alter differences

I’m here for systems.

I’m here for systems who do not remember what their trauma was.

I’m here for systems who wish they were singlets.

I’m here for systems who are fine with and open about their multiplicity.

I’m here for systems who have a hard time feeling valid.

I’m here for angry, destructive alters.

I’m here for littles who have to see their terminology appropriated and sexualized.

I’m here for alters of different genders than their host’s body.

I’m here for systems with only two members, and I’m here for systems with 30+ members.

I’m here for DID systems.

I’m here for OSDD systems.

I’m here for every system discovering their multiplicity and struggling to come to terms with it.

I’m here for fictive alters.

I’m here for systems who experience dissociative amnesia, and those who don’t.

I’m here for systems who fear switching.

I’m here for non-human alters who struggle with body dysmorphia.

I’m here for each and every system.


get to know me meme: 4/5 male groups ♦ bangtan boys (2013-)
“I greet my third spring in Seoul alone. I thought my worries will ease with the debut in front of my nose; I closed my eyes to the present that could not be altered. Reality was different, even when my peers tried to keep me I walked the lightless tunnels on my own. I thought I was alone but I’ve learned that we are seven. No longer barefoot, wearing shoes called Bangtan.”

The Elwetritsch is a bird-like creature that calls Germany its home. This animal is typically described as looking like a chicken however, sightings and claims appear to give it a number of different altered appearances such as having antlers or scales instead of feathers. The Elwetritsch is widely thought to be a hoax - people would organize hunts in order to play pranks. During these hunts, one person would be made “the catcher” and the others would be “beaters”. The beaters would go off to flush out the Elwetritsch while the catcher waited with a lantern and a large potato sack or a net. While the catcher would wait endlessly for the bird to be chased out and toward the net, the catchers usually just left them in the woods while they went to the local pub. 

People who complain when fanfic writers don’t do things exactly like canon have a fundamental misunderstanding of what fanfiction is/should be. 

Fanfiction is not a regurgitation of canon topics/concepts; it’s a dialogue that exists with and sometimes against canon. It explores concepts and topics the source material either ignored or had no interest in exploring in the first place. Fanfiction was born because canon stories didn’t tell the kind of stories fans wanted to see (What if Spock and Kirk were a couple? What if the cast of Star Trek were explorers during the 15th Century? What would it take for these two enemy characters to fall in love?) 

To say that fanfiction is beholden to canon is just bullshit and to hound writers for not slavishly worshiping the source material is not only rude, it’s against the spirit of fanfiction. Great fanfiction takes canon into account but alters it in light of the story being told. Characters change given new/differing situations. Relationships evolve because the author is exploring new ground/circumstances. If nothing changes or if no new insights are revealed because of the story and everything is exactly like the source material then what’s the point of reading the story in the first place. 

Fanfiction is not canon and it’s not meant to be. 


female character challenge: two mother/daughter relationships [1 / 2]
↳ Elinor and Merida, Brave

You’ve always been there for me. You’ve never given up on me. I just want you back. I want you back, Mummy. I love you.

How Act Around Someone With DID

This is a rough guide, and will not cover everything. It is also not a great title, but I didn’t know what to label it!! 

Here goes: 

1. Try to empathise with the person even if you cannot imagine having alters.

2. Do not challenge different alters beliefs, values, opinions etc. For example one alter may smoke another may hate smoking… You should just try to go with this and act calmly. One alter may attend church, another may be atheist. Try to be understanding and flexible.

3. Do not be judgemental if someone with DID tells you about strange sounding or complex problems/issues/ideas etc. 

4.  Do not make fun of alters or the host around their alters, you never know who you may invite out or what the response will be. This could be very upsetting for a person who has DID.

5. Do not pretend to know what a person with DID is experiencing. 

6. Do not dismiss or trivialise concerns of someone with DID. People who suffer from DID will have been through trauma in their lives, and deserve attention and the space to speak openly. 

7. Try to speak to each alter individually and respond to them in the best way, not necessarily the obvious or correct way. 

8. When dealing with little alters … The child alter may be advanced. They may drive, smoke etc. 

9. Try to help the person with DID set up a system and communication method between all their alters. 

So this is very brief, just thought I’d do a how to help someone with DID “At a glance” Hope this helps!!

Our DID Awareness Post

Shout out to the systems that aren’t professionally diagnosed, and never will be, because of how screwy the mental health field is now.

Shout-out to the systems that have no desire to be diagnosed, in fear of the difficulties it will bring into their life.

Shout-out to the systems that rarely, if ever, get amnesia.

Shout-out to the systems that self-diagnosis.

Shout-out to the systems that feel like they are fake, because of reasons listed above (because you are valid).

Shout-out to the alters who are different ages than the host.

Shout-out to the alters that are different genders than the host.

Shout-out to the alters that are different races than the host.

Shout-out to the alters who find it difficult being their own person, and just want to be known as an alter who’s job is to be there for their host.

Shout-out to the “dark” alters, who are violent, and are careless, and are like hollywood movies.

Shout-out to the systems that live mostly in secret, with every alter going on stealth when in public.

Shout-out to the systems that are proud, and cause confusion in neurotypicals, and like it that way.

Shout-out to the systems that manage their alters very well, and can live normal lives.

Shout-out to the systems that fight constantly, and can never seem to find a middle ground.

Shout-out to the systems that hide it very well, and chose to keep it low-key, even though they are capable of living it out.

Shout-out to the alters that do not or rarely front.

Shout-out to the alters with drastically different physical appearances than the host.

Shout-out to the fictional introjects, and other-kin alters.

Shout-out to the alters that have their own mental illnesses (and most likely will never be diagnosed).

Shout-out to the alters that do not try to make things easier for their host, and just want to be free.

Shout-out to the systems and alters that do not fit what neurotypicals think we should be. We are valid.

Random Headcanon: Link’s androgyny isn’t just an artefact of the Zelda franchise’s art direction - and neither is it particularly unusual. Sexual dimorphism among Hylians is legitimately much lower than among real-world humans; if Link and Zelda swapped clothes, you’d never be able to tell who was the girl and who was the boy.

Consequently, Hylian society depends heavily on clothing to establish gender roles, to the extent that it’s a severe faux pas to question someone’s gender presentation. If they’re dressed like a girl, then they’re a girl - even if they were dressed like a boy yesterday. That’s why nobody ever remarks upon the fact that Zelda and her heroic alter-ego Sheik are different genders; it’d be gauche at best to bring it up.


Constellations by bowlingfornerds (@tempestaurora)

The 100 | Bellarke | 11k

Summary: “The idea is that there are multiple universe out there, all parallel,” he explained. “And in each universe, something slightly differently might happen, changing all the events that correlate.”

“Like the butterfly effect,” Jasper chipped in. Monty nodded.

“Exactly. So, let’s say that I have a drink in a bar in one universe. In another, I might decide to go for a second, while in another, I might choose a different bar – altering the course of events.”


Amongst parallel universes, we follow Bellamy and Clarke.

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You're a mom, but you're two... can you get put it time out?

These two sides of my identity do not intersect. i am a mother to all of my beautiful internet children. and then in a different alter ego i am 0-5 years old at any given time to myself, my peers, and some superiors