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Tom Hardy is Venom in the upcoming Spider-Man spin-off!

‘Variety’ has just confirmed Tom Hardy to star as the supervillain-turned-antihero Venom in a new film.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘Legend’ star will play Eddie Brock, the alter-ego of the titular comic book character in Venom, which will be directed by Ruben Fleischer (’Zombieland’).

Sony have scheduled the film to go into production later this year, with a October 2018 release date. It’s also been confirmed that both Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner have written the script for the movie.

Hardy’s character Brock turns into Venom after having his body taken over by a Symbiote, a fictional alien parasite. He originally sets out to destroy Spider-Man, but subsequently becomes an ally.

The character goes on to appear alongside Spider-Man, Iron Man, Deadpool, Hulk and many other Marvel Comics characters.

Venom was first introduced on the big screen in Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man 3′ (2007), where he was portrayed by Topher Grace.


Okay, so, when smoakingenius aka Katie and I were working on the Season 4 Mega Theory where we basically talk about how Season 4 is going to go, covering every possible thing our brains could come up with, we encountered a question that we believed deserved a post of its own.

Now, like everything we write, this is the ball-out-of-the-park kind of crazy. Like, really really crazy and still, when I mentioned this to Katie, being the perfect soul sister that she is, she jumped and we rolled on like insane, and actually managed to get quite some logic behind this. So, consider yourself warned.

There is one BIG chance that this is completely irrational but there might be a chance this isn’t. And also keep in mind, this one is assuming everything else in the mega theory is true because this is like a part of that one. So, if you are curious and still wish to continue down this madness lane, here you go.

Isabel Rochev is Damian Darhk’s daughter.

Okay, don’t give us the wide eyes and incredulous looks yet. Read on and see why we strongly believe so.

What we know about Isabel Rochev :

We first saw her in 2x01 “City of Heroes” on the show, as the VP of Stellmore International, having an interest in the Queen Empire to, if Felicity’s words are true (which they mostly are), dismantle it.

We see her as a sharp, powerful business woman with a hostile and patronizing attitude to Oliver and a willingness to win, by her own admission.  At her young age of only 28/29, she’s managed to not only become a successful as a CEO, but she’s also garnered a reputation for hostile takeovers. That’s quite impressive.

In the first ten episodes, two things about Isabel became clear- she hated having Oliver as a partner like scum beneath her heels, and she disregarded Felicity in the same way.

Another thing that we were told about her was that she was originally Russian and she dropped her accent to meld with the society.

Over the last half of the season, her character came out and things about her are revealed.

  • She took the company right from under Oliver’s nose when he was worried about Slade and Thea.
  • She had had a serious affair with Robert Queen, Oliver’s father, so serious that they had almost run away together. But Thea being injured had stopped them and Robert shoved her out of his life after that. ( It’s also important to note that she was more than likely just 18 at the time.)
  • She knew all along about Thea being Malcolm’s child. (Robert told her?)
  • She was working with Slade Wilson, and from the way she behaved around him and the way she reacted when Sebastian Blood mentioned Shado, a woman she had not known of, it is a strong possibility that they were more than just partners, but lovers.
  • She was shot by Digg but brought back when Slade injected her with the Mirakuru.
  • And she was killed by Nyssa in the finale.

These are the things we already know because the writers have told us this.

Now, let’s get on with what Katie and I have theorized. We both strongly believe that Isabel is Damian’s daughter. To go about it, let’s look at the two obvious connections between the two - Slade Wilson and Felicity Smoak.

Isabel and Slade

To quote the Season 4 Mega Theory.

How did Slade survive the freighter and the arrow to his eye and also manage to get back to the mainland? Who rescued him? (And Jack Sparrow’s “It was turtle’s, mate” won’t cut shit here).
He came back as this man dressed to the nines, and he had an in with the Queen family as an investor for Moira Queen’s political campaign as Mayor, driving an expensive car and getting expensive Australian Rum. Also, he got Isabel Rochev to work with him. Where did he meet her, and how did they devise the plan? He was loaded with money when he came back. Where did all that money come from?
Is it possible that after losing one of his top scientists, Anthony Ivo, along with all of his work on Mirakuru, perhaps Damian sent HIVE to the Island to recover whatever they could? And what they found was Slade? Maybe Damian rehabilitated Slade with the purpose of getting the Mirakuru from his system? Funding him in his revenge on Oliver because Damian himself had a vendetta against him (more on that below) is not too improbable.

