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  • someone: i cant believe after all these years and games Altair is still ur favorite assassin, whats so special about him anyway
  • me internally: Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad from Assassin's Creed™ (2007) was actually a unique character not only because not white (in a time period, the Crusades, that has been novelized from a purely white/western point of view over and over again) but also for the particular treatment of his personality and development. There was absolutely 0 effort in trying to make him likeable or even understandable, he is basically a huge asshole at first and even after the dramatic change his character goes through, he remains a deeply flawed, aloof, unapproachable man. Which I think is actually a refreshing concept - a character that is allowed to exist on his unlikeable own, instead of trying so very hard to appeal to the mass of gamers as it's often done by the majority of developers, ubisoft usually leading the way on this. And yet he's also very far from the icy, unchanging piece of granite that many thought he was at the time (probably because they payed little attention to the dialogues). During only the course of the first game he undergoes a change which remains among the most impressive in the entire series to this day. In fact, other Assassins have much more time and cutscenes dedicated to them and they change very little in comparison. The fact that Altair goes from the selfish, arrogant piece of shit he is in in the first part of the game to someone apologizing and trying to make amends for his mistakes in the second part, reveals he is more reasonable and reflective than everyone (maybe even himself) thought he was at first. His path is built on questions: those he asks to his victims before they die, and those he starts asking himself, about the real meaning of the Creed and its contradictions. This path begins in the first Assassin's Creed game, but it continues, partially behind the scenes, until his death. And if the development of his character is already remarkable in that game, what comes next is even more impressive. Altair's codex is probably the most interesting document in the entire series and it reveals a life dedicated but to the study of the Apple and to the Order, its refinement, its phylosophy, and the possible solutions to its ancient problems. The fact that in the second part of his life he suffered from deep depression due to his losses - his son, his wife, his best friend - and the many troubles of the Order in an age of great changes, only adds a new layer of interest and sympathy for me personally. Being chronically depressed myself, I cherish every positive representation of depressed characters that still try, still fight, and can even save the day every now and then. I think many of the reasons why I like Altair so much were not even accurately planned ahead by his creators and they are actually the result of coincidences, different teams and different necessities from one game to the other; but nonetheless I still love the character that emerged in the end, I love that he is capable and talented and still fail hard; that he makes huge mistakes and apologizes and tries to do better; that he doesn't just run around killing people, but he also sits down and thinks about what he's doing and why he is doing it; I love that he doubts and falters, even on the Creed that dictated his whole life. While there are many other interesting and more easily likeable characters in the series, Altair is still the n.1 on my personal podium because there's a depth, a complexity and a subtlety to the character that, in my opinion, is still unsurpassed to this day.
  • me externally: he's my piece of trash I personally took him out of the dumpster with my own two bare hands ten years ago and I'm keeping him

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148. “Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”, AltMal

R | Altmal | Language/Sexual Situations

More curious than the recklessness that Altair employed in the time-and-place of the illicit sexual rendezvous, was the fact that Altair never kissed him.  It hadn’t been worthy of note in the start when the crashing of their bodies was nothing but a mutual agreement to satiate a persistent desire.  

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How would the boys react to a reader that has been dressing as a man (for whatever reason fits the plot) and they find out after they've started crushing?

I’ve actually gotten a couple of these requests and I didn’t do them because I wasn’t sure of the wording but I think I understand and hope I do it justice. I’m writing this as if the assassins found out their SO (who is a man) was actually born a women.

Altair: Altair could care less about what their SO was born as. In fact, Altair just has a thing against labels. He loves who he loves and there’s no way anyone is going to convince him otherwise. He would be happy that his SO would tell him the truth, but he would assure him that it made no difference for his love.

Ezio: Ezio, being the romantic man he is, would still be brimming with pride that he was able to seduce men and women. Even if they were born a woman, that would make no difference in this assassin’s mind. If his SO is a man, despite being born a woman, he’s a man and nothing will change that.

Connor: Connor has faced his fair share of discrimination, so when his SO comes out as being ftm, he becomes more overprotective. It’s just small things at the beginning, like scoping out a room before they enter or keeping a hand on him to lead him through a bar, but it becomes more like keeping an eye on anyone his SO comes in contact with. His SO will also find that Connor gets a lot more cuddly at night.

Edward: Edward would be stunned, to say the least. He would instantly think of James Kidd, really Mary Read, but his SO would quickly correct them and say that Mary was crossdressing, which was different than being transgender. He would have a hard time understanding, but he’d go on as completely normal, because nothing would truly change.

