Pope - Fiction

Pope is an indie rock band from Houston, Texas, featuring Matt of Donovan Wolfington. Think Superchunk or Pavement. Every song on their latest album Fiction is a goddamn hit and you’d be remiss to not check them out. We’re releasing them on cassette tape as pictured and Community Records has the vinyl.

stream on Noisey: http://noisey.vice.com/blog/pope-fiction-album-premiere-full-stream

order the tape: http://funeralsounds.storenvy.com/products/11820081-pope-fiction-cassette-tape-pre-order

we also have a tape + vinyl bundle: http://funeralsounds.storenvy.com/products/12333326-pope-fiction-vinyl-tape-bundle-pre-order

vinyl: http://shop.communityrecords.org/products/11806227-pope-fiction-vinyl

Remember these? They played in the background while you were growing up. 

Three hours of annoying alt and pop rock from the 90s to the early 2000s. Some of these songs you love, some of them are your guilty pleasures, and some of them you want to annihilate with flames and sledgehammers.


come out and play the offspring (1993) smells like teen spirit nirvana (1991) sex and candy marcy playground (1997) you oughta know alanis morisette (1995) father of mine everclear (1997) only happy when it rains garbage (1995) wonderwall oasis (1995) one week barenaked ladies (1998) parallel universe red hot chili peppers (1999) bitch meredith brooks (1997) sabotage beastie boys (1994) killing in the name of rage against the machine (1991) everlong foo fighters (1997) inside out eve 6 (1998) save tonight eagle eye cherry (1997) semi-charmed life third eye blind (1997) meet virginia train (1998) float on modest mouse (2004) jumper third eye blind (1998) name goo goo dolls (1995) hey jealousy gin blossoms (1989) spiderwebs no doubt (1995) creep radiohead (1993) santeria sublime (1996) drive incubus (2001) she likes me for me blessed union of souls (1999) somewhere out there our lady peace (2002) send the pain below chevelle (2002) my name is jonas weezer (1994) 3 AM matchbox twenty (1996) hanging by a moment lifehouse (2000) grey sky morning vertical horizon (1999) kryptonite 3 doors down (2000) i hate everything about you three days grace (2003) closer nine inch nails (1994) chop suey system of a down (2001) blurry puddle of mud (2001) bittersweet symphony the verve (1997) rockabye shawn mullins (1998) she’s so high tal beckman (1999) tubthumping chumbawumba (1997) fly sugar ray (1997) say it ain’t so weezer (1994) hand in my pocket alanis morisette (1995) why don’t you get a job offspring (1998) what’s my age again blink-182 (1999) 

Updated Dec 2014: shuffled the order, swapped out six songs for others, and edited the tracklist to show the year of album release, because someone was doubting my 90s street cred  

it’s not love, not yet, but it’s something, and you want it to become something more. // "i don’t wanna be your friend, i wanna kiss your neck." //  listen

01. sex - the 1975 02. why’d you only call me when you’re high? - arctic monkeys 03. we’re happening - the vaccines 04. on directing - tegan and sara 05. do i wanna know? - chvrches 06. wild nothing - shadow 07. i want the real thing - chuck criss 08. like real people do - hozier 09. i think ur a contra - vampire weekend 10. stay with me - hannah trigwell 11. falling for you - the 1975 12. pull me down - mikky ekko


OK Go - I Won’t Let You Down

This is an Ok Go music video. It’s another entry in their now time-honored tradition of single-take, organizationally complex music videos: it’s set in the parking lot of a Japanese warehouse (factory? Doesn’t matter) and builds in intricacy as it goes on. The whole video is in a single shot  done on - I’m quite sure - maybe a drone? Some of the initial frames look a little weird, like the camera quality is a little off, but as the camera pulls farther and farther away it makes more sense.

I find this video kind of trite and definitely old hat by now but that maybe speaks to my jaded Ok Go nature. I love the band and the music videos they produce are are methodical, clever and inventive but they play off a common theme of monotony.

I will admit, the video becomes rather spectacular by the time the song ends. It’s worth watching just to see it all build up. It reminds me a lot of the North Korean Mass Games - I honestly haven’t seen something on this scale since I saw a video of that.

Go ahead and watch the video, but this is definitely in Ok Go’s oeuvre…and it’s not bad, just predictable, a little bit of the sameness.

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There’s no denying that Australia has been a leader when it comes to exporting terrific psych rock bands lately with its long list of amazing bands, perhaps lead most successfully by Tame Impala. Another one that may have slipped by some of us so far is named Pond, who is about to release a sixth full length album, Man It Feels Like Space Again. Pond is also about to embark on a North American tour come October. Today, they unveiled album track Waiting Around For Grace, a commanding, driving tune dripping in psychedelic sweetness and warm, bright colors.