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Young Declan McKenna was certainly heralded as a wunderkid by critics and tastemakers alike last year. There was an aura of buzz that seemed to follow the English singer songwriter and musician wherever he went, including his trip out to Austin for SXSW 2016. This year seems like it will be no different for the brilliant artist. Declan makes his return with an anthemic drawler named The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home. This jangling earworm puts that deep voice and profound maturity on full display once again. In fact, I’m much reminded by his voice and lilting verses of Charlie Fink and Noah and the Whale. 

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Wilco - All Lives, You Say?

A new Wilco song called “All Lives, You Say?” is available for immediate download with a charitable contribution. Proceeds will go to the Southern Poverty Law Center, in the memory of Jeff Tweedy’s father, Robert L. Tweedy (1933-2017).

“My dad was named after a Civil War general, and he voted for Barack Obama twice. He used to say ‘If you know better, you can do better.’ America - we know better. We can do better.” - Jeff Tweedy


Laura Pergolizzi, the Long Island singer songwriter better known as LP, just gave us a double dose of audio visual bliss by dropping two music videos at once. I was an immediate fan of this striking artist from the very first moment I encountered her voice close to three years ago. I don’t think there’s many artists out there with a comparable sound when it comes to her scratchy emotive delivery and her immaculate range, stretching from deep resonating to lofty spry. Watch LP strum and coo away in the video for sooty chugging Other People above, then watch the video for passionately blazing Tightrope below. LP’s 2016 EP Death Valley is available for purchase from iTunes.

If you haven’t heard of Kaleo yet, then rest assured you’re bound to encounter their music plentifully in the near future. The four piece hail from the gorgeous country known as Iceland, and they bring with them a stirring fusion of blues, folk, country, and rock. I Can’t Go On Without You is Kaleo’s latest single, a raw beauty that blends rustic guitar strums with orchestral strings. The intimate song is thoroughly mesmerizing, its heartfelt, aching vocals cracking with endless despair. The single is available now on iTunes.

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need new music!

hey there every people,
I’m getting my Air Pods tomorrow and while I’m super psyched to listen to the music I have on them, I can’t help but to think this would be a great opportunity to hear some new tunes.

Anybody got any recommendations?

(mostly looking for alt, punk, rock, pop rock, pop punk, folk rock, etc)

Wondrous indeed is this rendition of Oasis classic Wonderwall turned in by none other than Los Angeles chanteuse, Zella Day. Her rustic and pastoral cover is included in the soundtrack for a new ABC television series named When We Rise, which I know nothing about, but I’ll surely look up now that I’ve slow swayed to Zella Day’s beautifully crackling tune. Zella Day’s is cozy haunting and snugly melancholic, a thorough transformation from the original. 

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The Head and the Heart

Day 8: H is for The Head and the Heart

is it any wonder why we all leave home?
people say, “i knew you when you were six years old”
and you say, “but i’ve changed, i’ve changed, i’ve changed, i’ve changed.”