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Inviting the Sun to Tea

This ritual involves the element fire and invokes the sun’s blessing and good favor. The sun toils day in and day out bringing life and growth to all beings, and I’m sure would love to sit down for a nice cup of iced tea after a long day’s work. If you’re lucky, the sun may bestow it’s blessing upon you for this kind deed. This ritual can be done any day of the year that the sun shines, though its power will be strongest on the summer solstice. 

You will need:

  • 2 red candles
  • 1 yellow candle
  • 1 green candle
  • 1 blue candle 
  • 2 cups 
  • Iced sun tea
  • Dragon’s blood or cinnamon incense


  • Decorative wildflowers 
  • A small table 
  • An altar or table cloth
  • Chairs or cushions for sitting

As the sun sets, set up a small altar outdoors where you can clearly see the horizon. Place the table, altar cloth, chairs, sun tea, incense, the cups, and summer flowers in a clear space, then cast a circle. Place the candles at their corresponding points on the circle and light them in a clockwise direction, starting with the southern most candle and ending with the second red candle on your altar and the incense. Focus on the element fire as you do this. Call it to you, feel the fleeting warmth of the sun’s rays on your skin as it sets. Then take the cups and fill them with tea, setting them across from each other on the altar. Take a seat at the altar, close your eyes, and raise your glass, saying this:

Won’t you join me, Father Sun?
A humble table awaits your splendor!
Grace me with your presence, golden one,
Pray let me be thy defender.

Feel the sun’s presence with you at the table as you drink your tea. Feel it’s warmth and love flow over you, remember all good and wild things that the sun brings to life with it’s rays. At this time you may ask for the sun’s blessing, but do be polite. Once you have finished your tea, close your circle by extinguishing your candles starting with the southern most one in a counterclockwise direction. Leave your altar set until the sun’s last rays leave the sky, and let the remaining candle and incense burn out completely.

🌞 Happy Litha! 🌞

Hi, Momma (Part 3)

(Series Masterlist)

Summary: You and Chuck organize a family reunion. You have a talk with Castiel about a certain Winchester.. 
Pairing: Chuck x Reader, Hit of Destiel
Other Characters: Sam Winchester, Gabriel, Raphael, Lucifer, Michael, Gadreel, Samandriel.
Word counting: 1.7k
Warnings: Personal headcanon that the archangels were kids once and could sleep if they wanted to. I also brought some angels back, ‘cause I can.  Castiel is asexual, but not aromantic. Family fluff.

Originally posted by lucifersagents

“Look.” You leaned down to your three sons, so they could see the small archangel in your arms. “This is your brother.”

Michael and Lucifer tilted their heads and Raphael stood on his toes to look at him properly.

“His wings are yellow.” He pointed, frowning.

“Golden.” You corrected him. “Gabriel has golden wings.”

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Fic: Big days and fragile nerves

It’s the day that Alec is supposed to become the official Head of the Institute and he is a tiny bit nervous.

“Nervous?”, Magnus said softly.
Alec let out a shaky laugh and scratched the back of his neck in a nervous gesture. “You have no idea.”
Magnus sighed. “Oh, Alexander. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.”
“Yeah, sure”, Alec scoffed, running one of his arms up Magnus’s side and cupping his cheek with his hand, “only every single shadowhunter in New York waiting for me to screw up.”

Word Count: 3,788 | Read it on AO3

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A Toast

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader

Word Count: Over 1500

Warnings: It’s so fluffy you might die.

Notes: This is my follow-up to The Plan series (which can be found on my masterlist if you haven’t read it!). I cried so hard writing this. You have no idea. If I forget to tag anyone, I’m really sorry! Thank you guys so much for your support! xoxo

Today was the day. You’d been planning the wedding for months and, after finally deciding to just marry in the bunker, the day was finally here.

