altair's art

Welcome to Galata district. For centuries it has been a home to orphans from Europa and Asia alike. You won’t find more diversity anywhere else in the city.
- Yusuf Tazim ( FanArt by : CKGoksoy)


*arrives a few years late with asscreed modern high school au*

I drew this all in the span of 2 days and now my hand hurts

Ezio- junior, ofc very charismatic and outgoing but he’s also a top student much to the surprise of everyone who’s ever met him

Connor- junior, extremely driven as a student, somewhat reclusive but somehow manages to have a lot of friends

Altair- senior, used to be a high-achieving honour roll student, has long since Given Up, now runs entirely on caffeine

Evie- freshman, very quick-witted and smart to the point where all the teachers live in fear of being shown up by her in class

Jacob- freshman, super impulsive and sharp-tongued, has a reputation of being a disruptive student but often has his moments of genius

Aveline- senior, smart, popular, ofc super into social justice, and she won’t shy away from calling out anyone’s bullshit

idk about edward and arno lol also is the ac fanbase even still alive or am i screaming into the void hhaha