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I went through my blog and found some posts that I thought were useful. There’s not a lot yet, but I’ll keep my resource page updated

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Kitchen Witchcraft

Hellenic Polytheism

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🌊  🌊 What to use for your Mermaid altar? 🌊 🌊 

As a sea witch, I love Mermaids! I know that I am not the only one and that a lot of you work/want to work with them. Here are my ideas for elements you can use for a Mermaid/sea magic altar:

  • seashells
  • sand
  • drifted wood
  • sea glass
  • pearls
  • aquamarine
  • turquoise
  • larimar
  • clear quartz
  • rose quartz
  • fluorite
  • moonstone
  • selenite
  • rose
  • jasmine
  • lavender 
  • cards you want to manifest (for example, from the Oracle of the Mermaids)
  • wishes to them written on a paper

This is not an exhaustive list, feel free to add up to it!

PS: @orriculum , I feel like this might interest you for your Mermaid post series?

“there is abundance in all areas of your life, and a general feeling that you are indeed blessed and deserving of everything that comes your way.” | ♡

To be honest, the tumblr witchcraft community taught me more than any book on witchcraft I ever read.

Small Moments of Witchiness


-When the air pressure changes and the wind picks up

-Arctic Monkeys songs

-Radiohead songs

-Going to witchy shops on rainy days

-Black, green, purple, or red dresses

-Ravens or crows hanging about

-black, heeled shoes

-London when it’s grey and windy


-Full moons

-Tarot cards in little coffee shops

-The smell of lavender inscence cones

-Long dark acrylic nails

-Long corridors in old houses in England

-When the rain hits your window and the wind howls late at night

-Lightning illuminating your room for just a second


-Dark full-brimmed hats

-Cursive handwriting

-Cumbria, England

-Cornwall, England

-Necklaces with little bottles on them


-Agatha Christie novels

-Collections of tea

-Seeing spirits in public and knowing no one else can

-Using a pendulum

-Using one word spells in your daily life

-Driving in the rain

-Carrying crystals in your pockets

-Writing in your grimoire on a rainy day

-The smell of leather

These are just a few things that makes me feel especially magical, I’ll probably make another part to this! xxx

Hey guys I’m looking for blogs to follow! Like/reblog if you post stuff related to:
• Wicca
• Tarot cards
• Green witchcraft
• Elemental witchcraft
• General witchy tips for beginners
• Witch positivity
• Witch aesthetics
• Sigils
• Tips on growing plants
• Tips on charging sigils/crystals
• Low cost rituals/spells
• Alter designs
• Spells for finding your familiar

I generally don’t like discourse or drama so if you have a lot of that stuff on your blog I probably won’t follow. Other than that I’m excited to check out your blogs! Blessed be!🌛🌕🌜

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New series of tarot bags made from specialty, hand-printed fabric are now available in the shop.  I’m in love with how they turned out!  The gold ones even shimmer a little.  
If they look a little blurry, just click the pictures and it’ll clear up.

Animal Skulls Tarot Bag

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