Angel’s Failed Marketing - Shutdown!?

Personally Lien is bias toward games as we’ve seen. Will Lien prevail with his plan to shut the manga department of E-Depth Angel down?

Purchase an issue of E-Depth to show your support for the web comic or else it might meet its end!

Remember! You can read the comic online for free but here’s your chance to have a hard copy and show your support! Creators need a profit! Life requires money and Lien wants it! As a business you gotta take cuts!


Do you know about our THIRD webcomic series by the amazing Mayshing?

Mystic Shenshu [Rated T (mild violence)]

A pair of Taiwanese middle school students who were stuck in their boring routine school life get captured and transported into the World of Ghost in Ancient China, where written words and the art of Calligraphy holds power…

It is rumored the only way out of that world and return to normal sleep life is finding “Shenshu” the ultimate piece of calligraphy written by the illusive Calligraphy Master, Wang Xi Zhi…

This is a special case manga as where Chinese characters are used, but they are translated in hopes of the audience learning them! You can copy the characters in the comments section and use to hear how they sound. This is a great way to pick up on some Chinese! Also great for those who love the wuxia genre! (Ex: House of Flying Daggers and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)

Wuxia: a genre of Chinese fiction or film dealing with martial arts, sorcery, and chivalry.

~Similarly if this kind of story interests you, you might enjoy the manga Aphorism by Kujo Karuna where characters/kanji hold power as well: x

*TRIVIA TIME: The main female character is where Mayshing got her online alias! Mayshing is actually the heroine’s name! Finally the original Mayshing makes her online debut! :)

Angel’s Failed Marketing -CANCELLATION #1

Is Lien just being a big meanie or is he being logical? Paperback vs Digital seems to be a big battle in the literary world. Personally we don’t see why both can’t live side by side but our customers and fans speak for themselves!

Should there only be ebook/pdf versions of things or should there still be an option for hard copies? Can the hard copy backers support it enough to keep it going?! If we can’t afford it, it won’t happen.

But is this the end of E-Depth Angel!? What about the future of other online comics and mangas? Is there no more need for hard copies/printed editions?

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