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i have a screenshot of myself playing hanzo in comp on my alt and i just completely do not recall ever having done this

we won?? i know i play a lot of overwatch but i seriously don’t see how i could forget a match like this because hanzo isn’t even in my dps alt account’s class roster. this is an enigma. i remember absolutely fucking nothing about this game

[Spoilers] Speculation on Seeking Mr. Eaten’s Name

Let’s say this right out of the gate: While this post contains information that is readily available if you search online for it, especially on Spacemarine9′s tumblr, it’s going to talk extensively about the story of The Seeking Road. If you want to discover it all on your own, turn back now.

I also note that this is coming from someone who has yet to go Seeking. My main character has SMEN = 4; the alt I made exclusively to pursue this long and lonesome road is not yet a PoSI. This is all speculation on my part based on what information is readily and publicly available.

If I had already finished seeking, I wouldn’t post something like this. When you already know the ending, and the author has explicitly asked you not to share that ending, it’s really hard to know where the line is. Once my alt has gone past the Avid Horizon, I will very likely stop talking about it except to tell people whether or not it was worth it- or, if they have characters that went for one of the other two endings, to share what occurred in the one I’m going for.

With that out of the way…

The Seeking Mr. Eaten’s Name quest in Fallen London is, by design, the most brutal chain of events in any video game. When I saw the little button during Sackmas, giving me a point of Unaccountably Peckish and asking if I was ready to go down The Seeking Road, I was like “Hell yeah!” After all, it’s a game. It won’t ask me to give up everything, right?

…right? Hello?

After some reading, I came to find out the quest chain does just that. It forces you to obtain everything, give it all away until you have nothing, then takes that too. There’s individual steps that can take over a week even for Exceptional Friends. There are actions that you need to take that only make sense if you’re Seeking (what exactly is a fluke-core, anyway?). And the ending? It locks your character behind the Avid Horizon. It must be something major.

For most people, the quest chain will start after you’ve found the seven Correspondence Stones in the Tomb of the Seven, obtaining the Scholar of the Correspondence quality. The Correspondence is a secret language the Masters use to communicate, the true nature of which is still debated by people who don’t work at FailBetter. 

A card you receive after finding the Correspondence Stones tells you that there’s some text scratched off them- a word between ones for void and hunger. An option pops up in the Forgotten Quarter during certain Airs of the Forgotten Quarter (a random number changed on doing actions in that zone) and at Nightmares 5+ to hear Mr. Eaten’s voice in your dreams, egging encouraging you to seek him out.

My first question in the Seeking Road is this: What is our end goal? 

The quest is called Seeking Mr. Eaten’s Name, but people who have played through at least one December may already know the name. An A Taste of Lacquer card tells you of Mr. Eaten’s former name. He was Mr. Candles, a Master of the Bazaar. So if you’ve seen the Sackmas card related to SMEN, you already know Candles. You know that he was betrayed by the other Masters, and that they really do not want anyone else finding out about him.

My hypothesis on this first point is that it’s not about finding the name, but rather the person behind the name. He must exist, or at least an avatar of him must exist, or else the voice wouldn’t come to you in your nightmares to begin with. Given the nature of London, it’s possible that he exists as an ideal, or a non-existent figure, or dissolved into the miasma of the city, but these seem unlikely.

It’s entirely possible that Mr. Sackmas is, itself, a Mr. Eaten avatar, given the fact that you can receive SMEN and some of the items required for later steps during the holiday. At the end of the season, Mr. Sackmas is “arrested” by the constables, and dissolves into nothing. That leaves a host of other questions, like “why does he have enough power to do this during Sackmas but not any other season?” It makes sense as an in-joke- a mysterious being comes from the North to deliver presents- but not in the context of Fallen London. That would seem to support either the miasma theory or the idea that he can possess Londoners, but erodes them slowly. I think it’s an avatar, as even a fallen God should have that much power.

There’s also the Starveling Cat. In a game where nearly every detail is considered, isn’t it interesting that that particular creature is so strongly connected to The Drowned One? The cat and the Master, as one. It’s a symbol of the alliance between The Duchess, who sold the Third City in exchange for her pharaoh husband’s life, and Mr. Candles. Per Spacemarine9, the two of them didn’t agree with the plans for the Fourth City, and Mr. Candles’ life was the price paid for it. The Starveling Cats, then, are very likely to be either cats that came in contact with the Master himself and share his long “life,” or are beings that feel Mr. Eaten’s influence strongly due to that alliance, or are given to Mr. Eaten by the Duchess herself to serve as avatars to spread his influence. I think it’s the latter. After being betrayed by the Masters by her husband being left in a state of perpetual pain and agony, and watching her strongest ally be betrayed through ritual sacrifice, she has as much motivation as Mr. Eaten to bring fury down upon the Bazaar. A reckoning cannot be delayed indefinitely.

