altar desert


I made my own besom! All materials came from my house or my overgrown backyard.

The stick is from my cypress tree and the leaves are from my yucca plant. Desert witchcraft ftw!

Bound with red yarn for passion and creativity and adorned with a stylized triple moon pendant.

Tutorial here:


Definitely have been MIA for a while now. But that’s ok because I’m back with some more crystal goodies to share! Keep a look out for a shop update happening soon! The pretty little gem featured here is a desert rose quartz 🌹💎✨ I’ll have 7 of these beauties up for grabs in the next update which is TBA soon! 😘
All my love 💕💗💞💖

baby witch wants to be friends

baby witch in need of witch pals and blogs to follow!!!

please like or reblog if u post stuff about:

  • herbs & plant magic
  • potions
  • crystals !!!!
  • sea witchery
  • 420 witchery (is this a thing??)
  • astrology
  • sigils n runes
  • divination, esp. tarot
  • desert magic
  • moon magic
  • paganism/nature worship
  • pictures of ur pretty altar/pages from ur book of shadows ☺️

im down with blogs that have lots of informative posts, as well as those that are more about witchy aesthetic and pics of crystals or w/e

i would also love to make some witch friends, especially fellow baby witches, so if this sounds like something u’d be interested in PLEASE let me know !!! i started practicing witchcraft way back in january and still only have 1 or 2 people who i can talk to about witch stuff. let me be ur friend!!!

thanks everyone – love u all

Klaus Mikaelson - Deserted Altar pt.2

Prompt: Can you do a part 2 to the Deserted Alter one shit where the reader leaves Klaus and moves on but Klaus never really recovers or moved on from her but he doesn’t do anything about it because it was his fault
Prompt: Can I request a sequel to Deserted Alter (I cried) where Klaus wakes up and it was all a nightmare before his wedding day

Part 1

“I don’t deserve your forgiveness I know that but I’m here asking for one more chance, Y/N. Please, sweetheart, I love you.”

Those words haunted Klaus. Your answer had been no and he couldn’t blame you for that. It had been years since he’d held you in your apartment, his hair still damp from the rain. He had every hope that you’d say yes even though after what he did to you was inexcusable, unforgivable. But you’d pulled away and looked him in the eyes, your own dancing with tears as his were weighted with hope. You’d opened your mouth and Klaus prayed that he would get his second chance. But those prayers, much alike all the others he’d made over the centuries, were in vain.
“I can’t, Klaus.” You’d whispered, trying to avoid his dejected expression. “I’m so sorry but I can’t.”

He’d walked home that night, the rain heavy on his shoulders. It seemed like ever since you’d opened your mouth that day he’d been like that. A permanent rain cloud hovering above his head. He lived in a constant state of sadness, still racked with hope that one day you might return. He’d even heard the news of your re-marriage and that hadn’t dissuaded him. He’d often had to correct himself on that one; it wasn’t a re-marriage. He had left you before you had even got married, said your up breakable vows, and it had haunted him every night since. The worst part of it all was the fact that it was his fault. Niklaus Mikaelson had nobody to blame but himself and though many people had often blamed him before, losing you was something he’d never imagined having to be responsible for. It all seemed meaningless. You had been his be all and end all and without you, knowing that he had been the one to drive you away, he was empty and his life, what was left of it, was dark and seemed hardly worth living.

It was a like a light had been switched on. But it was dark. The details were fuzzy and Klaus had no idea where he was or what was going on. He thought back to the last thing he remembered but couldn’t pin point the date or actual events of anything since the week before the wedding. That’s when everything became clear and he was suddenly completely aware of the weight next to him in a bed. Seeing you lying next to him seemed like a complete out of body experience, as if he would have to memorise your features another thousand times before he could actually believe it was you. His arm was curled around your waist and he couldn’t help but pull you close to his chest, hugging you tightly as he realised it was all just a figment of his imagination. You groaned sleepily as his muscled arms limited your breathing. Klaus would never admit to his dream, to how he’d felt at the time, but he’d be lying if he said that he wasn’t inexplicably relieved.

“What are you doing, Nik?” You asked groggily in your sleep, pushing his face away from you, distinctly feeling a nose against your palm. He chuckled before kissing your lips, something that you enjoyed but was far too tired to process.
“I love you, Y/N. I promise to never hurt you; you are my sun and my moon and I love you. My feelings for Caroline are non-existent and I’m so lucky to have a person like you.” He stated between kisses.
“If you’re practising your vows, you’re a week too early.” You replied sourly before cuddling into his chest, revelling in the warmth of his skin.
“I’m lucky to be marrying you.” He whispered, pressing a kiss against your forehead. You wrinkled your nose.
“I love you, Klaus, but if you don’t shut up and go to sleep then I’ll be finding myself slightly less lucky to be marrying you too.”

Klaus didn’t sleep in the end, holding you in his arms until morning, fascinated by how amazing it was to have you in his arms again, even if it had all just been a dream.