brainwashed versions of Ryu and Ken, yet their evil alter egos have way darker skin.
  • This old stereotype of evil, dark versions of white heroes just feels dated and sad. It’s 2017. When can we retire this trope? Read more (5/26/17)

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Darkiplier Headcanons

— Dark’s eyes change a lot. Sometimes they’re full black demon style, and sometimes his pupils are a dark red that reminds of the blood.
— Unlike Anti who likes blood and mess, Dark prefers a clean environment, he doesn’t like getting his hands dirty but if he needs to nothing stops him. Usually he takes off his jacket first or adjusts his sleeves since he doesn’t want any blood on them, blood isn’t that simple to wash off.
— He’s so damn good at persuading people and with mind control. It’s just so natural of him. In a way or another people always do what he wants them to do.
— Dark is quite calm. He doesn’t like too much chaos and he doesn’t like to provocate Mark but he likes to start fights with and between the other egos. (Just for fun tho, he doesn’t hate the other)
— Unlike Mark who always rejects Anti’s provocations, he often teases him back, making him blush or he either ignores him who leads to an Anti who’s pretty frustrated.
— Since he’s Mark’s alter ego his hairstyle changes along mark’s ones. He never liked the pink hair or the blue hair, that’s why he never showed up. He was pretty comfortable with the red one but still, he thought that no one could listen to him like that.
— Him and Mark have this deal where Dark doesn’t bother Mark too much and Mark doesn’t bother Dark too much
— Mark always wants to make fun of Dark but he never really tries because Dark is stronger than him. Stronger than anyone and he doesn’t want to get hurt because Dark has a really bad temper.
— Even tho he says that he’s soulless and doesn’t have any feelings and hates everything that breathes, when Chica lays her head on his lap he enjoys it but he only shows it when he thinks that he’s alone by rubbing her head.
— He really likes Wilford, he’s one of his favorite egos and Dark respects Warfstache so much. He considers him family.

Gang leader jack. / jack gang leader of one of the most dangerous gangs in the world his reputation is evil he doesn’t care who you are if you screw him over he will punish you. And he is known for he evil alter ego coming out to play while “punishing” someone. You gotta be careful around him. But to his fans he is a sweet boy who could do no harm./ | tags bc maybe they’ll be interested? If not then ignore me. @lum1natrix @markired |

Times are stressful as frak. I mean, we got the countdown to Iris’ impending doom, the risk of losing Caitlin to her evil alter-ego Killer Frost, and this weird dude with the touch of death running around making things decay. Can we please have a week where we are not tiptoeing on the brink of disaster?

You’re spiraling, Cisco. Take a deep breath and focus on the positives.  Every cloud has a silver lining, right? I guess ours would be Wally making serious progress in his speedster training. He mastered the whole phasing thing and is making Kid Flash a bonafide sensation. Seriously, Kid Flash is more popular than memes here in Central City! I figured it was high time for me and Wally to have a low-key bromance and hit up the town. I mean, we’re both coming into our own as superheroes, after all. It’s the Vibe / Kid Flash crossover event! Vibe and Kid Flash’s Excellent Adventure? Vibe Cassidy and the Flashdance Kid? I’ll work on it. Either way, it was on like Donkey Kong.

Since we’re both not-so-secretly pining for our other-Earth baes, Jesse Quick and Gypsy, we took ourselves off the market and decided to just have fun and not worry about the whole dating game. Wally didn’t strike me as a karaoke type, so I knew the perfect spot for our epic night – Central City’s brand new barcade! We got there and the joint was lit.  From vintage video games to a sick DJ pumping tunes, the entire place was one giant party. Wally was all giddy when he overheard a group of girls crushing on Kid Flash, so we totes photo-bombed their selfies. I tore up Skee Ball and Wally brought the moves on Dance Dance Revolution - safe to say that the Vibe and Kid Flash team up could be best described as a fire emoji.

That is until the temperature dropped about 50 degrees. Suddenly everything turned frigid.  We could see our breath! Wally and I were both freaking.  These days sudden chilly conditions always makes me worry about my homegirl Caitlin. I had to check over my shoulder and make sure she wasn’t lurking anywhere nearby! But we were in the clear – we overheard the manager on the phone complaining that the AC unit had gone haywire. The party was cooling off - people were shivering and sliding to the exit.  So I ran over to the AC unit gave it a touch and vibed to see what was wrong.  Turns out it needed a new part from a factory in Star City. I gave Wally the deets and he was there and back in a (kid) flash. We helped the manager install it and brought back the heat. The party was saved!

