Alt-J - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

alt-J Concert Review (2 in 1)

alt-J is the greatest thing that happened to me since sliced bread, so of course I would want to see them live every chance I got, not only to support them, but to be able to feel the alt-J experience.

When I was 13/14 I used to tweet alt-J 24/7 saying how much I loved them and how much I wanted to meet them and telling them they should come to Tulsa, Oklahoma (where I used to live) so that I could see my favourite band live. Thom and Gus would reply or fav quite a bit, but I never expected them to actually pay attention.

On November 4th, 2014 alt-J went to Cain’s Ballroom and I skipped school to sit in line all day so that I would be in the front row when I saw my favourite band. I didn’t end up in the first row, but I did end up in the second row, directly in front of THE Thom Sonny Green, who by the way I walked past before the concert, but was to afraid to say anything.

LoveLife came was the opening act and they were pretty good, but I was so anxious to see alt-J that that was all I could think about. They came out to Hunger of the Pine and immediately after they finished performing Thom looked directly at me and nodded. I was completely in shock at the fact the he acknowledged me. Later on in the show I waved at him and he made a silly face back at me.

Aside from the entertainment that is Thom Green, the concert was absolutely incredible. You never really get over that feeling that can only be described as “That tingling sensation you get as you feel the music flowing through you.” Everything was perfect. Joe even forgot the words to Breezeblocks. The only thing I would’ve changed, would be the set list. I would’ve added more songs, just to keep the concert going.

After the concert I walked over to get a shirt with the biggest grin on my face. I bought my shirt and walked to my mothers car, feeling content with the night. I did it. I saw alt-J. My favourite band. Live.

When I was trying to figure out how to get to get home from the venue, I drove past a group of people standing outside of a gate. I told my mom to put the car in reverse and back it up. Turns out people were waiting to meet alt-J. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW YOU COULD DO THAT!

I got out of the car and stood with some friends I had made while waiting in line all day. I also met a girl that knew me from Twitter! We stood outside for maybe 30 minutes and then here comes Joe! JOE FROM ALT-J!!! I was in utter disbelief. I had just seen my favourite band AND met the lead singer?! No way.. YES WAY!!!

After Joe left, I waited about another hour and after an hour of tweeting Gus and Thom to come out, they finally did. Thom came out first, maybe 10 minutes before Gus. Everyone asked him questions and I patiently waited for my turn. When I saw no one was talking I said “You acknowledged me twice during the show.” He responded with “I knew what I was doing.” After that everyone started screaming Gus and so I shook Thom’s hand and said “It was nice to meet you. My name is Moët, by the way.”

The first thing Gus said was “Where’s Peasant Moët?” And I walked up to the gate and started bawling. The only thing I remember him saying to me was “I know you from Twitter. You’re a big fan!” After that, I went blank. Augustus Figaro Niso Unger-Hamilton was standing one foot before me, how can you expect me to remember. What I DO remember happening is I choked on Gus’s cigarette smoke and almost had an asthma attack and vomited. Gus seemed so worried and repeatedly asked if I was alright. OF COURSE IM ALRIGHT!!! IM TALKING TO YOU!! That’s what I was thinking. The rest of the night is a blur all the way up until we said our goodbyes. I remember the good byes. Gus hugged me through the gate and kissed my hand. As I walked off he said “Go on then, Peasant Moët.” My name had never sounded so sexy.

That was the greatest night of my life, but I wanted more. The week after I saw alt-J for the first time, I bought tickets to see them in OKC, Oklahoma on April 8th. That day surely came and went. I did not get to attend because I was in Dallas. It really sucked because THOM DMED ME AND OFFERED ME TICKETS TO GO and because LEON HAD JUST BEEN PUT ON THE SET LIST.

After that I was devastated and so my mom bought me and my friend Sarah tickets to see them in Kansas City on July 25th. That didn’t work out either.

When I saw they were coming on October 5th, I had all but given up on seeing them. I thought something would come up and ruin it for me. Luckily nothing did.

On October 5th, 2015 I got to South Side Ballroom around one. There were only about 5 people in front of me, so I had a 100% chance of being in the front row. While I was sitting in line a guy parked his car and met Gus, then he went to pay for parking and met Joe. Everything in my being wanted to run over there and meet them too, but I already had plans to meet Cameron, so I didn’t.

It got to about 5:45 and no sign from Cameron. I thought maybe I was just to meet him after the show. My mom pulled up and I got in the car with her to go park. I had gifts for all of the boys. I tweeted them all asking if anyone could come get Joe’s because it would get ruined sitting in my car the entire night. No reply.

“Oh well” I thought, “Cameron wants to meet me so I’ll be able to give them all their presents later.” I got out of the car and started walking back towards the venue, and there they were: GUS AND JOE. WALKING. TOWARDS ME. We finally got face to face and they greeted me. Turns out, Gus had tweeted me to come meet him and I never even saw it. I immediately said I had present for them and that I would be right back.

I came back with the gifts and Joe got his first: a Cookie Cake and a Birthday Cake. Both said “Happy Birthday Joe” because his birthday was the next day. Joe looked SO out done. He could barely muster up the words “thank you.” He started at the cakes and kept repeating wow over and over. He finally said thank you and I could see how grateful he was for his present.

Gus was eager to open his present next. His reaction was just as good as Joe’s. I made him a mug that said “World’s Best Hamildad” which is something one of my alt-J friends made up and we use the term in our group. He was so excited. He truly loved it. After he opened it he ran over to show the other people what I had gotten him. It made me so happy to see that he liked his gift.

Thom accepted his gift and said thank you, though he didn’t open it in front of me. I don’t know if he liked his present, but I hope he did! I won a PO-12 from teenage engineering. There are only 200 in the world! I gave him that along with some of his favourite snacks and a Coke that said “Share a Coke with: Thomas” but the a and s were marked out. I think it was kind of funny.

Last but not least, Cameron! He was no where to be found. Gus said they hadn’t seen him all day, and went to wake him up for me. Cameron came out with this huge smile on his face and I gave him a hug. I walked him over to his gift and he was so excited. I bought him a remote control helicopter and he couldn’t wait to play with it.

I talked to each of them for a little bit and we took some pictures and I went on my way. It was so amazing to talk to them all and this time actually have a conversation and be able to hug instead of my bawling my eyes out and barely being about to touch them through the gate.

I went back to the line and was so excited for the concert. The time finally came and we went inside. I was directly in front of Gus I was so happy. San Fermin opened up and they were really good, but they did not compare to the band I was there to see.

Alt-J came out to “Intro” this time and man that was an absolute treat! I stood there so in love with what was in front of me. Alt-J. The music flowed through my soul. It was almost spiritual. The lights were absolutely astonishing and I couldn’t believe I was to lucky to be standing there witnessing them. At one point during the concert Joe looked over and saw me and smiled, I smiled really big and he waved. I proceeded to wave back, but the girl next to me though he was waving at her. I let her believe it, I wouldn’t want someone to ruin my night.

After 19 songs of absolute bliss, the concert had come to an end. It was everything I ever dreamed of. Everything was perfectly done. It was like a dream to be honest. I was just about to leave and Darcy, as in Joe’s girlfriend Darcy, came up to me and handed me a set list. specifically. for. me. I didn’t have to fight anyone for it. It wasn’t torn up. It was my own personal set list.

I couldn’t believe the day I had. It was incredible. alt-J knows how to make a fan happy, I’ll tell you that. I can’t wait for their next tour so that I can experience it all again.