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❝    ––––––––––JESSE   CUSTER   IS   A   CRIMINAL.   WE   ALL   SUSPECTED   IT,   BUT   TODAY’S   THE   PROOF.   THE   GOOD   PREACHER   UP   THERE   IN   HIS   LITTLE   CHURCH  ?   THAT’S   THE   FANTASY.    ❞          /     ind.   jesse   custer   from   preacher.   by   nannie.

in march it was harvest
 forever aisles of ripe grapes
   shiraz and sauvignon
 green rows being milled
   by so many clothed ants
dancing to harvest
  songs in their heads

   mum told us this
 she told us of grapes
   aching hands
a torn pair of jeans on a motorcycle
 chardonnay as big as your thumb
         she would say
 blood spilling from the vine
   dripping between rows

  she pulled the car over
                   and silently
    snuck up on a vine
and plucked a
    of red wine drippings

     one day I will become
          a grape thief
  and pluck clusterbombs
   from iron vines
 spilling with blood
  and tear my jeans on
a motorcycle
 and dance to
   harvest song in my
head among green rows
   of shiraz and
       sauvignon in the march harvest

—  THE GRAPE THIEF by Jessica Liebelt (via @jessliebeltpoetry)

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I love it when like minded music fans reach out to introduce me to good music, like someone did in this case, to share a song she had been obsessing over for some time. Prepare to melt as I did to Brooklyn singer songwriter Jesse Ruben’s gorgeously tender acoustic number, This Is Why I Need You. Cuddle up to someone close to you, light up that fireplace, and sway to the heartfelt beauty of the tranquil, inspiring song. The saccharine tone and soul stirring sentiment on this one equals that of lullabies we love from acts like Passenger, Ed Sheeran, and James Bay. Purchase This Is Why I Need You on iTunes.

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my   face   leaks   divinity.     holiness   lives   on   my   fingertips,   desire   on   my   eyelids,   &   jealousy   in   my   heart.     CAN   YOU   CLAIM   TO   BE   A   GOD   LIKE   ME  ?     ––––––––––     an  ind.  private  &  highly  selective  JESSE  CUSTER  roleplay  blog.     ━     written  by  nannie.


❝    ––––––––––     that   promise   you   made   was   a   lil’   boy’s   promise,   made   a   long   time   ago.     there’s   no   such   thing   as   good   guys,   jesse.     there’s   just   guys.     maybe   this   ain’t   how   you   pictured   it,   but   your   daddy’s   dead   and   this   town’s   past   saving.    ❞          IND.  SEL.  JESSE  CUSTER  WRITING  BLOG     ━     by  nannie.

––––––––––     MEET  JESSE  CUSTER *  /  aka  mr.  bad  man,   texas’ very own personal jesus forever strung out on john wayne.     he’s promised to be one of the good guys but that just wasn’t realistic     ( although he still tries to be,   just to honor his daddy’s memory ).     A PREACHER DOOMED TO HELL,   with a wavering faith  &  grandma issues,   possessed by a half - demon,   half - angel entity that sounds strangely like the word of god.     LIKE  /  REBLOG if you want to embark on a righteous road trip across the soul of america in a   ━   profane   ━   quest for the divine.     * independent  /  highly selective  /  comic  +  show - based  /  as written by nannie.

I’m crawling on your shores

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Jessica Ford stirs from her slumber, the smell of eggs and chorizo pulling her away from her dreams. She gently rubs her eyes as she yawns. She reaches for the other side of her queen sized bed. It’s empty.

She shuffles out of bed, putting on her fox slippers before trudging upstairs to the kitchen. Her eyes are still mostly shut as she slides onto a barstool at the breakfast nook. She rests her chin in her hands.

“Morning,” Caitlin says cheerfully from the stove.

Jess cracks her left eye open, grinning tiredly.  “Hey, did Chris leave already?”

“Yea, the coaches wanted him to come in early to do drills with some of the vets that are still in town,” Caitlin explains.

The sound of Caitlin grating a spatula against the pan is oddly soothing.

Jess hums contentedly. “That’s good right?”

“I don’t want to jinx anything, but…I think so,” she says. “Do you want toast on the side or should I make it a sandwich?”

“Sandwich.” Jess groans as she stretches in her seat. “I don’t think I can wait for toast. I’m famished.”

Caitlin chuckles. Not a minute later, she places breakfast in front of Jess, kissing her firmly on the temple. Jess turns her head so they can properly kiss each other. She thinks this is her favorite part of Caitlin and Chris visiting, getting quiet moments with her girlfriend. As much as she loves her metamours, all three, it’s nice to have some time for just the two of them. 

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