ATELIER 1022 - Ellie Perla exhibit December 2011 - January 2012 “ALTAVARANIA” - ALEGRIA


Text and Illustrations by Ellie Perla


8 Pencil and Ink Drawings for the children’s book “Altavarania”


“Altavarania” is a fairy-tale for children of all ages

Reading skills – third to fourth grade


Three unusual friends journey to distant lands to find the seven fairies who once gave the ancient gardens of Altavarania their magic powers, and the land of Ziua a perpetual blue sky.  This story of adventure and discovery takes Leelas, Sun and Thunder in search of seven magic items from seven fairies: love, trust, joy, integrity, peace, hope and courage.  Their travels go from the pretty cottage of Carolai, to more distant and troublesome lands, such as Jeg, the land of tiny Dirtlings; Alegria’s enchanted theater in Valonia; Aroalba’s scary forest; Ruhen’s canyon and the lands of Pirin, Himal and Kilim who are at war; to the cold North Peak; and to the Land of the Unknown.  They will need these seven gifts to recreate a new Altavarania in the land of Noaptea and save its people from poverty and darkness.


Leelas is the main character of the book, and the keeper of Altavarania.  Leelas is accompanied on her fantastic adventure by Sun the golden boy from Ziua and Thunder the dark knight from Noaptea. The paths they will follow are sometimes real, sometimes enchanted, and Leelas leads the way.  Will they make it back on time?


Carolai – Fairy of Love

Erdenora – Fairy of Trust

Alegria – Fairy of Joy

Aroalba – Fairy of Integrity

Ruhen – Fairy of Peace

Susanta – Fairy of Hope

Valine – Fairy of Courage