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The INTJ (NiTeFiSe)

Introverted Intuition (Ni):

  • Futuristic minded, often comfortable forming personal expectations of how situations will turn out
  • Prone to inaction until they have “foreseen” the outcome or negative consequences
  • Comfortable reading between the lines or “intuititing” the motives of others
  • Endlessly ponders perspectives and ideas until shaping them into a specific singular conclusion or viewpoint
  • Open to altering these perspectives or visions, but requires extensive time to do so (unable to improvise in the moment or respond quickly to environmental shifts)
  • Predominantly characterized by well-developed imaginative abilities and mental wanderings
  • Often spends a great deal of time simply thinking
  • Prone to reflection on scenarios, on pondering information, and forming individualized abstract concepts or revisiting concepts of interest
  • May be prone to excessive daydreaming, creating intricate inner worlds or universes, or mentally replaying elements of their own personal experience
  • Not always inclined to share their imaginative tendencies or thoughts with others
  • Develops complex mental inner landscapes, shaped and continually revised by new information
  • May find acquiring new knowledge to “complete” the details of their instinctual knowledge tiresome, and prefer to work off intuitive insight rather than detail-driven awareness
  • Sometimes slow or reluctant to adopt or update new information (if not eager to shift their worldview)
  • Confident about analyzing the implications of gathered information
  • May view others’ ideas with skepticism or scrutiny
  • Can perceive others’ intellectual contributions as limited in scope
  • Occasionally prone to fatalistic thinking or general self-doubt
  • May pay little attention to maintaining their sensory surroundings
  • Might prefer observance in order to gain understanding of a situation rather than active participation

Extroverted Thinking (Te):

  • Places great importance on factual accuracy and understanding how things work
  • Able to articulate factual reasons for many of their opinions and decisions
  • Can offer information to others that is accurate and contains “proof” (through medical studies, obvious logic, examples, etc)
  • Excels in accumulating factual and objective information in areas of personal interest
  • Good at rational problem-solving and striving to make their goals a reality
  • Tends to want something to show for their time and mental energy
  • Enjoys focusing on and seeing a task through to completion
  • Good at articulating their insights into frank advice for others
  • Is aware of the financial implications of their decisions, and inclined to factor that into the choices they make, personal and otherwise
  • Often respects others with a good work ethic, and strive for one themselves
  • May challenge the information being exchanged by others if it is inaccurate
  • Able to channel their energy toward creative criticism and improvement
  • Tends to evaluate others on terms of reliability and productivity in the workplace

Introverted Feeling (Fi):

  • Values others who keeps their commitments and doesn’t misplace the INTJ’s trust
  • Tends to deeply internalize their feelings, resisting outward displays of feeling
  • Prioritizes that which is most important to them in life
  • Has a strong sense of individuality
  • Dislikes anyone who ‘forces’ others into specific behaviors or removes choices from their life
  • Has a set of values by which they operate, distinct from social expectations
  • Often feels things more intensely than they let on
  • Sometimes prone to devaluing the human element in problem-solving, leading others to mistake their logic-driven solution with “coldness”
  • Forms a deep kinship to a few people who have earned their respect
  • Places a great deal of importance on ethical principles
  • Develops a strong sense of goodwill and loyalty toward others that have proven themselves trustworthy
  • Can be calm, attentive, and sympathetic listeners
  • When unhealthy or in a bad place emotionally, may be inclined to aggressively attack others’ intelligence, ideas, or character
  • Tends to make relationship decisions and stand by them
  • May appear overly polite, formal, or distant in social situations
  • Often reluctant to enlist the assistance of other people, desiring self-reliance instead

Extroverted Sensing (Se):

  • Prone to inaction in making their dreams a reality, or the temptation to “think” instead of “do”
  • Often finds interaction with the outside sensory world empty and unfulfilling
  • May fall into reproducing past experiences instead of finding new interests  
  • Often deals with sensory reality in clumsy or inexperienced ways
  • Under stress, may be prone to excessive sensory behaviors (too much drinking, casual flings, and reckless, hedonistic, or irresponsible actions)

Drawn from MBTI / Socionics descriptions. Compiled by Charity.


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A/N: You’ve heard the stories of Bucky and Natasha’s time training together when Bucky’s mind wasn’t his own. It was then that Bucky and Natasha formed an innocent friendship as you were told by them…but it wasn’t as innocent as they led you to believe.

It has been a few weeks since the whole revelation of your pregnancy, Bucky has been more attentive towards your needs along with spending hours on end with Tony and Bruce trying to figure out how Wanda was able to unlock your alter-ego. Wanda and Vision have gone on an excursion of sorts, travelling to the lands of the unknown to try and get some answers about her evolving powers. And Natasha has been overly protective of you, seeing to it that your needs are met, which is highly peculiar for her. Both her and Bucky are giving you more attention than you need or think you deserve and it’s becoming a bit suffocating, but you don’t say anything because you know they mean well.

The nights have been a bit chilly, so it was no surprise when I reached for Bucky instead of a blanket. I often teased him saying the only reason I am with him is to cuddle because of his body heat, which runs a few degrees hotter than most. I opened my eyes and noticed that his side of the bed was empty. I glanced over at the clock, it was a little after three in the morning.

“Nat we can’t keep meeting like this.” 

“Everyone is sleeping.” 

“It doesn’t matter, I have to get back to her.”

“I still love you, Bucky. When Wanda almost killed you I thought I had lost you.”

“Natasha, I’m not yours to lose. I’m hers, I’m completely and irrevocably in love with her. She’s the mother of my child and your best friend.”

“Don’t you think I know that?”

“What do you think this will do to her if she finds out?”

“Please, Bucky.” Nat says as she approaches him.

Her hands held his shoulders and I backed away as she leaned into him.

What did I just see? I thought as I crept slowly to bed.

A few hours later I rose out of a restless sleep I glanced and saw that his side of the bed was still untouched. He didn’t come to bed at all. I made my way to the kitchen and Bruce was sitting at the kitchen island having a cup of something dark and strong.

“Do you want me to pour you a cup?” He asked, placing the paper he was so enthralled in on the table. I shook my head and pointed to my belly, “oh, right.” He says. “How about a cup of tea instead?”

“Thank you.” I say sitting opposite him on the island. I watched his movements, slow but meticulous as he made a cup of tea and placed a plate with a boston cream donut in front of me.

“Good morning.” Nat sang as she made her way into the kitchen.

“Good morning.” Bruce automatically replied as he went back to his paper.

Nat poured herself a cup of coffee and took a bite of my donut, licking the creamy filling from her fingertips. And as if on cue Bucky came in from his morning run, his shirt sweat soaked and clinging to his body.

“Oh, Bucky.” Bruce says. “Can you meet me in the lab in about thirty minutes? Tony and I were discussing a theory last night and we want to test it out.”

“Yeah sure. Just let me change out of my clothes.”

“Yes, okay. No rush. I’ll set everything up.” He says lifting up the paper he was reading earlier.

Bruce pours himself another cup of coffee and exits the kitchen without a second glance. I observed Bucky and Nat, who were doing a poor job at being discreet about ignoring each other.

Bucky kisses me on the forehead, “good morning, doll.”

“Is there anything that I need to know?” I asked picking at my donut.

“About?” He asked as he reached for the coffee pot.

I gazed between him and Nat. “About how Natasha is still in love with you.”

You could pinpoint the moment the air escaped the room. I gripped my cup tightly until my knuckles whitened.

Bucky spoke first, “Doll, let me explain.”

“Yes, please do.”

“That kiss meant nothing.”

The air immediately left my lungs as the bile rose up my throat, “What kiss?”

Bucky knew then that he said more than he should have, he tried to approach me, but I shook my head as the tears filled my eyes. “How could you? I trust you.”

She approached me. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t.” I say. “You are in love with my boyfriend. You are supposed to be my best friend.”  


