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CAB Portrait of a girl - Germany - c.1910 by Patrick Bradley

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Studio: Karl Pinkau - Leipzig


Tesserae Stairway

A fragile magician fell down the stairs.
She hit the floor hard.
Her bones shattered like glass
On the staircase in shards.

A messy mosiac of memories
Lit up the carpet like stars,
Reflecting pleasant stories
And those which left her scarred.

Though frail, she was never weak,
And through windows never barred,
She shone courage. She was light, a prism,
A mosaic magician who played every card.

@abelzumi @remakingmagic @follower-of-liliana and anyone else: a simple hatebear that punishes infect- and has an exciting interaction with pacts that no, no, please, don’t rely on.

There’s not much to say. It’s a simple idea, setting agnostic. I just hope it’s intriguing!

The flavor text is intended to reference mill and poison, the two most common alt-loss effects.


CAB portrait of a girl - Austria/Hungary - 1914 by Patrick Bradley

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Studio: Salomon Weitzmann - Wien (Vienna)

Inscribed on reverse: Eugenie Zoubek 24.4.1914



I found some awesome hallway shots of my and @fire-rhapsody’s Rave! Yugioh cosplays from Con Alt Delete (better than my blurry selfies, lol). I miss this con and my Kaiba, but looking at these brings back good memories.
The first pic is from Instagram user twerkquius and the second is from @justlikeswitchblades, thanks guys!

Something Good by Alt-J Tarot Spread

Hello! Here’s a simple three card spread inspired by something good by alt-j! Its short because there aren’t many lyrics in this song. Hope you enjoy!

1. Something good tonight make me forget about you for now: who or what are you trying to forget?

2. Matador, estocada, you’re my bloodsport: how will you get over this?

3. Now that I am clean, the matador is no more and is dragged from view: how are you going to be after this passes?

milktaoist  asked:

There have been build-around uncommons in sets before, and they're sometimes popular draft archetypes (Spider Spawning is a good example) - if it's an achievable goal in a draft environment, would you ever print an alt win-con card at rare, or is simply being an alt win-con complex and/or powerful enough to make the bump whether it's achievable in draft or not?

If an alt win card was playable in draft, we’d consider putting it at uncommon.

Card Inspection

in the GF tarot deck i ordered, a few of the cards have ‘alternate’ versions, which is the same card but with different art depictions. although the alternates all bring emotions and energies i don’t feel with the normal versions, having their own type of energy. my favorite is The Devil and it’s alt.

The Devil is self-enslavement, corruption, indulgence, all the good bad things. but can also be seen as freeing yourself from puritanical restrictions…it depends on the context. the alt Devil card doesn’t have the same energy, so i’ve come to an even better conclusion.

in the deck, Dipper is The Moon (dreams, illusion, deception, creativity, insanity, secrets, subconscious, perception) and Bill is The Devil. i feel The Devil alt. is just like Bipper: a sort of fusion of both energies. Bill isn’t making a deal anymore. he’s in a new vessel and is carrying out disorder. this combination makes a new card altogether: Chaos

i thought of the attributes that could be applied to this ‘Chaos’ card.

it can be stone cold good or bad. absolute unpredictability, lawlessness, and the favor can 50/50 be your way or not. the card doesn’t play favorites.

good attributes: absolute freedom or control. nothing standing in your way in doing something, resisting your fate, everything going according to plan or getting what you want, rightful pride, strength. the destroyer.

bad attributes: being enslaved in your choices, over-indulgence, everything going horribly wrong, madness. overly self-confident, fate taking hold no matter what you do, weakness. the destroyed.

does it feel right? am i missing a certain emotion? tell me what you think.