She was the kind of girl who was a chaos of contradictions from one second to the next, for her mind was never free. Sometimes bright like the sun, sometimes calm like the moon, sometimes stormy like the ocean, and sometimes all three.
—  A Girl of Contradictions | Nikita Gill
And I swear to god, I stumbled blindly into her, 

But she was a Saturday afternoon, every crevice of her skin blossoming with flowers, stars swimming in the blood of her veins, her smile dripping with the warmth of sunshine, the tangles of her hair the waves of the ocean, and her laugh the first spring breeze after winter.

And that was when I realized that sometimes gardens are concrete and pavement, blue skies and shy eyes, and stranded souls and whispered hellos.
—  Excerpt: Sometimes gardens can be souls.

1x02 deep throat | unidentified flying objects, i think that fits the description pretty well. tell me i’m crazy. // mulder, you’re crazy.