also: wow height difference

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although weirdly enough out of all the people i can remember pete interacting with in the show, as far as i can tell, hes only taller than sonny and daniela,, which is weird to think about, he just seems really tall because he literally only stands by tiny tiny sonny

even so! he’s the perfect height,,

the perfect height difference for hugs and forehead kisses,, how lucky we all are

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can i ask for a krismin spam? :)

first of all, thank you, this is the best request ever

Minseok and Yifan (who’s trying to look shorter…)

krismin or xiuris aka the best ship ever

just look at how cute they are! 

*my heart will go on plays in the background*

squishy dummies aw

tol and smol invented fashion together

they also invented hugs wow!

tol being absolutely adorable

that height difference is asdfghjkl

baozi making his deer jealous lmao

kris with his little baby

asdfghjkl byeee

look at their hands! THE HANDS! OMFG

look at the cuteness I can’t handle this :(((

… are we sure they are the oldest members? 

really sure?


minseok before “kris don’t fucking touch me!

minseok after “you called me honey?


kids being kids

…. mh…. ??? k…

but my favorite thing is the way kris reacts to minseok

kris admiring minseok’s adorably dumb idea


same yifan… SAME


I was going to tell you everything. I tried. Then I asked you to get on a plane with me and disappear. Do you remember that?

i drew the two gays from the anime where the big humans eat the smaller ones hurray

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Tsukki actually likes really cute and small things. So he sees Noya first and is like okay could be into it but he's really loud and annoying. Then he sees SLEEPY NOYA WITH HIS HAIR DOWN AND TSUKKI IS GONE BECAUSE WOW. Just TsukkiNoya. THE HEIGHT DIFFERENCE. THE PROTECTIVENESS. Tsukki also likes dressing Noya up in cute dresses and stuff. Noya loves using that against him.


My 18-year-old self could’ve rivaled Harry’s 20-year-old self.