If you know a woman truly loves you and is doing the best she can for you, the least you can do is be soft and kind with her heart. Handle it carefully, treat her with respect and never crush it between your fingers just to watch her fall apart.
—  Nikita Gill, A Gentle Reminder to All Men
… And I’ll smile. I’ll smile through the pain and I’ll laugh through the heartache. I’ll smile until my cheeks hurt and I’ll laugh until my stomach aches, because if I don’t, if I don’t smile a cheesy smile and if I don’t laugh an obnoxious laugh, I’ll cry. I’ll cry until there’s nothing left and I’ll cry until I feel nothing but the shivers running down my spine. If I don’t smile, and if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop.
—  E. Grin, excerpt from Speechless
your tan lines

my memes are ironic
my depression is chronic
never read hooked on phonics
innate fear of the islamic

and let me tell you too
that i don’t ever see
anyone who
is very different from me;

all i consume
is what i get on tv
and what i find out the back
of a mcdonald’s or three

pound pavement into dust
and come back to my hood
don’t mind the rust
i can still make you feel good

and if you don’t want, that’s okay too
but i’ll still open your mind
if you know what i’m saying
they’ll find me tomorrow
splayed out on the street
licking your tan lines.