alt rick

Rick and Morty Headcanon #519

Alt timeline where Rick kept Beth in his life and taught her how to fight the galactic federation and the council of Rick’s, (like during ep10 S2, when they’re trying to get away) When Beth meets Jerry, they have Summer and Morty during hiding and taught them how to live. When Rick turns himself in, Beth breaks him out and destroys the federation with him.

(submitted by dani-lyricyl)

RaM season 3 episode 7 in a nutshell


•Morty for president

•Cop Morty

•cop rick

•The Morty school was not just a bit and was an actual thing in this episode

•thug Mortys

•an alt rick powering an entire fucking company with his love for Beth

•Morty becomes president

•Morty is almost assassinated

•he is evil Morty



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