Standing in front of the full length mirror in Dean’s room, you smiled nervously at your reflection. You’d gone a little overboard with the dress price-wise but Mick didn’t mind; he’d spared no expense, even though it was only a small ceremony. You’d opted for a beautiful, lace-embroided A-line style dress with a sweetheart neckline and diamante detailing around the waist. Your long hair had been twisted up and styled elegantly, the lace veil cascading down to your waist. Claire had kept your make-up natural and simple. You felt like a million dollars.

A knock on the door signalled Claire was back from the war room. She was smiling brightly as she entered, her hands folding over her chest as she looked at you.

“You look so great, Y/N,” she sighed happily as she closed the door behind her. “The war room looks great, the guys worked real hard. Dean said he’ll be down in a minute.”

Nodding, your mind wandered. Mick, Sam, Dean and Castiel had spend most of the morning moving the table and chairs out of the war room and decorating, with Mary’s help and supervision. You were excited, and a little apprehensive, to see how it had turned out.

Dean was giving you away as Mick had asked Sam to be his best man. Dean had told Claire he preferred it that way anyway.

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This Had to Be (Steve Rogers  Imagine)

Hey guys! Just a little Steve Rogers imagine for ya! I wrote this last night because I couldn’t sleep haha! Bringing you some Steve fluff! I hope you enjoy :)

Short synopsis: The reader hears Steve in the living room listening to old records and goes to check out what he’s doing up so late. 

Songs mentioned: “These Foolish Things,” and “Dream a Little Dream of Me” (both versions by Ella Fitzgerald)

The winds of march that made my heart a dancer

A telephone that rings but who’s to answer

Oh, how the ghost of you clings

These foolish things remind me of you

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Is she saying “Live while you can” or “Leave while you can?” I mean, it might just be a cynical quip, but this is a wedding after all and that’s exactly what you think when you’re standing at the altar, isn’t it? Live or leave.
—  Man in Chair from The Drowsy Chaperone

This is one of the saddest quotes in all of musical theatre, The Man becomes obsessed with this moment of the show when the actress playing the Chaperone utters:

“L-ve while you can.”

A cane falling blocks out the true meaning of the line. The Man in Chair grasps at the idea that Beatrice Stockwell is either saying “leave” or “live”, but only recently have I realized (after playing Man in Chair myself over a year ago) that Dame Stockwell very well might have been saying “Love”.

This, in my opinion, is the most painful subtext in any piece of musical theatre. Even in his musical escape from reality, the dejected, heart-broken, nameless Man cannot fathom (or possibly accept) the idea of love. “Love is not always lovely in the end.”, and for some, it is not even an option.

J. Michael. R.
The Fake Marriage [Chapter I]

Anime: Hetalia

Ship: RusAme

Summery: Alfred and Ivan signed up for a arranged marriage show that marries them off to a complete stranger. After meeting each other at the wedding itself, they think they might not last the six weeks they need to stay married.

Rating: SFW/PG (slight swearing and mention of alcohol)

Part 2: Coming soon

Alfred nervously paced around the dressing room as his anxiety chewed away at him with each passing moment. He was really going to go through with this? Marry someone he’s never met and have to stay that way with them for a whole six weeks. He didnt even know if it was a guy or girl, or even their name! What if they didnt like each other? He was legally going to be married to them so that means a divorce if this doesnt work out. Maybe he shouldn’t have done this, he contemplated just leaving and pretending as if this never happened but it was a little to late since his brother and best man opened the door, with a camera crew behind him.

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We’re in a temple and there’s a dead body, decomposing a little, sitting on a chair near the altar.

Monk: I will pray for this dead body.

Me (DM): You’re not gonna touch it?

Monk: That wouldn’t be right. I will pray.

Bard: It’s gonna explode if we touch it isn’t it? I’m gonna explore over here…

Me (DM): You don’t wanna touch it either? (looks at rogue, who has this look on her face like she really wants to touch it) Touch it touch it touch it!

