alte jakobstraÃe

I tell everyone I’m over you but then the thought of your smile twirls around in my mind, and in reality, it feels like I’m falling in love with you all over again.
—  E. Grin
I look into your eyes
and the chaos of the world falls silent,
but my heart beats out of my chest
with a thundering need
to love you
like the moon
loves the stars.
—  E. Grin

i gave my little cousins some reference photos, control of my tablet and let them have at it. there is some real potential here 👌👌👌

Why don’t you ever admit you’re falling in love?“

"Because that to me is admitting certain death.

—  E. Grin

Seven shots later,
I’m still stumbling
over the thought
of you,

while I can’t even
my own

—  E. Grin

What’s the worst part?“ She asks, gazing over at me.

I take my eyes off my phone as I reply, “The worst part?”

“About heartbreak,” She says, “what’s the worst part about it?”

“Other than the crippling feeling of the way your body aches with every step,” I start, “I think it’s knowing you’ll never be the same.

—  E. Grin, it’s knowing you’ll never be the same

a series of unlikely crossovers: welcome back, klaus