The Easy Way to make black salt.

1. Fill a tea cup or a shot glass, nothing too big, with salt.

2. Stick your stick incense in the salt. Straight up. Or put your cone incense on top.

3. Burn your incense. Let the ashes fall in the salt.

4. Stir the ashes into the salt after every stick or cone.

The resulting salt is technically brown. But works just the same and smells so good.

One of the hardest lessons to learn when it comes to altars.

If there is any object,substance,idol etc on that thing that doesn’t make you overcome with joy that its there. Then it doesn’t belong there. Keeping things on YOUR altar simply because “that’s the way its done” is a dangerous mindset in magic. You’re basically putting it out there that you don’t trust yourself to make your own choices, that instead you need to hold on to something that you feel no connection to simply for the sake of tradition.

When making an altar. There are three important questions to ask when building.

1. Does this item serve the purpose I want it to?
2,Is this purpose something I actually want/need?
3. Does this item empower me?

Its your space, its your choice. Not Raymond Buckland’s, not your coven’s, not your family’s and certainly not stuck up diva witches on tumblr.

If you don’t like the dual gendered aspects found in many traditions, then don’t include them. If athame make you uncomfortable, then don’t use them. If you find that a WWE wrestling action figure somehow adds to your space in a manner you enjoy. Then put it on there. If that angel figurine your grandma gave you makes you feel happy even though you don’t work with angels, then put it on your altar. You don’t answer to anyone but the person in the mirror. Your space, Your rules.