Oliver wants no associations with Cupid this valentine’s weekend…

But that’s just him ;)

Probably no one cares lol buuuut … did you know? The standard german word for “potato” (yeah i know there are local different words for it but this is another matter) , Kartoffel (-n), comes from an italian word ~

We all know that potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) come from the american continent. The original name, in the Carib language of Haiti, was “batata”. From it is derived the actual spanish world “batata”, the english “potato” and the italian “patata”.

However, during the XVI century, in Italy (where this tuber appeared early because mariners and stuff) potato was compared to truffle because their similar form, because they were both edible and they both grow underground and so it was called “tartufolo” (“truffle-like thingy”), a diminutive of the standard noun “tartufo”, “truffle" (from the Latin “terrae tuber”).

In the northen italian dialects, especially along the Alps, the word “tartufolo” became “tartufel”. This form isn’t last in Italy, even if you can still hear a similar form in some regional variants, like “cartufole” in friulan, “tartifola/tartiful/trifola/trifulo” in Piemonte, Liguria, Valle d'Aosta and the north of Lombardia. However, from there, it seems to have passed into Germanic/Mitteleuropean area and here it has taken the form of “tartüffel” and then, for dissimilation, “Kartoffel” (it was attested for the first time in 1742).

Basically the linguistic evolution of “kartoffel” was a sort of “tartufolo” > “tartoffel/tartufel"  > tartüffel > (and so the actual "die Trüffel” for the truffle) > “kartoffel”.

 And ….. that’s all folk xD I tried to be accurate so I hope there’s no mistakes ;w;””  buuut  … Kinda cute that Germany named his favourite food after Italy, isn’t it?! eheh *winks* …  (╬≖ิ__≖)  (=ヮ= )೨

[Some references: x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x )

(danke to my friend who’s studying Botanic and told me about it uwu ♥ )

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[[ In early celebration of Valentine’s day

I want you all to know that the night Craig and Clyde had drunk sex was on Vday

I also want you all to know I wrote up the timeline MONTHS ago without even realizing this until today, like 10 minutes ago

Also the timeline page is up for anyone who’s curious about what the fuck is going on time wise. ]]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! - February 13th

We have four birthdays to celebrate! The Swifties with a birthday today are…



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I hope you all have a wonderful birthday! Make it your best birthday yet by doing something super fun! You deserve the best today! Happy Birthday!

Small. Stern. Knows every single law and helped to write half of them.

IDK He’s just super fun to draw I wind up doodling him a lot. I’m trying to get a lil more consistent with his body shape, but that’s…well, it’s certainly a process. I’m bad at consistency, haha. I’m leaning towards stout/boxy?

have a mim.

empercr asked:

serena that was wild tell us more camp stories

this one involves wild animals so buckle up. alright so it’s late at night, everyone finished camp fire we’re all in our boys only and girls only tents. we’re chilling. some girl has silly string which was crazy fun in the middle of the woods (don’t ask why). we’re having a ball then the tent starts shaking and shaking and we hear these noises and suddenly the whole thing falls in on itself with us in it. of course it was the nasty fucking boys who did it with their shitty bowl cuts and football jerseys. one girl (who was the Silly String girl) crawled out of the tent and started talking about how we should take revenge, so we all went along w it bc what the hell we were mad. so once the boys fell asleep we took their shoes to the lake a filled them with water and the Silly String girl decided it would be funny to open up their tent flap (we didn’t agree to this bc we didn’t want to actually get in trouble). then we proceeded to get into our newly set up tent and go to bed, our handy work was done. 

it was really late when we started hearing screaming. we all scrambled out of our tent to see what in gods name was happening. the screams were coming from the boys tent, and were soon overshadowed by a scream from a definitely non-human creature. some of them must’ve turned on their flashlights bc there were shadows being played on the wall of the tent and we soon discovered that a turkey had crawled into the tent fOR WHO KNOWS WHAT REASON and was presently attacking all the bowl cut boys. to this day none of them know that we’re the reason some of them can’t look at turkey anymore.

Rory and Dean are actually really cute in the first episode of Gilmore Girls. I forgot about that after all the things this show did that made me not like them. 

Ok, wait, no. 

Oh god, Rory, you aren’t questioning going to Chilton for Dean? He lives in the same town with you. A town with a population of like 30 people. He already said he likes you. You can date him and not go to school with him.

Well, that went sour before I finished typing this post.


“Good, because you will die, professor…”

“They are alive. Whether they remain that way…”

Villains threatening Professor Stein (and his friends) over the FIRESTORM research. Flash 1.14, Legends 1.04.

Aw man feeling sick again, but I ain’t gonna be delay doing an update for fixwell.


Anonymous said: Does Dean or Cas ever ask each other out on a date??

Dean did ask Cas to hang out, he insist that it isn’t a date though. By the afternoon shift everyone in the hospital knew about it because of Jimmy.


firefighter!Dean and doc!Cas au


Hannigram Regency AU:  Part 1[ Part 2 soon]

Requested by @mads-turbation

Will’s aging father decides it is time to train Will to be his replacement as Hannibal’s Page of Stairbacks (basically the guy who makes everything for the King). Everything becomes complicated when Hannibal decides to start favoring young Will more and more and begins to consider him a friend. [Getting invited to one of the King’s special dinner parties is a huge deal]. He doesn’t get to see Will as often as he’d like because of his training, so he decides to quicken Will’s father’s illness, letting Will believe his father died of natural causes.  Isolating him from everyone else and finally becoming the only stable thing in his life. And yeah, Hannibal is still a cannibal, 

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