alt ctrl sleep

I dreamt of a fantastic plot for some angsty smut last night and now that I’m awake I CANT REMEMBER THE PLOT UGHHHH! Something to do with Civil War and…Tony??…or Steve maybe?? DAMN IT!

Well, if I happen to remember, that’s what I’ll be working on today since I have zero plans for once. Happy Saturday:)

snuggly sunday [listen]: a mix for when you’re feeling like the world is so very wide beneath your closed eyelids and warm blankets

i. stay - alt-ctrl-sleep; ii. malleable being - the paper kites; iii. new soul - yael naim; iv. sweet disposition - the temper trap; v. candles - daughter; vi. hope for the hopeless - a fine frenzy; vii. home - edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros; viii. dead sea - the lumineers; ix. something - the beatles; x. crazy in love - daniela andrade; xi. no one’s gonna love you - band of horses; xii. love song - sara bareilles