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You never included that Keith and Lance were dating in your first highschool au post! Why did they break up?

I actually just made that up when I was writing the fic LOL, but behold: KLANCE HIGH SCHOOL HEADCANONS

So Keith and Lance became a couple their Sophomore year after getting close from baseball, where they initially hated each other, but respected one another’s skills. After getting closer from their relationship, Lance gets concerned with Keith’s disregard for his future and his grades. This causes some tension in their relationship and then Keith is expelled and so they decide to break up. It was fairly…one sided. Keith agreed that they should break up, but it was only Lance’s decision to do so. They don’t really get along after their breakup and are pretty cold shoulder to each other when the whole gang hangs out. They soon get back into the intense rivals routine. 

Baseball season comes around and Lance and Keith’s rivalry skyrockets.

The rekindling begins when Lance bumps into Keith at a school for SAT information. Keith tells Lance how he’s been getting his act together and working a lot harder on his academics. After the talk, Lance apologizes to Keith and asks him on a friendly date to the Altea Hills prom.

Keith says yeah.

Last night, my family and I went to the old town of the village where I’m staying near Alicante. 

It’s a very well looked after old style Spanish village that is so posh even Nicholas Cage is presumed to own a house there. 

This village is so picturesque it makes old style towns in England seem futuristic. 

Since it’s at the very top of a hill, the views were amazing so we spent a good half an hour just watching from there.

Afterwards we went into the town centre and had some sangria.


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