Rogue: Well… I’m gonna poke it…

Me (DM): RAAAAAAA!!! (jumps up and yells, making the rogue and monk jump, before announcing to roll initiative)


S. Pietro in Vaticano (Saint Peter’s) is the station for the Saturday of the First Week in Lent. As the greatest church in all Christendom, little other introduction is required. (Pictured, from top to bottom: the apse above the Altar of the Chair; Arnolfo di Cambio’s sculpture of Saint Peter; an image of Peter from the ceiling of the loggia outside the basilica; the inside roof of the baldacchino above the papal altar.

No Exit

Title: No Exit

Author: Mools (of flowers-for-banjoi)

Pairing: None

Status: oneshot

Rating: General

Warnings: Angst. Mind games. Arima. Just Arima.

Characters: Arima Kishou, Sasaki Haise, and (briefly) Mado Akira and Hirako Take

Arima gives Haise a new training objective: Haise’s goal is to leave the room. Arima’s is to keep him there. A simple exercise contains many lessons.

Haise couldn’t leave the CCG, even if he wanted to.

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It was joyous day, here at stately Wayne Manor, Dick Grayson was marrying the love of his life, Barbara Gordon. As the only parents of the happy couple, Jim Gordon is placed next to billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.

Gordon was nervous at first having his daughter involved with such a notorious, high class family but over the months he worked with them on planning his fears were cast aside. It was thus his honor and joy to push Barbara’s chair down the aisle to Richard who was already expressing his joy with tears. It was perfect day.

It was just past twilight when the newly minted Mr. and Mrs. Grayson shared their first married kiss and the whole audience stood to clap. By chance Gordon looked over at Mr. Wayne and was stunned. The shade from the setting sun obscured most of the wealthy man’s face leaving Gordon only a vague impression but he would know that shadowed face anywhere.

“Batman?” He whispers in shock. Beside him, the man starts for moment, tearing his eyes away from the kids to look at Gordon. His blue eyes are deep and carry the weight of an impossible burden and Gordon knows at once that he is right. The secret vigilante suddenly smiles and shakes his head.

“No Jim, I’m afraid you are mistaken.” He turns back to the altar where Dick had now lifted Barbara from her chair, gifting her with a quick but passionate kiss before carrying her down the aisle. The man’s eyes are wet with joy as his eldest son walked away towards his happy future. “Tonight I am Batdad.”

Chapter Sixty Five Part One

Here is part one of the wedding! I suspect you’ll have the next part before the end of the weekend.

This chapter is going to start off with the one shot I chose. Please know that it was incredibly hard for me to choose. I loved the ones I got (I’ll be publishing them later in the day). Honestly, they were amazing. You guys should be writing your own fics!

So, please congratulate thebaconsandwichofregret on being the one-shot contest winner. It’s an amazing little bit and really gave a great opportunity and purpose for these two characters to connect. Enjoy!

The chapter will start with the one shot and it will be marked with a *OS* at the end :)



Emma sat a little away from the group as they watched Harry and Alex go through their final rehearsal before the wedding. Any other time Emma’s uncharacteristic quietness would have drawn attention but in the fuss of wedding planning and Mike’s recovery her nerves seemed to have been missed by everyone. Or rather almost everyone.

Camilla gently slid into the chair beside her soon-to-be granddaughter, “The excitement getting to you?” she asked quietly.

Emma silently shook her head, avoiding Camilla’s gaze.

“What’s wrong Emma?”

“People don’t like me.”

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If You Asked Me To

Anonymous asked: Emma unexpectedly gets invited to one of her friend’s upscale wedding receptions in New York and is told she can bring bring a date (which obviously she would ask Killian which then she gets introduced him to modern traditions and such.). set after the town line curse is gone of course. : ) :)
A/N: This was so fun to write. I hope you like how it turned out — it kind of morphed into this prompt + a little tidbit from a conversation with/a drabble written by nightships. Thank you for sending this in, and I’m sorry it took so long!!

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