Slade getting off the island and Slade getting so much money are two plot points that the writers have never addressed and they are glaring enough that they will be. These questions have bothered us for a while and we established that Slade was being financed by Damian Darhk, who saved him from the island. Meeting Isabel could have come through Damian/ HIVE itself, because how does the VP of Stellmore even get in touch with a man dying of Mirakuru on Lian Yu?

Also, this is where Katie pointed out to me that Isabel’s alter ego in the comics, Ravager, is a contractor of HIVE.  Katie said and I quote, “Why make her Ravager when Isabel is a comic book character of her own? They made her Ravager because of her connection to HIVE.” It is also interesting to note that Slade’s wife in the comics is connected to HIVE. Could it be possible that the writers played on both by making these two lovers?

While doing our research, we also came across a lot of theories from back when Isabel was brought on the show, that she was based on Rose Wilson, the illegitimate daughter of Slade Wilson. We cut that theory for this for a few reasons.

The writers have already name dropped Slade’s son in season 1. Then why would they make Isabel his daughter, have them work closely for a year, and never mention it at all, and then why make then have the lovers (creepy as it is) vibes? It doesn’t make sense.

You know what does make sense? The writers spinning this on its head and in fact, making Isabel Damian’s illegitimate child. We all know that Season 4 deals with Russia big time. In the short number of things we know about Isabel, why include the fact that she was Russian? Only to give Isabel and Oliver something to sleep over (which we will get back to in detail)? Nah. To quote Katie, “It was a completely meaningless character trait to mention.” Unless there was some meaning to it.

Also, the writers including her going to Russia with them feels like something more than her just being a pain in the butt. There was more to it than just “what happens in Russia stays in Russia”.

Which brings us to

Isabel and Felicity

There are two instances where the writers have raised red flags connecting these two.

1. 2x06 “Keep Your Enemies Closer”

This is the episode that these guys go to Russia in order to save Lyla. it is a very Diggle-centric episode (which might be another important fact to remember for later) but there are other things happening that need to be focused upon.

Isabel and Oliver sleep together. Katie said, and I quote, “I think what some people will counter this with is that sometimes people just anger bang.” No arguments there since Oliver had trouble at this time to keep it in his pants, except this is Isabel Rochev we are talking about.

Pause and think about this. Isabel Rochev is, if anything is to be believed, first and foremost a cunning business woman. Mixing business and pleasure is something she abhors (since that is why she looks down upon Oliver’s and Felicity’s relationship, at least until this point on the show). So tell me, why would a woman so strict about this sleep with Oliver Queen, the man she had despised from day 1 and thinks is nothing but a nuisance (and don’t tell me for one second that it is because of the sexual attraction because nah).

Also bring into consideration why she would sleep with Oliver when she is supposedly in love with his father, and working with Slade to destroy Oliver’s life?

Keep this in mind.

2. 2x22 “Streets of Fire”

Isabel has been injected with Mirakuru and is holding up sword swords. Digg is on the ground. And this happens.

AND BAM! She is hit by Felicity in the van.

This was the scene that made red flags go up in my head like nothing else. Why?

By this point in the season, we know what Mirakuru does to people- it makes them fixate. We all knew that Isabel had disliked Felicity but the extent of that hatred, the intensity of that hatred became naked after she was injected with the serum. Which only implies that this had been something that had been present inside her for a very long time and she had only been suppressing it.

The writers have repeatedly told us that they regularly cut scenes in every episode due to time constraints. But they included this scene. Included this dialogue. Only to have it be cut-off mid sentence by Felicity herself. Why do that? Why include it at all only to have it cut off unless there was a point? (And yes, we know SA’s head canon is that he accidentally said Felicity’s name while screwing Isabel.)

Why does Isabel hate Felicity so much?

