alter ego lipstick


Lorac Social Affair Alter Ego Lipstick Collection

L-R: Trendsetter, Fashionista, Bon Vivant, Stylist, Provocateur

Of all of the holiday kits and makeup items I’ve tried, this is a YES. A hell yes. I’ve only tried one of the more nude shades here, but looking at those swatches, I think I’d try any of them. (Okay, so I wore a blue lipstick today. In public. So after that, I feel like I can try any color!) The packaging is gorgeous, I adore rose gold. They swatch beautifully, and the nude shade (probably Trendsetter) that I tried did look good on the lips. 

And yep, I totally had the lipstick tubes balanced on the pack of a Morphe palette for these pics. They’re very multi-function.


What on earth did I do in a past life to deserve looking this good? Jk, I don’t think that highly of myself 😂

(Also, lips are Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick in Seductress mixed with a little bit of the LA Splash Lip Couture in Latte Confession! 😘)