I grabbed the side of the counter and staggered out of the kitchen. “I-I can’t breathe.” I say as I made my way out of the kitchen and into the open air.  I felt their presences behind me, but it was all a blur. I opened the door and practically fell into Steve’s arms. 

“You don’t look well.”

“I can’t breathe.” I say as I pushed past him.

“Doll, let’s talk about this.”

I kept walking, Natasha was reaching for me, pleading with me, but I couldn’t believe the betrayal. I kept backing away not realizing how close I was to the edge until I felt myself free falling. There were commotions and screams, Steve’s shield whizzed past my head and then it was all silence and darkness.

“I’ve been here before.” I stated.

“Many times.” The familiar voice answers. “Should I be flattered that you remembered?”

He was warm and I found comfort in that. “Lo. I don’t want to go back.”

“There’s a child growing in you.”

I clung to him and he held me close to his chest.

I closed my eyes and felt the familiar tug of my bones as we disappeared into another realm.

It Was Always You

Pairing: Barry x Female!Reader

Warning: Death ; More depressing stuff

You have always felt the same eversince you met him — The way Barry smiled… It was enough to brighten up your day. But that was all you could ever do. See Barry smile. Who were you kidding? Everyone knew that he loved Iris too much — Heck, he already loved Iris even before he knew what love meant. Maybe that was it. You were only meant to be friends.

You watched as Cisco and H.R. bickered over God knows what when Barry came whooshing in the cortex. Playfully rolling your eyes, you handed Barry the coffee you made for well, everyone. “Drink it while it’s still hot.” You said.

He simply just nodded, and mouthed a thank you. “Uh … Hey (Y/N)? Can I talk to you for a sec?” Barry suddenly asked, as you were about to walk away.

“Yeah, sure. What’s it about?” Barry nodded towards the exit, motioning you to follow him. 

When both of you were out of anyone’s earshot, Barry started to tense up, and stuttered as he spoke. “(Y/N), I know that it’s a lot to ask from you, but… Have your visions altered? Is Iris going to be safe?” Ah. There it was. For the past week, it was all you guys ever did. Ensuring Savitar’s demise, leaving Iris breathing and alive. 

“Barry, I’m a witch. Not psychic. My visions come and then it goes. I can’t control any of that.” You said, trying not to snap.

“I know, but — Can you do something about it? Please?” It was the first time seeing Barry beg for something as simple as this. His hands came in contact with your arms, triggering the visions he wanted you to see. What you saw wasn’t something you have expected.

You smiled at Barry for the last time, tears falling down your cheeks as Savitar plunged a knife through your heart. 

“(Y/N)? Hey?” Barry asked, trying to gain your attention my snapping his fingers three inches in front pf your face. “Did you just have a vision? Is it about Iris? Is she going to be safe? Is Savitar going to be defeated?” One question after the other, you started to hold your tears back, nodding after.

“Iris — Iris is going to be safe, Barry.” You simply said, as you walked away leaving Barry the most confused man alive.

Everyone was in the cortex — Cisco, Caitlin, Joe, Iris, H.R., Wally, Julian, and Barry. Everyone with hopeful eyes especially Iris, to hear the news. Basically, what you have seen in you vision.

“(Y/N), isn’t there something you want to share with us?” Barry cheerfully asked, still oblivious to the fact that you were now hurting inside. 

“Iris — Iris is going to be fine.” You said, smiling afterwards. 

You weren’t afraid to die — If it was the only thing you could do to see Barry happy, it was the first thing you’d be having on your “to-do list”. 

60 seconds. After that, it was time to say good bye to everyone you love. Barry watched you silently crush into a million pieces across the room, finally loosing it, he asked you the question you thought he’ll never ask. “(Y/N), what’s going on?” 

“Oh — Nothing.” A lie. A complete lie.

“You’re a bad liar, (Y/N). You suck at it. I know that you’re not fine. Spill.” He said, quirking an eyebrow.

“I’m fine Barry — Aren’t you supposed to be with Cisco right now?” You asked, trying to get away from the topic.

“Stop doing that, (Y/N). I know that something’s wrong — Iris is going to die, isn’t she? You lied?” He accused.

“What? No! Iris is going to be safe Barry, you’ll get to have little Iris’ and Barrys running around your house.” You said chuckling.

“Then what’s bothering you? You have been distant to the group…” 5 seconds.

You let the tears fall, as you looked at Barry, “I want — I need you to know that I love you, Barry. Always have and always will.” With that said, Savitar whooshed into the cortex, taking you and speeding off, but of course with Barry on his tail.

Savitar stopped running at the place where Iris was supposed to be killed. Barry was 20 feet away from where you and Savitar were. “I am unstoppable, Flash. You and your friends will never beat me.” 

“Let her go, please.” 

“Barry, I love you.” You said, smiling at him for the very last time. You didn’t feel anything at first, then you felt the most unbearable pain as Savitar drove the knife deeper into your heart. 

Right before you fell onto the cold concrete ground, Barry was fast enough to catch you. “(Y/N), you have to stay with me.” Barry said, almost inaudibly.

“Be with Iris okay? I want you to be happy. Most of all, I want you to run. Run, Barry. Run… I love you, Barry Allen.” Barry watched the life drain from your eyes, as tears fell from his.

“I love you too, (Y/N). It was always you.” 

Hot Enough

Was it hot?

Someone save my soul because Leo has stolen it. Ten pages, single spaced. I literally got thirsty when writing this and had to drink water. xoxox Admin O

Warning:  Smut

(someone find the owner of this pic so I can give credit)

Your feet hurt. By the way that they were being squeezed in your shoes, you could tell that they were nice and swollen. “The perks of having to stand for eight hours,” you thought to yourself. Sighing deeply, you unlocked your apartment door and flung it open. Scowling, you carelessly kicked off your shoes and dropped your purse somewhere in the general vicinity of the shoe rack. Feeling along the wall with your fingers, you flicked on the light switch. As soon as you were blinded with brightness, a loud cheer of “Surprise!” rang out.

Shocked stiff, you gawked from your tiny foyer at the crowd of people crammed into your apartment. Poppers burst and a cloud of streamers obscured your vision before you could properly take stock of who was there. A myriad of colored crepe paper and latex balloons clinging to the wall with tape served as a decorative background to the warm welcome. A small hand wrapped around your wrist and tugged you in. Compliantly, you followed, brain working overtime to catch up. The group erupted into a thunderous offbeat rendition of “Happy Birthday” and your good friend Mina emerged from the back of the apartment carrying a cake with lit candles. It was only then did you realize that you were being led along by Sojin. Finally able to make some sense of the situation, you broke into a toothy grin.

As you leaned in to blow out the candles and make a wish, Mina caught the side of your face with a finger full of frosting. Playfully, you laughed, feeling a hundred times better than when you had first walked in. You shut your eyes and made a simple wish before blowing hard. All the candles went out with one try and applause followed suit. Mina quickly took the cake back to the kitchen to cut and plate. Sojin ushered you out of your coat. Slowly unbuttoning the garment allowed you scan your unusually packed space. All your friends from school plus a few semi-familiar faces were there.

“When did you guys plan this?” you asked when Hyeri floated by. “Did you think that we were going to let you just work and do nothing on your birthday?” Yura said, appearing behind you. She took your jacket as if you were a guest in her home and not the other way around. Sojin had found a napkin to wipe your face off with just like the mother figure she was. You could hear the sudden exclamations of excitement when Hyeri and Mina started to distribute slices of cake. “Wait! The birthday girl gets the first bite,” Mina announced just as Ken from the Music department had reached for a piece. A fork of mostly butter cream was thrust into your face and conveniently used as a distraction so that Hyeri could glaze your other cheek in frosting. Ignoring her antics, you ate the wad of sugar and smiled just to show off your now blue teeth.