We believe that Felicity Smoak is Damian Darhk’s daughter (see Season 4 Mega Theory for details). We know that Isabel had a rough childhood and is originally Russian. We believe that Damian infiltrated the Bratva and has significant ties to Russia. We also believe that she met Slade through HIVE (and HIVE saved him and financed him) and the writers played upon her comic character as Ravager, a contractor of HIVE.

Damian Darhk, we believe, may have left Felicity behind but he loves her in his own way and has kept an eye on her all this time, protecting her. Isabel hates Felicity.

What if it is plain old sibling rivalry (because Damian didn’t show her that same compassion)? Seeing how much love Damian has for Felicity, a girl who doesn’t even know he exists, while she, the daughter who supports him, is sidelined might have caused this extensive hatred.

Upon meeting Slade, a man driven by his need to run Oliver to the ground, she might have seen a way of hitting two birds with one stone- destroying Oliver and Felicity, both the offspring that the men she loved chose over her.

This also puts the night she slept with Oliver in Russia under a new light. Isabel had seen the way Felicity had Oliver’s attention. Russia was her own way of claiming what was Felicity’s in her head, before Felicity could have it. Cool and calculating as she is, she did that in hopes of not only driving a wedge between Oliver and Felicity, and making her own self feel better by having Oliver (as objectifying as it sounds) before Felicity could.

Also, what was the real purpose of Isabel going to Russia? Only to sleep with Oliver to make Felicity jealous? Really? And they needed to travel all the way to Russia to do it? No. If Isabel is Damian’s daughter and thus connected to HIVE like we believe, wouldn’t showing up in the same city as Diggle- when he’s about to break into a prison where Deadshot (the only man who knows the truth about Andy’s death) was being held- be a tad suspicious? And coincidentally, this is the same exact episode when Diggle finds out that Andy wasn’t even the target…yea, just let that sink in…

Isabel suppressed her hate of Felicity from Damian (because if he is as bent on protecting Felicity as we believe, he would not have let Isabel near her) and from everyone, making it seem just as a disregard for her position as Executive Assistant and nothing more. But once injected with the Mirakuru, she was unable to hold it back any longer. She unleashed that hatred for her.

Another thing that had always bothered me was how did Slade never know about Oliver’s closeness with Felicity if Isabel saw it so clearly and was working with him? One explanation for this can be that Damian had told them Felicity was off limits. According to Sebastian Blood, the plan had been to scare the people not kill them, right until the very end when Slade defied the order. So, I am pretty sure that is what Slade did with Felicity as well. He defied the order after Isabel died.

Oh, and amidst the theme of brothers and sisters and family drama, this would fit in seamlessly. 

Oh, and Katie and I laughed like crazy thinking about Oliver doing sisters if this does happen. Imagine the shade Felicity would throw at him. Lol 

Oh, and remember who killed Isabel? It was so deliberate on the part of the writers. Nyssa. Daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul kills daughter of Damian Darhk. Yup. Let that stew in your head for a while.

So, how crazy is this?

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The New Teen Titans: The Terror of Trigon
Official Profiles

Just two notes on this one, really:

1) I absolutely love that her occupation is “healer.” That’s just.. it’s perfect. Plain and simple.

2) …. umm, I adore her being 5'11" – 5'11" ladies are my favorite (*cough*) – but… ahhh… as someone with experience at this height… and uhh…  No. 125 lbs makes no sense for someone that tall. This tall. Anyway. It’s fucking ridiculous. I’m sorry, but weight issues are personal to me, and I literally cringe when I see stats like these.


