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Charm Making 101

Making your own charm is as easy as baking a cake, with no baking.

First let’s explore what makes a charm a charm. 

charm [CHärm] n. 

      a collection of materials placed into a color specific bag used to send and receive specific vibrations from the universe. A satellite dish if you will. Carrying these little bundles of magic with you everywhere you go is one of the easiest ways to communicate your wants and needs with the universe.

Step One: Figuring out your intentions

Every charm has a specific intent behind it. Without one, it’s just a bag of rocks and dirt. Figure out what you need the most in your life right now. This could be anything from romantic love to quick cash to even inner peace

Step Two: Understanding the skeleton

What in the world do skeletons have to do with charms? Well, the skeleton of a charm is essentially the building blocks you need. All of the really powerful charms I have made have come equipped with a leafy green, a flower, a base, a bag, and a mineral. 

Leafy Green.

The leafy green is a plant material. This can be dried herbs or simple green foliage from a specific plant that gives off good vibrations through its leaves.

The Flower.

The flower is there to work with the other leafy green and encompass a specific property all in one bundle.

The Mineral

The mineral is there to push out the signal. Incorporating crystals and rocks add an antenna to your satellite dish.

The Bag.

The bag is a little string draw satchel that is a specific color depending on what your intentions are (green for money, pink for love, etc). Every little satchel is just a method for energy to be carried around. The longer you are with it, the more energy and intention you put into it.

The Base.

Now last but not least is the base. This is something that can absorb any negative energy but can also add a little substance to your charm bag. The base is tricky but very versatile. A majority of the time rice is a really good base but things like garden or graveyard dirt can be used.

Step Three: Research

I’ve found the easiest way to accomplish this step it to work backwards. Instead of looking for a specific material that you need for a charm, figure out what the materials you have already do and see if they apply. You’d be surprised how versatile a lot of materials are. A lot of good resources can be found on the internet if you look up “(Material name)’s magical properties”. Just those three words can give you a solid amount of websites to read. On top of that, you can check out the WiccanInk page. If you’re not on mobile, there are links at the top labeled “Herbs”, “Color Magic”, and “Stones” (conveniently hyperlinked here for you as well).

Step Four: Cleansing and charging

This is arguably one of the most important steps in this process. You can have the best material combination in the world but if your crystal isn’t charged, then it isn’t going to work. Take the time to purify and charge all materials before adding them to any magic work, let alone charm work. Here are some good cleansing methods and the best way to charge any item it to leave it out in the sun for a full day.

Step Five: Putting it all together

At this stage you have gathered all your materials, cleansed everything, and charged it with your intent. You can now add the ingredients to the bag. The order I like to use is base, mineral, leafy green, then flower. You can do it anyway you like but I’ve found that this method just looks prettier. When you are adding all the ingredients be sure to visualize yourself succeeding in whatever part of your life you want to improve. Do this work in front of your altar and away from the rest of the world. Find a quiet spot in your head so you can really focus on your life needs.

Take your time. Work with your charm. After a little bit you will be able to feel the energy it is giving off and you will realize every charm has it’s own personality. At the end, tie three knots in the cord to tie up the bag and with each knot think about what you already have. For example if you’re working on a charm to improve your wealth, think about three instances where you are wealthy enough. Thank the universe for the instances and understand that you can still receive more.

Following these steps will hopefully lead you to successful charm work. Take your time and remember everything needs practice.

Blessed Be



LOCATION: “Altar of Twilight”

ZONE: Twilight Highlands

NPCS: None


ACCESSIBILITY: Cata content, 80+


NOTES: Are you just not giving off enough of a “chaotic evil” vibe these days? Consider bringing all your loved ones for undisclosed reasons to this skull-laden, spiky, gnarled altar of glowing dark magic and ominous shrouded figures! Is it a picnic or a blood sacrifice? Keep them guessing!


LOCATION: “Stonecrown Cavern”

ZONE: Highmountain

NPCS: None


ACCESSIBILITY: Legion content


NOTES: A Drogbar cavern like any other, but strangely unoccupied. Perhaps there were plans for it, perhaps not, but this completely empty cavern is free to use for all your dungeon-crawling, cave-dwelling, or ritual-having needs.

anonymous asked:

What is it for? That squirrel yer pet before or somethin'?

((OOC: Nah. This was actually a squirrel that my sister’s cat brought down. Which was impressive, because he was a big fella.