Just beyond the giggles, you caught sight of Leo from the theater department already halfway through a slice. You wondered how he had managed to hijack it without anyone noticing. However, before you could give it any more thought, you were being steered towards the sofa. Yura was directing you to the coffee table which was covered in bottles of various liquors. Taking the fresh paper towel being offered to you by one of the girls from class, you cleaned off your cheek. “Time to open your gifts,” she stated and pushed you down to sit. The entire table was so filled with alcohol that you could barely make out the wood top underneath.

Glancing around, you tried to look for a box or at least a gift bag. “What gifts?” you questioned when you spotted none. Hyeri kneeled in front of the table and gestured to the rows of glass, “These.” Gaping, you reevaluated the number. There were over a dozen liquors, some clearly imported. There were also a few packs of beer on the floor off to the side. Each person must have brought at least a bottle for there to be so many. “Let’s get started,” Sojin said as she took a seat next to you with a bottle opener in hand. A couple of people from your major gathered around, waiting for their chance at a drink like the college kids they were. Cracking open the Smirnoff, you filled a line of mismatched shot glasses before giving a short toast. Everyone drained their cups all at once and someone turned up the music.

The atmosphere was lively with everyone finding something to do. You noticed Leo leaning against a wall with a beer, observing the clowning around of his friends. It reminded you of the day you first saw him, bracing against the vending machine outside of the library with his headphones in. He was just as pretty to you now as he was then. Yura grabbed your shoulder and shook you, refocusing your attention. She handed you another shot and clinked glasses with you. Happily, you drank and after that the booze flowed freely. Mingling with the new faces became considerably easier as time went on. It wasn’t long before you found your stomach grumbling with a lack of dinner. Sneaking into the kitchen, you found Mina trying to secretly munch on a piece of cake. She smiled sheepishly with crumbs all over her mouth. “Eat before Sojin sees,” you ordered as you set your cup down on the counter, taking note that there wasn’t any more cake left. Her dieting was probably killing her. Mina was still hesitant, stabbing at the plate in contemplation. You realized you were hungrier than you thought you were when you watched her. “Who are all those guys?” you asked as you walked over and had Mina feed you a bite. “Some boys from the Arts Department that Hyeri invited to even out the guy to girl ratio,” she answered while shielding her plate from you when you went in for another nibble. You curled your lip at the overprotection of her cake and took a swig of your rum and cola instead.

A noisy shout from the other room had both of you snapping your heads around. Chuckling at Mina who remembered to set her dessert down, you headed out first. You paused for a second at the sight of everyone sitting in a circle around the coffee table that had been cleared off. The girls were on the sofa and the boys sat cross-legged on the floor. In the center of them all, there was an empty bottle of whiskey lying on its side. Too late to retreat, Yura and Hyeri were already waving you over. The boys scooted back to make room for you and Mina nudged you forward. Meekly, you took your place, glad that you were wearing pants. Mina made herself cozy on the couch’s armrest. “It’s truth or dare,” Yura explained. Nodding, you carefully peered anywhere but in Leo’s direction. Looking everywhere but there, you took note of how handsome all the Arts boys were. Not a single one of them was less than one hundred eighty centimeters tall. Even sitting on the floor they were a full head above you. Maybe the alcohol was altering your vision. You lightly slapped yourself and a moment too late hoped that no one saw.

Thankfully, Ravi the music major chattered loudly enough to distract everyone. His voice was deeper than you expected as he reached out and spun the bottle. It landed on the tallest of the boys and he grinned mischievously. “Truth,” the blonde picked and received a bunch of boos. “You’re ruining the mood, Hyuk. You have to pick dare,” N the dance major complained from his spot near Sojin’s feet. He had smartly perched himself where he could rest against the base of the sofa. “Truth,” the other boy reaffirmed. Another round of groans followed, but Ravi looked intent, “Is it true that you walk by the Biology department every day on purpose?” Your jaw dropped. You weren’t expecting the game to be so indiscrete. Hyuk was turning red from his neck upwards. It looked like he wasn’t expecting such a personal question either. “Yes,” he mumbled quietly. Immediately, a mix of jeers and cheers filled the room. Unable to help yourself, you laughed along with everyone. You were going to have to watch out for Hyuk creeping around the labs from now on to see which girl he was trying to catch sight of.

He irately spun the bottle, still trying to swallow his embarrassment. Using too much strength, the bottle flew off course and Hyeri caught it before it could smash on the floor. She gave Hyuk a good scolding before twirling it herself. It slowed until it pointed at the other blonde boy that you had been stealing glances at all night. The way Leo rested his weight on his palms was reminiscent of the way he sat on the university stage when you had gone to watch Mina rehearse for a play. Leo had been cast as the male lead and every time he opened his mouth it was like your ears were being filled with liquid gold. His voice was soft and sweet and entranced you. It didn’t hurt that he was beautiful. Leo was attractive in an unconventional way. His eyes were sharp and dipped in the inner corners like a cat’s. His lips were baby pink and as full as his cheeks. Though he had the face of a child, his body was all man with broad shoulders and lean muscle.

Hyuk’s purpose was revenge and though it wasn’t on the person he really wanted, anyone would do. You could see the malice written in his expression and were relieved to think that you weren’t on the receiving end. “Truth or dare?” Ravi asked all too pleasantly. “Dare,” came the gentle reply. Like a mouse had run directly into his trap, Hyuk pounced, “I dare you to play too hot with the birthday girl.” It took you a long moment to process his words and you laughed along with everyone before completely freezing with stun. Wide-eyed, you panned from Hyuk to Leo who was clearly blushing back to Hyuk who was looking more like Satan. At full volume, the boys shouted encouragements and the girls giggled. Someone removed the bottle from the table and then Leo was sitting on it, his legs on either side of the piece of furniture. You weren’t sure when Yura had moved but she not so covertly pushed you forward from behind. Catching yourself on your knees, you popped up with the purpose of yelling at Yura but Leo took your hand. He wrenched you closer, all the while hanging his head in shame. Someone wolf whistled and teasing ensued. You sat facing Leo, legs dangling since you were too short to sit like that and still have your feet touch the floor.

The music switched to something sexier and you tried to ignore your blatant audience. Leo finally looked up, but he was biting his lip in frustration. The sight did nothing for your nerves and you found yourself gulping hard. You were at a complete loss. You had no idea what to do. Should you just go along and take advantage of the situation or be as ashamed as Leo? Sensing your discomfort, Hyeri wedged a glass of who knows what into your hand. Leo was also given a drink followed by a supportive clap on the back by the guy with dimples flanking his smile. Too anxious to say thank you or even form words, you silently raised your glass. Leo tapped his can of beer against your liquid courage and you both downed the alcohol. After the fire in your throat had cooled, you concentrated again on the gorgeous man in front of you.

You could tell that something had shifted when you looked into his eyes. The overbearing awkwardness had been replaced with determination. His name suited him best in that moment because he looked like a lion ready to consume you whole. Licking your dry lips, you averted your gaze. As if to force you to look at him, Leo made his first move and ran the backs of his nails down your arms. Unintentionally shuddering at the startling touch, you earned yourself a few taunts. The noise rapidly died down though and stillness once again reigned. You were initially taken aback but it seemed that the booze had made it past your stomach and into your bloodstream because the next thing you knew, you were tipping forward to run your palms over his muscular thighs. Proud with your bold move, you retracted your hands. You hadn’t realized that you had just started something you couldn’t finish.

Igniting the competitive monster within Leo, he locked his hands behind your head and jerked you forward. Faces mere centimeters apart, the air in your lungs got caught as you forgot how to breathe. He smirked smugly and glanced at your lips before making eye contact again as he retreated. A collective “ooh” sounded, but you paid it no mind. It was only when Leo returned to bracing himself on his arms did you remember that you needed oxygen. “Cocky bastard,” you thought to yourself and resisted the urge to scowl. Two could play that game.

