ooc: memesforthefop

I have set up an alternate blog for they do not fit with the theme of this journal.  I’ll post Memes there if you want to follow it.


Hey guys!

Just posting up about some additional blogs I keep. :3 <— this one is an art resource blog. I find a neat tutorial, guide, set of reference images or links, exercises, or just some really cool art I enjoy, I reblog it here! Fairly well tagged. <—– personal dumb-stuff reblog-blog. For stuff that makes me giggle and music I enjoy. No theme, just fun. Very few tags. <—– Cyberpunk/fashion/”aesthetic” blog, fairly well tagged, personal but not in the same way that the above blog is! Contains pictures of my dumb face. :V


I have a different altblog now, because I don’t like logging out just to throw shit on it, when I can just use the blacklist function to much better effect when I need to get away from certain things.

Inbox me if you want it.
It’s my vent alt, so expect everything that entails.