alt selects

People wants to know my secret about infinite layers and how I deal with it.
So here it is:

I make temporary shortcuts.

1, 2 & 3: I select the tool “select layer” and click and the locker, so it doesn’t select layers that are lock (like sketches or effects).

4: I go to modifier key setting and choose “opt+shift /alt+shift” to select the tool “select layer” temporarily. (be carefull to select the right sub tool and “common settings” or “settings for each process of tool” from what you prefer).

Each time I want to change layers, all I need to do is opt+shift and it changes the tool quickly and I can insta choose which layer I want to work with.

There are tons of shortcuts with CSP just find the time to explore the software.

I feel so good about the decision I made yesterday (see my previous post) that I’ve decided to make it permanent: from this day forward, all clothes I get will only come from 4 sources:
1: thrifting
2: individual makers (etsy/storenvy stores etc, handmade only)
3: sustainable brands with proper production and workers rights like Noctex or Barbara i Gongini.
4: select alt brands (because I want to support and spread the subculture. This will be limited though, and only in the form of sponsorships)
I have one package coming with a new pair of shoes that I bought a few weeks ago, but then that’s it! I even returned some H&M clothes that I bought last week and hadn’t worn yet. This decision has brought me so much peace honestly, and I want to promise you guys that I’ll honor it!

Hat from H&M
Restyle necklace from Attitude Holland
Blouse from eBay
Everything else is thrifted