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Tabea Alt’s beam routine from quals - 13.533 (5.9)

The fact that Tabea and Pauline qualified 1st and 3rd to beam finals is like the biggest deal for Germany, we’re totally freaking out over here!

An Angel Opened The Gates Of Hell

She entered the bar in a tight black dress
Fishnet tights and blood red lips
Eyeing her victim, his mouth to the bottle
Watching her sway her hypnotic hips

She leaned over the table adjacent to him
And he blew at her thick smokey rings
“Hey, can you take off your clothes for me?
I want to see how an angel hides her wings”

She flashed a devil’s grin and whispered
“Not here,” and turned to leave to lounge
He followed with a stumbling gait
Behind the building grounds

She lead him into the nearby woods
“Where we going, angel?” He bumbled
“Not too far now, take my hand”
She gripped it as the earth ahead crumbled

He didn’t process the stairs descending
From the newly existing hole
The woman pulled him down toothy stairs
Smelling the burning of coal

She sighed, “I’m ready to undress now”
And watched his eyes lose focus
Around her neck hung a rose red key
“Tonight,” she teased, “You’ve been chosen”

Emerged in flames a huge metal gate
“You’re no angel,” the man slurred at the woman
The gates screeched as they opened slowly
She answered, “No, and this isn’t heaven”

This poem was inspired by going through the blog of @gorgorygmus, who used my prompt, effete. Check out the poem, and the power given to that word! And I loved that alliteration ❤

If you’d like me to write a poem based on what I see on your blog, use the prompt: effete, in a poem and either tag me or message me to let me know!

So tonight’s best/strangest thing at work was

The local celebrity/slightly strange fellow known as “The Black Bond” free style rapping about how I’m tall and lovely and getting me to join in whilst pouring his drink. I love my job.