Sliding closer, you rested a hand on his shoulder so you could run the tip of your nose up the side of this throat. Once you got to his ear, you laughed in provocation that only he could hear. One of the girls gasped and you sat back with an eyebrow raised, daring him to do better. Briefly, dark lust crossed Leo’s face. But it happened so quickly that you could have easily imagined it. Lithe fingers traced your jaw line before gripping it. Tenderly, his thumb stroked your cheekbone. The gesture would have been endearing if it weren’t for his other hand slipping under the hem of your shirt to press against the skin of your tummy. Lingering, Leo was slow to end his turn, leaving you reeling in the electricity of his touch.

Praying that he didn’t notice the goose bumps he had caused, you knew that you had to get even. Tank top visible under his knit sweater, mimicking him was ruled out as an option. A sudden idea popped into your head and you couldn’t disguise the naughtiness you had in mind. Scooting even closer, your knees pressed directly against Leo’s, leaving minimal space between you two. Then your notoriously freezing fingertips plunged below the neckline of Leo’s shirt and traced along his collar bone. Reflexively twitching at the unexpected cold, Leo inhaled sharply. For a finishing flourish you let your nails lightly scrape against his Adam’s apple and applied a hint of pressure mischievously at the base of his neck just to show him who was boss. You were done with the barely there caresses. You wanted to win.

“Aren’t you guys being too timid?” N’s voice cut the silence that the room had unconsciously fallen into as they enjoyed the show. “It should be like this!” he drunkenly shouted as he jumped Ken, attempting to plant wet-looking kisses on Ken’s face. Ken feigned a brief struggle before turning the tables and knocking N to the floor to climb on top of him and pretend to make out. And like that, the atmosphere was broken and the game was over.

Truth or dare continued but eventually some people went off to their own nooks to socialize before heading home. One by one, your friends old and new, thanked you for a good time and left. Around midnight the group of tall boys departed, practically dragging a very inebriated N along. You couldn’t help the way your eyes followed Leo, who didn’t even look back. Mina was no more sober than N, slurring her words and standing upright only with Hyeri’s help. You waved bye to the girls and eased the door shut before you could fall through the doorway. The alcohol didn’t spare you either, especially since you hadn’t had a chance to eat. You all but sagged into the wall when you turned back to the living room.  Bottles and cups were scattered everywhere. Sighing, you decided that you would deal with the mess in the morning.

Just as you moved towards the bathroom to wash up, a strident knock came from the entrance. Without missing a beat, you turned on your heel to follow the sound. Figuring it was probably someone who forgot something, you didn’t bother to check the peephole and flung the door wide open. Leo stoically standing on your welcome mat was the picture that greeted you. His hands were shoved in his pockets and he seemed to be studying the ground. Thinking that you were drunkenly imagining things, you chuckled. But when he stepped nearer, your laughter was harshly cut off. There really was a beautiful man gracing your doorstep.

Wordlessly, he stepped past you and strayed into the hallway. Shutting the door in disbelief, you tactlessly asked, “What are you doing here?” Leo paused to take in the disaster zone that was currently your apartment before turning to face you. “We never determined a winner,” he replied. Laughing in amazement, you questioned, “Are you serious?” Leo simply nodded in response. Fleetingly, you considered taking another shot to quell the sudden apprehension gnawing at your belly. You were intoxicated and alone in your empty apartment with your crush who wanted to continue a game of too hot. You closed your eyes and took a few deep breaths to will yourself to calm down. Looking back up, the table still full with at least four half-empty bottles seemed eons away as Leo regarded you with parted lips. It seemed that the alcohol still had a hold on him too as his eyes were painted with curiosity.

Good judgment was something that had left once you blew out the candles on your cake. You were attracted to Leo, that much was painfully obvious. Now he was requesting to play a game that you couldn’t possibly win in a situation like this. But for some odd reason, you weren’t all that adverse to it. Maybe it was the mix of cocktails blurring your reasoning. Without warning, long fingers raised your chin up so that you could concentrate on him. Doe-eyed, you didn’t know how you were supposed to resist the temptation. Leo tapped a soft tune across your jaw and down the side of your neck. Indulging in the sensation, you tilted your head to the side. Just as you had begun to shut your eyes, the touch was gone.

“You know what I want.”

Peering back up, Leo wore a triumphant smirk. If he wanted to play, then surely it was a game he was going to get. Grasping hold of his forearms, you dragged him in until your chest was plastered against his. Not even flinching, his dusky brown eyes searched yours for your aim. It was his unspoken way of asking if you were sure. And you were. To prove it, you walked him backwards towards the sofa. His calves hit the base of the couch and he lost balance. Leo involuntarily plopped down. You remained standing, relishing the way you got to tower over him. Swiftly, Leo’s wiry arms clasped around your middle and tugged. It was your turn to fall and he didn’t miss the opportunity to haul you into his lap. Your knees settled on either side of his thighs and you gripped his shoulders to steady yourself. Surprised by his uncharacteristic forwardness, you gawked as he interlocked his fingers behind your back. He held fast, not allowing you any extra room to escape as he pulled you flush against him.

Any conceit you felt was overcome by the apparent slyness that Leo was now donning. The hesitant lanky boy from earlier had been replaced by a completely confident man. You wondered if it was the lack of spectators or the intoxication causing the change, but honestly, it didn’t matter. You enjoyed both sides of him. Seeing that his move was over, you let go of you inhibitions fully and did what you had been thinking about doing all night. You kissed him. It was a firm press of your lips against his, nothing more and nothing less. A second ticked by and he dipped his head to deepen the kiss. His mouth moved in time with yours, eventually working its way to prying your lips apart. Leo’s breath was sweet and you vaguely wondered if he had some of the plum wine that Yura had brought from Japan. Then you could taste the sugar on your tongue when he slid his taste buds against yours. It was clear that Leo had been eating strawberry candy and the thought made you smile.

Realizing that you were smiling, Leo pulled back and you could see the grin etched on his face as well. Pleased, you cupped his cheeks and kissed him soundly again. He slanted his head and kittenishly licked into your mouth. Startled by the foreign feeling, you gasped, literally stealing the air from his lungs. Leo froze and you immediately went to apologize. Before you could get the words out, his fingers had curled into the bottom of your shirt. He yanked upwards and after a moment of confused flailing, your shirt had been tossed haphazardly into the abyss of long forgotten streamers and balloons.

His digits determinedly dug into the flesh of your sides before gliding up to snap the band of your bra. The unanticipated aggression caught you off guard and your abdominal muscles clenched at the development. Refusing the urge to plead too hot, you matched punch for punch and stripped Leo of his shirt. There was considerable fumbling since he wore long sleeves but it was worth the trouble as you drank in the image of his wide shoulders and thick biceps in his undershirt. Taking it as if your turn was over, Leo smoothed a hand over your upper arm as his fingers tiptoed straight up from your navel to between your breasts. The rush of stimulation made your head spin and only worsened the pleasure you were drowning in.

There was no way you were going to win but you were too stubborn not to try. Incited, you took the delicate skin under Leo’s jaw between your teeth. Open-mouthed bites with your lips followed as you made a path down his throat and between his collarbones. Leo radiated heat as his blood ran hotly with hunger. Hitting fabric, you retraced your steps with more force, sucking and nipping until purple bruises bloomed beneath your lips. You could hear the way he was breathing harder and were glad to have such an effect on him. Running a hand through your hair, you sat back just enough to survey your handiwork. Hickeys littered his pale skin and a faint rosiness had settled in his cheeks. His lips were red and swollen but it was his eyes that started an ache between your legs. They were dark, almost black, and glazed over with raw desire. They saw right through you and made your heart pick up pace.

Sighing, he commented, “You don’t give me a second to rest.” Large hand finding its way to your backside, Leo gave your ass a tight squeeze. His hand lingered on your butt as the bridge of his nose met your shoulder and ran horizontally until he could grip your bra strap with his teeth and slip it down. The move was probably the most sensuous thing you had ever experienced and had your head falling back as tingles shot down your spine. You were going to go crazy you concluded. Leo was going to drive you to madness and you were going to love every bit of it.