As the night ended, we used our last quarters on some classics arcade games.  I got hooked on Donkey Kong and Wally was blown away by my mad skills of taking down that crazy gorilla.  If only Grodd’s attacks were as easy to dodge as Donkey Kong’s barrels!  I gotta say I’m still stoked he’s out of our hair for good. Now, does any one have change for a dollar? Wally and I are ready for our next barcade team-up!

The myth that persecutors/avengers/angry protectors/etc are inherently “bad alters”/”evil alters” needs to stop. I used to believe this and I ended up being openly hostile to several alters (in my system and in others) who are children, trauma survivors who have not yet learned that the world is not as violent as they think it is, or that they can find comfort. If you’re able to safely do so, please try to teach these violent or self-destructive alters that they don’t need to be destructive anymore. It won’t heal them overnight, but please consider that they’ve likely been through the worst of whatever the system has experienced, and try to be patient and welcoming.

Pros and Cons of living alone


  • No line for the shower. You can have the bathroom at the precise second that you want it.
  • You can have all your makeup and millions of different hair products out all over the bathroom. No one else needs any counter space anyway.
  • No one steals your food (unless you have an evil alter-ego that sleep walks and causes Chinese take-out to go missing the next day)
  • No awkward boyfriend/girlfriend/random-bar-person sleep-overs. Unless they’re yours of course.
  • Not having to wear pants.
  • Not having to wear ANYTHING.


  • When the toilet paper runs out, you can’t blame a roommate.
  • When anything runs out, it’s your fault.
  • All those dishes in the sink? YOURS.
  • The pile of clothes on the floor? YOURS TOO.

If you’re tired of the cliche “evil alters taking over” story that Hollywood and the general media always puts out (what with the movie “Split” coming out and everything), then I recommend you read: “The Hybrid Chronicles” by Kat Zhang.

This series takes on the concept that everyone is born with two souls: a dominant soul and a recessive soul. Then after a certain age, they begin to “settle” and the recessive soul is supposed to disappear. Well sometimes that doesn’t always happen, and then you end up with a “hybrid”. The government puts the views of hybrids in the public as “dangerous” and “mentally ill”, and that they should be institutionalized. The books follow the journey of two hybrid souls named Eva and Addie, as they meet other hybrids and fight to free those stuck in institutions and against the government.

The trilogy starts with “What’s Left of Me”, followed by “Once we Were”, and then “Echoes of us”. Each of them are guide intense and interesting to read. Found it hard to put it down ourselves.


One thing I like about ARC-V is how they acknowledged that fans love violent and dark duels, and that the evil alter egos of the main characters are incredibly popular. Because Zarc got his start from his fans and audience cheering and encouraging violence and escalation into an evil entity.

So while we were all cheering for Yuya’s Berserk Mode and how cool it was, that very same thing sort of happened in-universe before.

some nt: nobody actually has “"evil”“ alters those are all fake uwu

me, someone with an ”“evil”“ alter: most systems don’t, but support those that do because they are mean for a reason!! DID is caused from trauma, and sometimes the alters behave mean to "protect” because they’re still stuck in trauma zone. and sometimes they’re just bad people, like any singlets could be! either way, they deserve respect. if you don’t want to be their friend, that’s fine! but they deserve respect!!

some nt: uwu

Welcome to the Alker Region!

Origin: Myths, Legends, and Lore, Mythological “Floating Island”

Derivation: Alter, Altar, Aku(evil in japanese)

The Region of Life

Welcome to the Alker Region! This region is home to many different cultures, from ancient villages to modern cities. The history of the region is alive within the different towns and cities, with lore shrouded in mystery and darkness. People in the Alker region value the balance of mind, body, and spirit. The region itself seems to pulse with energy. Down below is a list of places to explore! Details of each will be on their individual posts.


  • Ajime Town
  • Ulwood Town
  • Tartarot Pit
  • Pyroh City
  • Marchen Village
  • Ombos Ruins
  • Huengong Islands
  • Mumachi Town
  • Tekotek City
  • Jhesh City


  • Arteried River
  • Veined Pass
  • Soul Lake
  • Lake of Wisdom
  • Ipheasteo Volcano
  • Dasos Forest
  • Spilaio Cave
  • Livadi Meadow
  • Tree of Eternity
  • Vouno Mountains

Other Places

  • Stone Shrine
  • Chained Boulder
  • Observatory
  • Crumbled Temple
  • Oasis
  • Soul Rock
  • Hunter’s Lodge
  • Village Cemetery
  • Island Hill
  • Statues of Sacrifice
  • Pokemon League

There are over 180 new pokemon to catch and train, with the addition of Alkeran forms and new Mega Evolutions!

Come see what the Alker Region has to offer, and enjoy your stay!