Arno: Arno would become the biggest supporter of trans rights when he finds out his SO is trans. He would be very quick to defend trans people on both a public and private basis. He also would never hide his love for his SO just because they were trans.

Jacob: Jacob wouldn’t think much of his SO being trans, though he may find he cracks a bit more jokes about it all. He doesn’t mean to be rude, that’s just his personality and how he copes through situations. Of course, if his SO ever was offended by the jokes, he would stop immediately and assure them that he never meant any harm.

I hope you enjoy! I’m so sorry if any of this didn’t fit; I myself am a cis female and I’ve had a lot of mtf friends but not ftm so I wanted to try as best I could. 


This is not even close to show how much Altair did and how important he was. This is not a guy who decided to put on Assassin robes because for his own personal vendetta.

It makes me so sad when people just forget him. Even sadder when they hate him. How can you hate someone who planted the roots for everyone who came after? 

But in the Silence Between

/cries tears because it turned out SO CUTE!!

‘I’ll see you soon’

Altair looked at his phone for probably the fiftieth time in the past four hours. Normally that wasn’t a particularly lot, not for him. Sometimes he had his phone out every three minutes, replying to a text. But today his text messages had been quiet and he was so nervous he felt like he was about to vibrate straight out of his skin. He’d never done anything like this before, so yeah, he was nervous.

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Fluffy Happy Time Prompts: Altair and Malik looking for a pet

There were several steps to deciding to get a pet.  It started in the grocery store, after an unnecessary turn, when they abruptly found themselves staring at a great display of the ‘newest’ and ‘best’ pet toys (available for unreasonable prices).  Altair had started playing with a feather on a stick (meant for a cat) with a wistful sort of, “I never had a pet.”  

It was days after that before Malik had worked through all of his feelings on that information.  The fact that Altair had grown up without a pet was not new (precisely) because his Grandmother just wasn’t the sort of person that seemed overwhelmingly loving toward a pet.  Altair didn’t outwardly seem capable of enough affection to give an animal an appropriate amount of attention.  Yet, there was Altair making something that smelled positively heavenly with a towel thrown across his shoulder that looked instantly embarrassed and yet painfully hopeful when Malik came to stand next to him and said, “so do you want a pet?”

Altair just shrugged but his shrug was a shrug of yes and not a shrug of no.  ”Do you?”

“I don’t like dogs,” Malik said bluntly.  He wouldn’t say absolutely no to a dog but he wouldn’t go out of his way to get one either.  "I had a cat.“

"We should think about it,” Altair said.

But thinking about it meant, we should sit up late in our bed with Malik’s laptop open on his lap and Altair leaning against him making noises at cats and kittens up for adoption.  It meant talking about what sort of cat they wanted and if it matter how old the cat was and where they would put the litter box.  It was Altair pulling open the shower curtain and saying, “but could we afford the vet bills?”

In the middle of the night, it was Altair’s worry shaking him awake saying, “what if the cat gets sick?”  And Malik wrapped him up in his arms because he was sleepy and Altair never did anything without working out every possible outcome.  Malik was less interested in a thousand variables and more interested in more hours of sleep.  So he rested his head against Altair’s chest and held him in place so he could sleep.

Then, again, it was also finding their cats (two of them, brother and sister) in the great sea of animals available for adoption.  They filled out applications and managed an interview.  They chose a vet with a good reputation (an excellent one as thorough as Altair had been about the screening process) and were finally approved to retrieve and bring home their cats.  They were a year and half old, one was fluffy and one was sleek.  They meowed pitifully in the car and slunk out with uncertain acceptance when they carriers were opened.  

Altair sat on the floor and watched them.  His legs crossed in front of him and his hands in his lap and his attention rapt on every movement the cats made.  Malik (who had the benefit of once having owned an animal) sat in a chair and watched them.  ”What are we going to name them?” Altair asked.

They were currently named Zero and Twister.  (Malik could not even guess why.)  He shrugged.  The girl cat was working her way closer to Altair while the boy cat was more cautiously creeping around furniture.  It was a tense moment when the girl cat was close enough for Altair to touch.  She wasn’t certain and he was clearly terrified.  They looked at one another (strange-and-new) and then she stepped up to rub her body along his knee and meowed at him for the offense of not rewarding her bold-and-brave maneuver with a friendly pet.  Altair (must have sensed his error) reached forward to rub his large fingers softly against her little head and she leaned into the touch.

“Keep breathing,” Malik said quietly from the side.

“I am breathing,” Altair retorted (but he hadn’t been.  The idiot).