Returning his half-lidded stare evenly, you didn’t know what to do next. All you knew was that godforsaken undershirt needed to go and now. A stitch audibly ripped as you all but tore the material off of him. Your mouth watered as you took in Leo’s evident abs. The lines of each muscle were contoured just enough to your liking and you had to swipe at your mouth to make sure you weren’t drooling. Amused by your reaction, Leo piqued an eyebrow. The self-satisfied expression coupled with his bare skin was almost too much to handle. You could feel your folds getting damp and he hadn’t even touched you there yet. Fingers tangling in his bleach blonde hair, you rolled your hips down onto his bulge as your lips grazed just below his ear.

Leo shuddered, feeling the heat from your core on his half-hard length. With unmasked strength, he clutched your hips and delivered a blunt thrust to your center. Amply riled up, you moaned from where you perched your head in the juncture of Leo’s neck and shoulder. Your breath tickled the fine hairs at the base of his scalp and the resonance of your pitched voice spurred him on. His fingers skimmed under the clasp of your bra as he tapped an impatient rhythm against your spine. Torn between just giving in and playing a little more, you opted for the latter. Kissing your way back to his lips, you let your nails rake down his torso and settle on his belt. Without looking, unbuckling the darn thing seemed to be impossible, but you had all the time in the world to try as Leo seemed unwilling to untangle his tongue from yours.

Finally getting his belt undone, you set to work on the button and zipper of his pants which seemed to be considerably easier to deal with. Hard work paying off, you were granted more access. Intentionally slipping your hand over his underwear instead of in it, you rubbed Leo’s growing erection. His back arched ever so slightly and you dipped down to flick your tongue across his nipple. He groaned melodiously and you were immediately addicted to the sound. Teasing complete, you recoiled your hand. Dissatisfied, Leo threw you off of him. Alarmed, you teetered as you got back on your feet, trying to avoid falling backwards on to the coffee table.

Before you could even get upset at the carelessness, Leo was up and over you, hand flat against your shoulder and pressing you down. Body still uncertain if it could correct the disequilibrium, your knees bent at Leo’s command. Less than gently, your back met the cold wooden floor and you shivered. Leo dropped as well, kneeling over you. Your comfortable dress pants meant for long hours of work posed no threat to Leo as they easily slid right off under his persuasive grip. More skin met with unheated floor and you trembled. But then fingers stretched over the tops of your thighs and long thumbs dug in between them far too low to be satisfying. Leo spread your legs as wide as they could go between the sofa and the table, which was adequate enough to fit his narrow hips snuggly against the seat of your panties.

The dominance of it all had you wet enough to feel the cloth of your underwear stick unpleasantly to your folds. Smoothing over your hair far too gently to be comforting, Leo asked, “Hot enough?” The cockiness written all over his face wanted you to admit defeat, but while you were being assaulted from all sides by want, you rejected the idea of losing. As if to reinforce total obedience, Leo drove himself again into you, now fully erect. Whimpering, your toes curled and your hands balled into fists as the undeniable delight rocketed through you.

Leo sunk on to his elbows, enabling him to lap at your over-sensitized neck before biting down hard enough to leave marks. Reaching your breaking point and needing more, you gave. “Too hot,” you mumbled airily, feeling the vibrations of your voice bounce off Leo’s lips and back against your skin. He scoffed and pushed himself up on to his palms. For a horrific moment you thought he was going to up and leave now that he had won. However, that worry quickly disappeared when his hands molded to your breasts and pulled your bra down. He stared at you with his lip caught in his teeth and longing readable in his features. Your pert breasts emerged and instantaneously Leo was squeezing, pinching, and massaging your flesh. Your nerve endings sizzled as he lavished your chest with attention. Reflexively, you twitched, seeking more contact.

Opening your legs further, pushing the table aside with your knee, allowed Leo’s pelvis to sit even more solidly against your core. Your clit throbbed, lust tunneling your vision to nothing but Leo. Leo too had come to the point where he could bear no more. Pushing his pants down only far enough to get his length out, he resettled on his elbows. The moment only allowed a short-lived glimpse at his member, but the sight had you salivating. His cock sprang up to his bellybutton, long and proud and leaking from the tip. Nose to nose, Leo demanded that your eyes never leave his. A single digit pushed aside your panties. Sufficiently wet to soak his erection, he slid effortlessly along your slit. Nearly too much to take after the endless foreplay, your head fell back again in bliss. Unhappy with the broken eye contact, Leo’s fingers tangled in your hair and tugged sharply so that you could once again look only at him.

The rounded head of his dick pressed against your entrance and you had to deliberately relax to accommodate him. A low extended moan was ripped from your vocal cords as Leo sunk centimeter by centimeter into you. Hitting hilt deep, you begged him to stay still as you adjusted to his size. Walls unaccustomed to such a stretch, they fluttered and clenched around his length. Grunting at your tightness, Leo struggled to remain in control. His abs flexed as drew halfway out and slowly plunged back in. You keened, needing to hold onto something and finally finding his arms after searching blindly.

Panting, you felt lightheaded at the ridiculous amount of pleasure coursing through your veins. It should have been impossible for one man to feel so fucking good, but it was Leo, and you shouldn’t have been surprised that he could have you wavering on the edge so quickly. Experimentally, he thrust a bit more powerfully. Hitting your cervix just right, you dug your nails into his biceps and held back a scream. Trying to keep your eyes open was a fight as all you wanted to do was let your eyes roll back when Leo picked up tempo.

In a small retaliation, you canted your hips up, driving him deeper. He groaned, feeling the shift in angle. “Too hot?” you taunted. “Baby, hot enough,” he whispered breathlessly. The jab had him pumping vigorously, getting that one spot that had you seeing stars each time. Matching thrust for thrust, you wailed as your hips moved restlessly to keep up. The build was fast and had you grunting with each snap of Leo’s pelvis until you were wailing brokenly. “I’m already about to lose control,” Leo said through grit teeth and buried his face in your neck, “Just cum.” The command had your thighs shaking and the coil in your stomach winding taut. Nails on the verge of piercing skin, you held on to Leo for dear life as he pressed inside of you hard enough to have you jerking back with every plunge. Tense, everything went tense as you came, back bowed right off of the ground and muscles pulsing rigidly.

Your orgasm gave Leo that last bit of incentive to let go and he pulled out before spilling hotly onto your belly. Trying to catch your breath, you could feel the strain in Leo’s arms relax as he came down from his high. Straightening your spine, you let him collapse on top of you. Sticky, skin clung to skin with sweat. “You’ve melted me,” Leo murmured and gave you a gentle peck on the cheek.

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Michael x Jeremy with #10?

You’ll die and I can’t watch the person I love die.” Jeremy’s voice shook as he tightened his grip around Michael’s shoulders, as if holding him still was the only way to keep him on the ground next to him. Streaming tears and swollen eyes decorated Jeremy’s face, the stains of blood almost completely covering up his scattered freckles. Michael trembled slightly, and kept his breathing low. With his vision altered by the black eyes, Jeremy could only assume Michael’s expression was nothing less than furious. His tone matched identically.

“I can’t just let them get away with this, Jer.” He spoke softly, as if Jeremy’s physical wounds matched Michael’s emotional ones. Another sob spilled out as Jeremy winced in a new pain that blossomed over his rib cage. He took a hand off Michael’s shoulder, and pressed it against his side as he coughed through more agony. Michael leaned down, gently bringing Jeremy closer to his chest. He put his hand on top of Jeremy’s, a slight crack in his voice slipped out as he spoke.

“I don’t care how many of them were out there. I’ll fucking kick their asses. Every one of them.” Jeremy’s heart skipped for a moment, a sinking feeling in his gut pulled down as he felt his throat close up in fear of what to say next. Michael never cursed often, even in his angriest moments between them. He swallowed, a taste of blood trickled down his throat as he softly shook his head back and forth. He parted his lips to speak, letting heated breaths escape his body before arguing.