The last really big question on my mind relates to the God-Eaters. That name suggests that the Masters are effectively gods in the Fallen Cities. If that’s true, why do they bother with material wealth at all? Why do they bother giving their attention to individual Londoners? Why do they even allow themselves to lose things, such as Mr. Fires losing one of his yachts as one of the options for obtaining your ship? As an extension of that: They would’ve known the Correspondence Stones are in the Tomb of the Seven. Why leave them there? Why not destroy the Tomb itself if they were going to leave the stones there, or destroy the stones themselves? It feels like they want the Correspondence to be an open secret- known to those privy to their wishes, and known to be dangerous. If you’re a powerful enough individual to be able to brave the path to the Tomb, you’re important enough to be on their radar. They don’t admit it, but then, gods need not give anything away.

I have other odd questions, such as: Do the Masters hear Mr. Eaten’s voice in their nightmares the way Londoners who understand the Correspondence do? Why do you need to know the Correspondence to hear his voice? How is it that one candle does not exist, yet is required to seek out the Avid Horizon? Why do you need the seven candles to go to the Avid Horizon when the text for going there suggests that there’s scholarly reasons for wanting to make the trip? Why do the God-Eaters reassemble your body for you after they bleed you out and take your head? Are the Parliamentarians privy on the Correspondence, on Mr. Eaten, both, or neither? 

The most important question of all, though: What lies beyond the Avid Horizon? I grieve for the Drowned One, and Seek to deliver his reckoning.


This made me laugh. no one told me they would be filming on set 


Geek Shriek Assortment
Spring 2015
Assortment includes: Frankie, Abbey, Howleen


  • Pictures of Geek Shriek appeared online at the beginning of October.
  • Amazon added stock photos to their site at the end of October.
  • It is not known at this time whether Geek Shriek will be available at all stores, or end up as Emerging Channel/Alt Channel (Smaller retailers) exclusive.

so i literally went through and counted, and as of this moment there have been approx. 134 kamen riders since the series’ inception. (i say approx. because i undoubtedly missed a few randos somewhere, and i didn’t count “novel-exclusives” or alt decade versions or anything like that.)

out of those 134, 9 of them have been women. that’s about 7%, i think, if you round up?

so in all the many years of this franchise, only 7% of our heroes have been female. which is more than a little bewildering and depressing, especially since it’s now 20-fuckin-15 and things do not seem to be getting any better.

and most of those 9 lady riders are not particularly great representation, either.

  • kirishima miho - movie-only, however considering the too many cooks (too many cooks) nature of the show perhaps this worked in her favor, dies but then again this is ryuki so i can’t really find too much fault in that
  • kimura saya - dies literally like an episode after being introduced, never shown transforming in or out of the delta suit, shown (very) briefly in action but no one knows it’s her at the time so again i ask wHAT’S THE POINT MR INOUE
  • miwa natsumi - movie-only, fairly minor character, dies
  • shuki - dies after a short few-episode arc
  • hikari natsumi - movie-only, however considering her main character status perhaps kiva-la might’ve been included in the actual show if decade had been less of a mess/had the normal number of episodes
  • nadeshiko - movie-only, is also a little questionable in terms of “female character representation” since she is, in fact, space slime assuming human form & might not actually have a gender
  • inamori mayu - the only one on this list i can actually give a wholehearted thumbs up to, sadly vanishes for a large chunk of episodes but this can be written off as Wizard’s Pacing Issues, has legit & satisfying character development and gets to actually Do Things, what fun
  • minato youko - dies, gets fucked over by the writing, the less said the better tbh, tsukui minami deserved so much more
  • akatsuki touka - movie-only, dies

so we’ve definitely got an issue with killing off the very, very few female riders we have, and with relegating them to the supplemental material rather than allowing them to be in the shows themselves.

people are always going on about how it’s a show for little boys, so it makes sense that we’d get mostly male heroes. and yeah, i guess? from a marketing standpoint at least. but 7% is just a sad, sad percentage. a solid 25% shouldn’t be too much to ask, and yet here we are.

and it seems like no one ever thinks of the possible young girl viewers kamen rider might be gaining by including more female heroes, rather than the money that might be lost when boys don’t buy the toys (hint: pretty sure they still would, as long as the designs were cool enough)

and i mean… we’re not gonna get anywhere with this shit if no one tries. drive had us set up perfectly for our first female secondary, and we all know what happened with that :/

i love kamen rider so much but i hate that it’s the year of our lord 2k15 and it’s still stuck in this weird rut concerning women


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