Basically, I was living for a time with a few friends who were part of the nature connections community, and through my experiences with them, I started expanding my views on death, and specifically the way animals are treated when they die. If you call town services and say, “Hey, there’s a dead squirrel on my lawn right now,” they’ll send someone over with a big black garbage bag, throw the squirrel in the bag, and then throw that bag into a dumpster with a bunch of other road kill.

I find that super disrespectful and wasteful, and I tend to think that, on the whole, animals deserve better. So, back to my old roommates.

They were part of this amazing program that taught kids about different aspects of nature. They’d go into the woods with a group of six year olds, say, and harvest a bunch of lemon balm, then take it back to the camp site to make lemon balm tea, or talk about how to recognize different animal tracks. And occasionally, they would find a dead animal, and talk about different ways to honour that life. And one of the ways to do so was through harvesting. You respectfully take home and preserve a part of that animal, and in that way, the animal is remembered, and its body is put to use. That, to me, feels much more right than tossing the body in a bag and leaving it in a dumpster to rot.

So, they taught me how to do some of these things. I found a dead squirrel one day back in the way back, and my roommate helped me to safely transport it home, check to make sure the squirrel wasn’t diseased or mangy, and then taught me how to skin it and preserve the pelt. I now have a squirrel pelt for an altar cloth.

I found this dead squirrel in my yard a couple months ago, and I wanted to do the same thing, but didn’t feel up to that whole big process, so I harvested the feet as I buried the body, kept the feet in a bag of salt to dehydrate them, and I’ve just sealed the wounds with beeswax so that they won’t run into problems with rot. Now I have a reminder of that life, and I have feet for my altar.

This is absolutely not for everyone, but is 1000% for me.))

“The poorest of the poor often live in elegant homes; yes, they may be rich and powerful and poor.  They do not know that earth is a passing shadow, and it is this awareness that they must be given…We must carry the Fire of God’s truth into rooms lit with artificial light, where people will laugh at our humble flame.  The shadows are all around us.  We must be there when the artificial lights, the lights they have relied on all their lives, go out.”

~Nancy Shuman, The Cloistered Heart

“You are the light of the world.”
~Matthew 5:15

(Image: Altar - The Nativity of Christ, Chapelle de la Nativitie, Cordes-sur-Diel, France, by Nicholas Mynheer)


Pinacate Volcanic Field 

Located in far northwest Sonora, Mexico, the Pinacate volcanic field comprises a 1,500 km2 area of Pleistocene lava flows with over 400 cinder cones and 8 maars. The volcanoes in the Pinacate are monogenetic—meaning they erupt only once and each have a unique magmatic signature. The field today is part of El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The eastern portion of the field—which is accessible by a vehicle tour route—contains the youngest cones and is mantled by an extensive tephra deposit.  One of the most impressive features on the vehicle route is a large maar caldera, Crater Elegante, formed 32 thousand years ago in an explosive eruption when groundwater interacted with magma. The caldera measures nearly a mile in diameter and is the largest maar in the field. 

The cinder cones are accompanied by extensive basaltic lava flows, some of which form spiky stiff peaks. Due to the arid, desert setting of the field, most of the cones have experienced very little erosion and retain a relatively youthful morphology. Extensive dune fields surround the volcanic complex, providing a stark visual contrast to the dark basalt rocks.

Top image from Dan Lynch, all other images by author


LOCATION: “Obelisk of the Sun”

ZONE: Uldum

NPCS: None*


ACCESSIBILITY: Cata content, 83+ (for quests)

CAVEATS: As with a lot of Uldum, this is a phasing nightmare. Players using it must have finished the related quests! 

NOTES: With that said though, like the other obelisks, this is a wholly unique area that is definitely worth the effort to unlock. Mad Riven vibes.

This is some high-quality Titan nonsense and every explorer, archaeologist, treasure hunter, and loremaster should be all over it!

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Katniss/Runaway bride! :)

Thanks for the prompt! This was a bit of a challenge, but it was a lot of fun to do. 

This is a very condensed version of the story. I basically chose my favourite scene and tweaked the rest a little bit. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, here’s a small synopsis

Hope you enjoy.

I can do this, Katniss told herself, put one foot in front of the other and repeat until I reach the altar. She let out a deep breath. It’s just a rehearsal. I’ve got this.

“Ready?” Madge whispered, giving Katniss’s shoulder a soft squeeze. “Just walk in a straight line and don’t look back, ok?”

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