“There were so many, a-and I don’t want this happening to you too. I couldn’t live with it.” He paused between each phrase, coughing again, and gripping his side tighter as he heard Michael try to clear his nose slyly. He looked up, able to make out the steady but quiet tears racing down Michael’s face. His expression frozen in a look of concern and anger.

“And you think I can live with this? I’m the one who was stupid enough to schedule work today so late at night. If I had been there to pick you up like I always do, you wouldn’t be…” Michael trailed off, holding Jeremy’s rested hand that sat on his shoulder tightly as he let out the cries he had been holding in. He shifted his weight, pulling Jeremy off of him as he prepared himself to leave. Jeremy, in a state of panic, frantically threw himself into Michael, knocking his balance back onto the floor.

“Please! Please Michael you can’t leave me!” Jeremy desperately latched onto his hoodie, begging him to remain inside the comfort of Michael’s bedroom. Ignoring the pain, he burrowed his nose into his shirt, feeling the warm of Michael calm him nerves.

“Can’t we just… Sit here instead? Let’s just sit here as you hold a pack of frozen peas to my face and tell me funny stories, and I won’t care that it hurts to laugh because it means that we’re happy. I’m happy just being here with someone who does love me.” He stroked Michael’s cheek slowly, his hand still weak from being crushed under one of the stranger’s foot. Michael’s expression shifted as his nose began to run. Jeremy smiled.

“I need you to be safe, Michael. Please. For me.” Michael returned a hesitant smile as he nodded his head, still letting warm streaks of water flow down his pink cheeks. Wiping his nose on the sleeve of his hoodie, Michael scooped Jeremy up into his arms with ease, and set him down on the bed. Jeremy stuck out his tongue playfully.

“Ew Michael, that’s so gross! You just picked me up with that sleeve.” Michael stuck his tongue out back.

“Oh, shut up. You know you’re gonna steal this sweater later tonight regardless.” Jeremy laughed as he held his rib cage in pain. Michael knew him so well.

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Hired Help (Part 2) (Deadpool x reader)

Part 1

Language, obviously, because it’s Deadpool.

“Run, run, run,” Deadpool muttered under his breath, pushing you up off of him with a loud grunt so that you rolled right into the pile of shattered glass.  “I think I just saw someone!”

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Little Warrior

Pairing: T’Challa x Avenger!Reader

Requested by @marvelheaux:  Can you do a fic where the reader & t'challa have a love-hate relationship, the reader is an avenger and where they were sparring while arguing in the tower and he pulled her into a heated kiss mid-sentence 

Warnings: Explicit Language and Suggestive Themes.

Word Count: 1.4k+

A/N: My first official T’Challa fic.. If you have any prompts for him I will take them! This is after Civil War but doesn’t give anything away, so enjoy! x. T

Your name: submit What is this?

          “What’s my schedule for today, F.R.I.D.A.Y?” You asked, pouring steaming tea into a mug with the Avenger’s logo splayed on the front. The tea smelled delicious as you craned your head to inhale the steam and you wondered who made it.

           “Miss Y/N, you had lunch planned with Mr. Barnes but he had to cancel for mission debriefing. You have the rest of the day free,” The A.I informed you. At the news of Bucky’s cancellation you set the mug down on the granite counter and sighed, staring at the swaying liquid before it settled.

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Knots Undone- Saizo Kirigakure (NSFW) (Teaser)

“…What if something happened to you?” You said, your voice laced with fear and worry. “Don’t worry, little lady. Fights like these are an everyday thing for a ninja.” It frustrated you how he sounded so calm and quiet. Your attempts to try to convey him a glimpse of your anxiety grew to be feeble. “But I was worried. Also, you don’t even let me tend to your wounds!” Your normal sound seemed to turn into a yell and you paced around his room, trying to get your point across.

“…I think you’re getting angry for nothing. Relax. It’s no big deal.” It angered you more; and even though you didn’t mean it a bit, you ended up lashing on him. 

“…Fine. If you think my worries are useless, I’m out of here.” You didn’t know where to go, so you chose to stroll around the town; to try to calm your unknown anger. Fortunately, no one called out to you through your way outside the castle. 

The town was as usual as ever. Stalls lined up the sides and jolly people roamed about. But for you, it seemed dull and lifeless. The noise and commotion of people were deafened out. The ache in your heart became more defined and painful when your eyes came to a stop to see what looked like a stall selling dango. Your thoughts rushed back to those times when you and Saizo came together for some big dangos… his soulful expression, the joy he found in eating… the way your lips curved up into a smile… should you be ruining such a wonderful relationship just for a single irrelevant fight? 

You thought of apologising to him, when suddenly, you were pulled back and a dangerously cold hand shifted to cover your eyes, altering your vision to black. Your back harshly came into contact with a concrete wall, and you felt the sharp and deathly cold blades of a sword press against your throat. 

“I’ve found a good piece.” His voice was laced with viciousness and cruelty. You heard footsteps grow steadier and you immediately swatted his hands away. Two men stood in front of you, smirking in a way which made your blood run cold. 

“Who are you?” You asked, when again one of them pressed the edge of the blade against your stomach, slowly moving it in a circular motion. 

“Be still and quiet otherwise my katana and your head.” He looked deep into your eyes, showing the dark shades of blood and death in them. You couldn’t do anything to help yourself out, and calling out Saizo was useless. He was certainly in a place where he couldn’t hear you. 

You were figuring out your options when abruptly, the two men dropped their blades. Their eyes widened with fear and they dropped down to their knees. You turned to the directions of their eyes and found… Saizo. He gave them a death glare and unsheathed his sword. 

“…If I wanted, I could kill you right here, right now.” He gripped his sword. “…But I’m giving you both a last chance. Next time I see you messing with her, I promise you won’t see the light of day for the next second.” 

He pulled you close and turned around. 

“…Mark my words.”

Saizo spoke nothing during the entire journey back home, but his anger was evident. His eyes didn’t change. They had that hard, metallic, bone-chilling clouds of animosity swirling in them. 

“…Quit staring at my face, little lady.” His gaze briefly turned to yours. “Think of a way you can soothe my anger-” He tousled your hair roughly. “-because I believe you’re smart enough to figure out that you’re not to leave my chambers anytime soon…” 

Your heartbeat increased their rate and you found yourself in a state of fearful excitement. 

Saizo ignored the calls of retainers and Sasuke and steadily slid through the doors of his chamber. 

He backed you up against the wall and caught hold of your wrists. The grip was so tight… so strained, that it promised some marks on your skin. He pinned them above your head and gave you a look which sent shivers down your spine. 

“Saizo… I’m sorry.” You apologised in hopes of getting down his anger, but it backfired. 

“Apologise through your body.” 

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ok human vision theory kinda? so we know that thanos wants fucking rek vision right and we also know through the comics that vision can alter his appearance so maybe he is in like human form as a way to hide from thanos yafeel. like thanos is looking for a red weirdo so a human paul bettany is not that as to why hes not in red

It’s quite possible! It’s gotta depend on how Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther end, because if that’s the case, one of them has to convey to the audience that the Avengers know Thanos is coming for real.

It’s definitely the case that he’s in disguise. My guess is he’s secretly meeting with Wanda, who is still on the run because of the Accords.

Of extra interesting note, Wanda is wearing clearly different clothes, implying these scenes take place over more than one day (like maybe he spent the night…).