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Figuring you read my post from yesterday, I think you’ll have a better understanding of the reason behind my tattoo. - My tattoo represents the meaning behind the mask, the mask itself, and my overall love Hip-Hop & comic books. - Let’s start with Dr. Doom. (As you may already know I’m a huge fan of his.) Victor Von Doom (his birth name) wears his mask due to facial deformations. He was constructing a machine to bring his mother, Cynthia Von Doom, back to life, only for it to malfunction and explode right in his face. As the tale goes, the so called deformation is really just a tiny scar on his face that he is insanely insecure about. Which brings it down to me. I’ve been insecure since I was 6 years old. Constantly worried with my body fat & kids teasing me on my looks. *spoiler alert* In the 200th issue you see above, there’s constant battles as usual, with the Fantastic 4. To my surprise, Mr. Fantasic suddenly rips off Doom’s mask towards the end of the story. The story continues as Doom becomes horrified as he looks at his own reflection. He then becomes emotionally unstable that he no longer bothers to deal with the Fantastic 4 and ends up in psychiatric hospital. (Now you can see the connection I have with Doom.) I later discovered an “underground” (not so much underground since all of a sudden everyone loves him - which upsets me greatly) rapper who goes by the name of Daniel Dumile, or MF Doom, as some of you may know. -For those who don’t know, he does a few of his alter egos based on the comic book character Doctor Doom.- The first song I heard by Dumile, was “Fancy Clown” off the album Madvillain. I immediately fell in love when I heard the sample off ZZ Hill’s “That Ain’t The Way To Make Love.” I was going through an on & off relationship at the time and this song honestly helped me deal with the situation I do not wish to speak of at this very moment. He immediately became one of my favorite artists as I dug through some of his earlier work; and for the fact that he samples oldies & comics. So my tattoo, a mixture of Dr. Doom’s insecurity, with my love for hip hop music - MF Doom’s mask, and in stencil form- personal as some of you may know I make stencils myself. 💞

I wanted to run. I never felt so inferior in my entire life, it was so sufforcating.

My life is a mess, I moved to another city but unable to got decent job and had to run back like a dog, as a saleperson I failed so many time and I might still fail, the insecurities is crawling under my skin, and then I was used and dump like shitload by the company I thought I can finally be together, best of all my best friend betrayed me by choosing the company side. If I do not have alter ego: a comic artist, I probably cant take it, its like my superiority, my identity was falling apart. I was a failure.
So I hided. I ran like a dog with tail between its legs. My friend who had a company actually took me in, on the surface I sound so together but truthfully I always am so afraid that I cant do it, Im gonna fail him, or more like, fail my own expectation of myself.
After the incident one of my friends who is younger than me got accepted to a foreigner company, and she stayed at my appartment for 3 days before the flight. I used to be close to her, but when she was here I felt so ashamed I cant even look at her. I pretended to be so busy, never been home but actually I just stayed at the coffee shop all day. She wanted to help, she asked if I want her to introduce a job for me. Gosh Im older than her, why am I so pathetic?

Been 4 months I rarely speak to the friend who betrayed me, I know its not her fault entirely so I dont blame her but I hesitate to meet her. She actually reached out for me, she wanted to meet me. I dont want to, but our mutual friend said that I should settle it once and for all, whether to still be friend or just quit. Yesterday I saw her. Now I know why I dont want to meet her. Shes still a great friend and honestly want good thing for me. BUT IT WAS SO SUFFORCATING. I WANT TO RUN, I WANT TO STOP, I CAN HEAR ALL THE LAUGHTER INSIDE MY MIND. The more shes good to me the more I feel so ashamed, so inferior. Its like looking at younger version of myself, so carefree and loving, brimming with energy while the me now is so pathetic. I faked most of the meeting trying to be nice and funny, but after that I just want to quit everything.

Then I heard another friend said she will get marry and stay in Poland, with her foreigner husband. I wish her the best, but stated right away I feel so jealous and I dont want to attend the wedding because I dont want to feel so pathetic.

Why am I such a bitch? I hurt these people even though I knew they are good friend and they want best things for me, but my inferiority complex just cant stand it. I thought I wont envy anyone anymore but now? I dont know.
I never feel so pathetic, guilty, stupid, and fail in my entire life, what am I doing here? I cant make money to earn my living with comic, why am I still doing it? I cant do sale well but its the only professional I know, without it I cant earn, but I cant do it well enough. And all these younger version of me was manifested by me on these friends, I can hear them laughing at how pathetic I am. I just pretended to function well but on the inside I want to run away. Im still running away by drawing all these comic so that I dont have to think and earn some respect from stranger. I am so pathetic.

I know Im just talking nonsense here, but I need to pour it out at least to someone. Anyone.