Today in church

This morning in Church we had no other acolytes besides myself. So, I had the honor of being 3 in 1….. and act in a somewhat deacon-like position until the chalice bearer was remembered that she needed to be up there with me. I love serving the altar of God, and being as close as I can to the Eucharist as possible, but it will be a nice break in college (At least at first) to be able to just sit, kneel, and stand and be in the presence of the Holy. 


Today’s picture: i like how my hair ended up

Today: well woke up to horrible cramps and feeling like throwing up. then got ready for church i spent most of my time picking out what to wear since i just kept sitting and staring at my closet. after went to church. i waited until shina came. so when i saw auntie i went to the back. oh yeah i also saw vincent i was just like uh. anyways once i went to the back i saw aaron and i was like what the. then i asked if there was incense and i said if there was i might serve and so i did. before getting ready i told my parents then i got ready. omfg aaron scared me when i was walking backwards a bit because i felt to squished. then when we were about to pray he was mouthing help me because everyone was crowding around him lol. then a couple minutes before church they kept blowing out our candles. then yeah did what we had to do then yup. when everyone was taking the bread i was about to sit down but aaron kept scooting to where i was gonna sit so i just sat at the edge as quickly as possible then he pushed me then shina pushed aaron and i almost fell off.  and yeah. then went to the store then home and saw shina again then played guitar hero then went to the store again and then watched big. yup. 



Today’s picture: i watched these movies with some popcorn on a rainy day. complete perfection. and played grand theft auto at my cousin’s house

Today: went to church at ten since i had to altar serve. i tied the rope by myself i was so proud :D lol. the people i altar served with were siblings so they hardly talked to me :P lol. omg someone from my school saw me so embarrassing. anyways i think i remembered what to do now. after ate then went to my cousin’s house. there was hardly any food :( umm we played a lot of grand theft auto. ya know like just ran around trying to get 6 stars but that was hard lol. um i kept asking rio about altar serving and stuff. carl showed me all the videos and pictures he took it was funny. i hope next months schedule comes out soon because i’m so curious who and when i have to serve and i’m pretty excited. um yeah then when i got home i ate and watched those movies up there. man taylor is so aeuagershaurg<3 but during twilight shina called me about serving and it was an hour long call like about that one subject. so i couldn’t watch an hour of eclipse :( lol. um that was my day