No Man’s Land | A Gaston Story (Introduction)

Gaston (Luke Evans) X OC // Gaston X Anne

Summary: The Legend of Gaston the Victory spreads across Eastern Europe until it reaches the cursed island of Lorgaire, labeled by storytellers as No Man’s Land. Guarded by pirates and concealed underneath twisting layers of fog, the island holds an abundance of mysteries, secrets, and dark magic, as it’s rumored that once anyone steps foot onto No Man’s Land, they never return. The King of Lorgaire, known as The Reaper, desperately craves Anne’s powers and orders his pirates to steal her. When she is taken from her village, Gaston’s Army form once more and travel to No Man’s Land, but when Gaston reaches the island, he soon discovers his troubles have only just begun.

| Introduction |

Tags: @hobbithorse19 ; @my-whataguythat-gaston ; @dracsgirl ; @imoyu-drawsandwrites ; @samaxraph99 ; @tea2go ; @xits-a-nerd-thingx ; @theoncergames ; @thestrugglesofateenagedirtbag ; @thoughts-from-a-ravenclaw ; @naildiva87 ; @afairytaledream ; @epicfallenismine ; @asnowwhitedreams ; @kek-eek

THE LEGEND OF GASTON THE VICTORY begins just as any other fairytale that has filled the imaginations and hopes of readers for ages: Once Upon a Time, in a faraway land, a child of war and strength was born. With his father being an army captain and his mother a skillful hunter, it was clear the young boy would grow into a man those would fear, admire, and seek to become. Though they spent many months in their home of Villeneuve, his parents were travelers, and so the boy was exposed to a variety of places, cultures, stories, and expertise of those from around the world. Just months before his fourteenth birthday, the boy’s parents set off by ship on a journey to Ireland, and they were never seen or heard from again.

After the death of his parents, the boy remained in Villeneuve where his life felt incomplete without the presence of his family. In time, the boy grew, as did his abilities until he sought distraction from his turmoil in another sense. It wasn’t surprising to the townspeople that the boy would enlist in the Army, where he endured years of destruction and carnage. He was a true warrior with skills far exceeding any mortal man’s, and so he was quickly appointed the well-deserved title of Captain. His reputation was a significant priority in his life, therefore he happily accepted that his enemies feared him, calling him “The Beast” and “The Monster,” until his acceptance warped into an intense craving to be superior and known throughout every battlefield. Despite the countless labels that surrounded the war hero, everyone collectively referred to him as Gaston the Victory.

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(Ok so a little late to the game on this one but…) I just want to say that Kara obviously knows a lot about tech because she comes from an alien planet, with both her real and adoptive parents being scientists as well as her sister. This and the fact that she knew how to use her heat vision to alter Lena’s alien detection scanner thingy without breaking it, girl knows a lot about science. I think there are two reasons she ‘acted dumb’ when Lena asked if she knew what her project was about; Firstly, there’s no real plausible reason she’d know the specifics of what Lena is talking about - it’s advanced human tech based off alien tech, how is Kara meant to just whip that knowledge out? Yes like I said her parents and sister are scientists but not in this field (maybe Jeremiah but he hasn’t been around for years), and sure she’s an investigative journalist but she’d only accumulate the knowledge after their lunch when she looked it up. And reason number two, the most important in my humble opinion, is that she was so lost in Lena’s eyes/lips/face that she lost the capacity to think.

Supercorp is end game.

Fight me.

That is all.

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Can you do a blurb with Calum based off the song 400 LUX by lorde :)? Thank you, incredible writing.

++ [cont.]  Also, for the 400 lux blurb, please dont forget about the orange juice part, thanks sorry x)

ofc lovey, im glad you enjoy my writing xx 

so i m a g i n e tying the final knots of your ripped, dirty pair of Converse before grabbing your phone from the bottle ornate nightstand. There were always bottles around, empty with traces of his lips and saliva oozing memories of the words he said and the feelings he always left. You shut off the lights right then, the only light being your open window to allow the moon to pour in. Shoving your phone in the back pocket of your shorts, you grip onto the windowsill and pop your head out to look around. Your eyes scanned around your front yard, lights off and dim from the other houses, with desire to spot him. Then you did. 

“C’mon, lovely,” hummed Calum Hood, his being a little far to your liking as you threw one leg out the window. You twist your torso out before releasing the other leg. Touching the ground, you put your hands in and shut the window just a little bit in your bedroom, just ensuring that you can return with ease. You had thanked your parents mentally for allowing you to reside in the first floor of your room. 

“Hello there, dashing,” you whispered, walking over slowly to grab the ends of his red flannel. Calum looked down at you, his face shadowed but those brown eyes breaking through to ogle you happily. The large, calloused hands clipped your waist and pulled you close, forcing you on your toes to press your lips upon the plump ones before you. It was a quick, chaste kiss, all to your dismay, but the two of you had to escape urgently. 

“Ready?” Calum muttered, his nasally voice croaky and a little raspy. Made sense to the familiar smell of cigarette you whiffed in when pecking his lips. 


So there you were, sat in shotgun with a beer in your hand and a seat belt still by your side, unable to protect you. Empty beer bottles clinked with one another where your feet should be, the poison already downed and the only things to remain were the glass entities. You propped your feet up on the dashboard, looking over to admire the beating heart that drove the car. 

Calum looked so handsome, your vision always altered whenever the headlights kissed Calum’s face. His skin, toned with the perfect shade of caramel, shined lovingly from the lights you two kept passing. His plump lips were chapped and shining with liquor, the stubble underneath prickly but did some justice to his chin and jawline. His eyes looked immensely focused on the road, but Calum always dared to glance over at you with a glistening in those chocolate orbs. Those eyes were bloodshot, you noticed. It was partially your fault, if you were to be frank. Constantly breaking night with the boy, wanting nothing more than to be the sidekick of a murderer who killed time. But Calum reassured you, claiming he wanted nothing more than to lose sleep in order to spend as many minutes as he could with you. 

“M’hungry, babe,” you muttered, your eyes diverting back to the road only for them to twitch as you drove along the highway. Too, too fast. “Can we stop somewhere?” 

“I actually need gas right now,” Calum murmured. The car slowly came to a stop, a sudden traffic aggravating you as Calum numbly propped his wrists upon the steering wheel. You felt dizzy when seeing his veins bulge teasingly from the motion. They danced all over his hands, the toned things ornate with ink and licked with the perfect tone of bronze. Calum looked over at you and revealed a warm smile. “‘Ow about a sandwich at the station?” 

“Sounds about right,” you muttered, smiling widely as you leaned forward to steal a kiss. Your hands quickly clung upon his sharp, broad shoulders for aid, keeping yourself hoisted up as you felt Calum’s teeth clatter with yours for a moment. His chapped lips gnawed on your bottom lip, his cool tongue grazing it every so few as he swallowed your moans. You attempted to shove your tongue into his mouth, but Calum had been far too stubborn and busy, You freed one hand from his shoulder and grabbed his jaw, straightening him a bit to tilt your head and take control. Meeting his tongue, yours swirled around it, taking in the cold, moist entity. 

“Fuck, Y/N,” Calum groaned, having you smile on his lips before resuming. You loved this, but it felt so dirty. The honking of cars, the idea of cars around you as you sucked on your lovers lips. They could politely fuck off, their leering eyes probably mooching at the moment they held. Fuck the highway. 

Soon, the traffic cleared and Calum led you both through a road between the sets of houses in the suburbs. You smiled, lazily looking out of your open window as you saw the lifeless homes you passed. Trees hung above you, leaves falling around with others daring to hang loosely from their branches, ready to be independent. Overwhelming security surged through you, as if no one could hear and you could yell everything at Calum without anything blinking an eye or voicing an opinion. 

Calum freed a hand from the wheel to place it on your knee for a warm squeeze, and all of a sudden, you believed in heaven. 

When Calum pulled into the gas station, you quickly downed your last sip of alcohol before allowing it to join with the rest of the bottles. The car shut off, and Calum escaped from it to tend to the pump. You decide these bottles were annoying and escaped as well, taking as many as you could hold into your hand before carefully walking over to the recyclables area in front of the gas station. You kept doing this until the car was free of hollow bottles and the only thing that remained was your hollow self. You should burst into tears at such a thought, but knew Calum would join you and that would just enlarge the void. 

