alt lit portraits

self-portrait, june 8

strawberry glares, i see you worry
the one and only, death on tv.
razor soft and meek! i would long
for its terrible hurt,
blackened romanticism, melting and moonlit

i wanted it, satin street crackling.
holding two hints, bent over in a
marigold bathtub
watching evil wonder
what to set on fire next

i ask when the train gets into
as if it were my eyes
creeping on his body

all my wildness born of flesh
and flower,
nice, polite, i let the calls go gentle
into black hair and pale shame

just to be eighteen and sweet
like a bell.

She’s a wild one
Thinking thoughts loudly
Her beaded words drip
Dangles down her neck
Breezy spirit with
Clinking bangles edge
—  @katrinnac
Rabbit Man

A rabbit, careful, intent,
brain capable of focus
internally on himself,
harmless, fuzzy, cute
(in a non-sexual way),
try to touch him, he runs,
but he stays still, plaintive eyes,
I can’t help but think he wants
the attention,
he wants
a connection,
but he wants to be looked at,
fawned over without the mess
(tell me about me, listen
my ears are big, dear, so I
can hear you talk about me)