all i can remember is 
diamond necklaces & holy bibles
dirty dollar bills & rose petals
freezing beaches & velvet skies
all i can remember is
he used to call me sunshine
while he poured whiskey down my throat
cum stains & hickeys
highs that will last forever
nights i thought would never end
all i can remember is
him telling me everything beautiful either dies fast or turns to shit
—  sugar lips 

2 a.m.
traveling through
beside my head
in my bed

thoughts on fire
mad desire
i lie in twists
crumbled to bits

an endless romance
two times too far
the arms, wind
lying in abyss

the tone
our dance
my twists
your hands

two things
i seem to miss
along with your face
and our ignorant bliss

You remember some moments more vividly than others;

you don’t remember anything about what your first kiss was like or how happy it made you feel but you remember that it wasn’t sexy or hot or cute or sweet and that it pressed itself on your lips so hard all you could taste was blood after,

and you don’t remember how you ended up in the hospital that one night with your family in a circle around you but you remember the streetlights and the hiding half-moon between the clouds and how you thought it looked like the face of a frightened child and how you never looked at where your feet were going,

and you don’t remember how he broke your heart or how you even found your way back to your house when he was gone but you remember how you turned your bed coffin and how you lay there for months hoping he’d walk right back in and how you always kept the door unlocked,

and you don’t remember how he found his way back into your life again but you remember how your hands instinctively wrapped themselves around his neck without you asking them to and how you held him so close you thought you had the same skin and how you never wanted to let him go again and how you never did.

—  Reena B.| Hand-picked memories and all the things they lack.

This design is inspired by the Sumerian nam-shub and Hebrew Babble stories. It consists of an abstract tower, crashing to the ground.

Created out of braille, Morse code and a number code (popularized by Front 242).

They all translate to the same phrase, from Exodus3:14, Gods response to Moses, when asked his name. “I am that I am”*

(*one of the many translations)

[ available here ]

gratuitous parking lot

have we spilled over again
into margins of directions-for-assembly
(I can’t refold maps well either)

you measure well across my span

they couldn’t smell you on me
when I walked the parking lot concrete stops
but they saw my smile as slightly crazy
which was pretty accurate
since I think I’ve lost my mind

nobody will remember the wrong turn

I didn’t mean to show my Ace
you’re just too sleek to grasp for very long
but I’ve got lots of places you can rest


Patterns on patterns = adorable ladyface who can’t stop smiling.

I found these three items at Target last night in the regular section of clothing. Mossimo shawl and dress were buy one get one 50% off. Rad right?! Plus the Mossimo canvas shoes on sale for $17 bucks I seriously spent under 45 bucks on three essentially summer pieces and perfectly go together!

Happy Saturday babies!