Over the past few days I’ve been obsessing over my living room design. While it’s currently a pipe dream, I keep searching for accessories to help the room come together. Yesterday I came across Alsterfors hooped glass, and now I’m totally in lust with the rich colors and the wonderful design.



Expeditions farther afield added to the agglomeration of beauty bagged this week, my sun-drenched lovers. A visit to the north uncovered some delicious things, some of which made their way back to the Midlands, others that remained

1) This hand drawn postcard is quite frankly disturbing, which made it a perfect gift for my best gent.

2) This Victorian beauty serves little purpose as a mirror as I spend more time looking at it than my face.

3 & 4) I was very taken with these fairground models.  The workmanship, attention to detail and skill in their creation is phenomenal. Sadly I couldn’t take them with me.

5) An excavation in my parent’s attic uncovered my 1993 grooming regime. Smells as bad now as they did then.

6) Ms Sowerby displayed her usual lack of directional skill, resulting in an accidental visit to Sowerby Bridge. This gorgeous signage was spotted as we passed through.

7) The glut of Whitefriars continues.  That makes four pieces found in the last three weeks.

8) Two separate Sommerso Murano finds this week adds to my growing collection.

9) The tall red vase at the back is another addition to my Alsterfors selection. A PO Strom cased vase which sits nicely with my other Strom vases.

The coming weeks promise more journeying afield and doubtless other treasures to come into light. The days are ours, my friends. Let us make them delicious.