A bunch of iscribble doodles that were overdue for posting

Characters on the bottom row belong to other people in the iscribble OC drawing boards.
Characters above that belong to me, Wizbecks, Altair, and Kit

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Not only has solo Alaskan project Avid Dancer announced a new tour, but he’s also unleashed an incredibly catchy and terrific new single named I Feel It to follow up on his excellent debut album 1st Bath from earlier this year. On I Feel It, Avid Dancer reflects on a girl he was dating and the love he was experiencing from her, proceeding to write and sing as openly and honestly about the situation. It’s about as personable as it gets when an artist reveals such depth of emotion on a song, and it’s palpable on the glowing song, a synth tinged alt pop jam that literally beams with pleasure and contentment. Avid Dancer will be touring across the US this fall.

Earlier this year, an Australian act named Life Is Better Blonde blew me away with an intoxicating debut single named Mine, which reminded me of both James Blake and Chet Faker. Well, he’s back, and he follows it up with another spectacular song named Follow Me. A touch of gospel, plenty of striking piano, that phenomenal voice, finely textured production, and a rousing performance make Follow Me a fiercely moving experience. Once again evoking James Blakes’ soulful piano ballads, Follow Me also reminds me again of Chet Faker, with a touch of Jack Garratt and some James Vincent McMorrow. This one will haunt and torment your heart and soul, in such a divine and sublime way.

Missouri’s Foxing revealed their first single from their upcoming sophomore album this past week, and it’s one of the best pieces of indie rock music to have surfaced in this month. They go very atmospheric and much mellow on pensively simmering The Magdalene. Its gorgeous, ambling guitar gives off the melodic ambiance of lulling but profound post-rock. Foxing’s new album, Dealer, will be released on October 30th on Triple Crown Records.