“What would you like, love?” Calum asked you with an ever so gentle tone as he bent down and leaned upon your open window. You tugged at the sweatshirt you stole from the boy, the sleeves coming up to cover more of your hands. You stared at him wistfully, bringing your hands to his to play with the long, bony fingers. 

“The usual, of course,” you murmured as if Calum had been insane to forget. But you knew he didn’t, and he knew that you knew that. That boy knows you like the back of his damn hand, and the front of it if need be.

“I’ll be right back, then,” Calum spewed, going forward to plant a kiss on your forehead before you watched his figure cautiously walk to the gas station. Though knowing he’ll be fine, you prayed that no cars came through and accidentally hit your favorite person. Your eyes kept still at the gas station, waiting for his return. 

But alas, Calum made his trip swiftly as the gas was almost done pumping. A car stopped to let him walk pass. He walked towards you in his ripped skinny jeans and dropped a bag on your lap before tending to the pump again. You fish through the items,  taking out your hot, foil-wrapped sandwich before smiling down at the product that followed: a small carton of Tropicana orange juice with a bendy straw. 

“Thank you, bub,” you sounded from the car, seeing Calum raise a hand in attentiveness as he pulled his father’s debit card from the pump. You leave Calum’s items in the bag, putting it where the cup holders ornate with change and buts of blunts and cigarettes to take your sandwich from the dashboard. You sat properly now, with the area your feet resided at was clean from the bottles that no longer served any purpose. 

He joined you soon, pulling out the gas gun from the car before putting it back and hopping into the car. He turned it on briskly before driving it solely a few feet from the pump and into the small parking area the gas station owned. Letting it sit on and ready up again, Calum pressed the heating on when he noticed you tremble slightly in chills. 

“The night is cold, you know,” Calum hummed as he pulled out his BLT. You opened the straw and stabbed the carton open with it. “You can’t be wearing shit like that so carelessly.” 

“But I did,” you mumbled as you picked up one of the halves of your meal and took a bite. He was talking about the shorts, of course. “I knoo you’d keep me warm.” Your words left muffled from the chewed food that sat in your mouth. 

“I’ll always keep you warm,” Calum murmured in response as he looked distantly up at the dark space and the freckles of stars. “I wonder how long we’ll be doing this.” 

“As long as it takes,” you replied. Lettuce hung from the end of your mouth. 

“Dunno how long you’re gonna last it,” Calum replied with a soft chuckle. It wasn’t a challenging tone but more genuine curiosity. He never wanted it to end, you agreeing that you didn’t either. Even if it sounded disgusting dark and cruel. You giggled, looking over to throw the piece of loose lettuce at him. 

“Ha, have you seen your eyes?” 

“Have you seen yours?” 

“Touché.” You then looked distantly at the other off, still cars in the lot with yours. “Why? Are you over this already?” 

“I’ll never be over this,” Calum highlighted, ensuring you never got the wrong idea. “I just wonder what you get out of this. All you have is me.” You snickered at this, somewhat not being able to believe Calum’s insecure words. 

“I love it when you take me away from my home,” you hummed. “I love it when we go down the roads, the houses remaining constant. Where they are muted by anything we have to say, if we wanted to say anything. I love it when the lights kiss us in the dark, attempting to lead us away from everything else and towards the unimaginable.” 


“I love leaving the dangers of the city and the nastiness that is the highway we always go on,” you spewed. “I love going into the safety of the trees and the clean roads, and porches and how everything goes slow. I love all of that– and I like you.” 

Calum could only snort before replying, “just like?” 

“You’d inflate too much if I said something more,” you snickered at the boy, feeling his hand go over and pinch the tip of your nose. “Oi, Calum!” 

“You’re a loser,” Calum said through soft chuckles. “But I like it.” You playfully slapped his hand away, rolling your eyes as you looked into his brown orbs. 

“’Just like?’” You mocked, having him stare at you with sudden desire before catching your chin and pulling you for a warm kiss on the lips. 

shwoops sorta long x


It begins in a blazing Inferno and ends with several Acts of Vengeance. Celestials judge, capers take place across time, Atlantis attacks, Vision is altered, a Captain is redeemed, the fourth wall is broken, the devil goes to hell, and a new universe ends.

Oh yeah, and Chackaal is back!

To me, this is peak Marvel! I’m going to enjoy the hell out or this ride!

See Right Through Me (Harry Wells x Reader)

Rating: T

Summary: Waking up in S.T.A.R. Labs, with no recollection of how you got there, you suffer from a mild head injury. Strange things start happening to you; seeing things you shouldn’t be seeing. Tests on you are led by the man known as Harrison Wells and what is up with his peculiar behaviour around you?

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To my first love,

A half an hour phone call. A continuation of the previous night. A confirmation of my fears.

You didn’t love me.

You didn’t know what we were fighting for.

You didn’t think we were something worth pursuing.

And what hurts the most is that I knew this already. You said you loved me too soon, and now claim you don’t know. But you see, the person you knew a couple of months in wasn’t me, vulnerable, afraid, (holistic) me. So, alas, you were never in love with me- but with this altered vision of who you thought I was.

Because it was when you said you loved me that I truly allowed myself to be me. I allowed myself to love you. And as the layers were peeled back- raw,  flesh was revealed. In it’s tangled, disgusting beauty. And you flinched.

What we had was a present. Wrapped in gloss, covered in  a satin bow, and dripping in mystery and romance. You stared at it in wonder and awe, shinning eyes in hope- of love? a puzzle piece? Help? A solution? You don’t know. It wasn’t clear.

I glanced at it, I glanced at you- I seemed to have found permission to open, love, and to unravel. I did something which I never thought I would have done. I loved whole heartedly. I loved you with my entire being- with every small ounce of will that I had.

See, previously everything was a bit of a muddle. I lacked clarity. But you made things clear, they fell in place. I’m just hurt I couldn’t do the same for you. I’m hurt I can’t be the one you love. 

And now I’m back in a muddled mess. And I don’t know what to do, and you’re no longer here to help.

I want to fall out of love.


Life truly begins when you stop allowing others’ limitations to exist in your world, others’ insecurities to define your confidence, others’ view of the world to alter your vision, and others lack deter your ambition to gain. There is no limit to achievement. Not age, not having a child, not a criminal record, nothing. If you want something, there’s always a way to get it. Nobody can stop your shine unless you allow them to.

Face to face.

He had been watching me, tracking my every move. Cold, beat up hands shaking, whipping through sheets of paper, impressed with his findings of my every day schedule. He went on about my long pale blonde hair, my powder blue eyes. He spends his nights fantasizing about carefully counting and connecting the freckles on my soft cream colored skin with the tip of his wet tongue. He seemed disgustingly pleased that he’s tried calculating my precise measurements by memory and wanted confirmation on how correct he was. Every word he spoke shattered the thin crisp air with a small cloud that seemed to alter my vision, I began to fade out and the sound of my own heart beat began to grow louder than his piercing voice. He had waited so long for this moment.


The Ur-Didact approaches his duplicate.

They stand barely separated by the reach of their great arms, surrounded by the swirling mist, the sough of the light breeze, the rhythmic lap of wavlets.

“There is no hope, continuing with your strategy, not in our time, not in this galaxy,” the Ur-Didact says. “That is a cold, simple fact.”

“I hold another opinion.”

“Your privilege… Manipular.” The Ur-Didact’s expression is disdainful. “The Halos? Violating the Mantle all over again, with even greater destruction! Wiping out all intelligent life across this galaxy! By itself that proves you are a poor version. You’ve altered your strategic vision.”

“According to circumstance, as every commander must.”

“Don’t you feel the truth of it? We gave the Precursors reason to retreat into madness. A passion for vengeance. And the Gravemind gave it all right back to me. I am filled with that passion, that madness, that poison! If we fire Halo, we lose everything.”

The two Didacts stand opposite each other, barely moving, barely breathing, as if sizing each other up. Their armour is evenly matched. Their weapons are identical, their defences, identical.

But the Didacts themselves - no longer identical.