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When the Gods forget how to slay demons and call on the universe to aid them in their task, who do you think the universe sends to help them destroy evil and wrong doing unmask? The Goddess Durga, riding towards the darkness on a tiger, countless weapons in her arms, her daughter is the one the universe trusts to protect her against all odds. Because on one hand she wipes out evil, on the other she nurtures good better than any God. In the end, even the universe knows that it is her daughter she should trust to protect her from ignorance, from darkness, from every downfall. And what does the birth of Durga, fully formed, ready to fight demons say about you? You were born to take on monsters. You were born to eat the darkness that tries to absorb you.
—  Nikita Gill, Ma Durga

How To Develop Goth Confidence


‘Horecrux’ dress

Cute and witchy, this dress is perfect for all seasons! Horecrux is made from our sturdy but soft scuba jersey, with a full circle skirt and woven elastic harness detailing with a silver-plated amethyst druzy pendant.

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Stop calling her pretty. She isn’t ‘pretty’. Pretty doesn’t even begin to describe her. She is so much more than that. She is kind hearted and heartbroken, gentle and dangerous, an angel one day and a she devil the next, intelligent yet silly, hilariously funny yet devastatingly sad, she is passion personified as a human being. Pretty isn’t even close. She’s a supernova that trails stardust in her wake, a constellation of contradictions plucked from outer space. And all you can think to call her is 'pretty’.
—  Pretty isn’t a Pretty Word | Nikita Gill