The season just ended and I already miss this. Can we please go back? All these Freddie hugs make me smile.. No one gives a better hug than Freeman NOT even Puig! Haha.. Freeman should teach all the other teams how to hug.. They’d learn something then! There should be an award for the best hugs! It would go to Freeman! Braves are the huggiest team in MLB & anyone who says any different doesn’t know what they’re talkin’ about!!! I’m counting down the days!

"Round Robinson": 2015 NL East Team Previews: Atlanta Braves

“Round Robinson”: 2015 NL East Team Previews: Atlanta Braves

You won’t find a team that underwent a bigger makeover than did Atlanta, and that includes the renovation that took place in San Diego. The reason we aren’t talking about the facelift the Braves are undergoing as much is that the returns won’t be nearly as immediate as that of the Padres or Cubs for example. I don’t want to say Atlanta has turned into the Sixers, but clearly there was a plan set…

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Be Royal: The Rise of the Bandwagon Fan

#BeRoyal: The Rise of the Bandwagon Fan via @KristenAshly

Image courtesy of Jerry Lai/USA TODAY Sports

I was born in Decatur, Georgia in 1986.  Decatur is quite literally a highway exit away from Atlanta.  Growing up in Georgia, it was expected that you were an Atlanta Braves fan.  Baseball is ingrained into every Georgian from a very young age.  The Atlanta Braves is a respected organization nationally, but locally, the Braves are an essential element.…

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"Alluhring Strategy" Potential NL Call Ups and their Fantasy Impact

“Alluhring Strategy” Potential NL Call Ups and their Fantasy Impact

As the non-waiver Trade Deadline approaches, it is as good a time as any to talk about the fantasy impact of potential late season call ups. You may have a tight race down the stretch run for a playoff spot or securing that roto championship. Grabbing a prospect and cutting bait on a underachieving vet could make the difference for your season. There are quite a few prospects that could be…

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