also: to people who think scott should have trusted derek in s1

Being totally honest, I’m not surprised that Theo is not in the last scene with the pack, one year later, because I don’t see him as an explicit piece of Scott’s pack. Not now, not in the future. 
I mean, if he’s in the pack as member, the parents should be too, same for Parrish, Peter, or Deaton, or Mason and Corey. But they are not, because they are allies and friends, ready to help and watch Scott’s back. Everyone of them would fight with the McCall pack and it’s absolutely amazing that, during the years, we can consider them almost unofficial member of the pack, because Scott respect them and vice versa. 
But they are not official members: they are more part of the big whole team that the McCall’s pack is. Scott says this in his last speech too: some of them show up when the pack needs them, others are always around as well, some humans, some not. The parents are there as protection and back up of their children (yeah, Argent too), Parrish and Deaton are background but important figures with their own lives who keep themselves out, until something happen; while the younger three, Mason, Corey and Theo, for me, are linked to Liam the most, everyone for a different reason. 
We know Liam’s training for being a second Alpha or, in the future, the Alpha of his own pack, so if he will have his close cluster I’m pretty sure Mason, Corey and, yes, Theo will be eventually part of it. If there something that the McCall pack teaches to us and to every villain of the show, it’s that a pack it’s not made only of supernatural rules and bites, but it’s made of trust, feelings, friendship, love, loyalty, respect and so deep bonds that everyone would fight not only with the other members, but for the others, as much as they would die for each other. And, even everyone of them trusts Scott with their life at this point, I’m of the idea anyway that, considering how we are leaving them, Theo would fight and die only for Liam, Mason for both Liam and Corey, and Liam would do it for any of them as well (even he’s still too proud to admit that to Theo’s face). 
Right now Mason and Corey don’t really trust Theo: yeah, we saw this with Mason’s fear of give his back to Theo, who betrayed them in the past and tried to kill Scott, using the pack and Liam specifically against him. But I’m faithful that Liam will work as glue during the time we won’t see them growing up and that his friends will figure their trust issues out at some point. Also because, at the beginning, the only member of Scott’s pack was Stiles, until adventures and feelings added pieces at the family: everyone with their own story and some of the them weren’t totally good (Derek was an ass during s1-s2 and now everybody loves him bc it’s how life works: people change, people forgive). So, yes, officially they are Scott friends and allies now, part of his big team that is trying to help others like them, but I don’t think the whole Liam as Alpha thing was casual on the show: it could be a prompt for a possibile real future of the now little Beta with anger issues, who will become a great leader one day. Maybe Nolan will be part of the pack along to Liam, Mason, Corey and Theo, because he knows too things now and he seems to be friend with Liam too, without counting he practically own his life to the ones he fought during the war while his side manipulated him, but we haven’t too much clue about him right now. Maybe he will join the new pack, maybe not, or maybe he will be a background figure who will help them occasionally, but I’m confident that Liam will have his own pack made of people he loves as much as he loves the one he comes from. And honestly I’m totally on board for this. 


Summary of Tyler Hoechlin's Solo Panel at EyeCon!

Here a summary of TyHo’s Solo Panel at EyeCon! 

(Picture belongs to @emorymcc

-> Tyler once again shares how he wants a scene with Derek and Stiles where latter uses Derek to let go of all the pent up anger and fear - because Derek does understand how that feels

-> Tyler said Derek is like a big brother to Stiles

-> When Posey and Dylan lived together with Tyler it was their first time outside their family home and Hoechlin took care of them

-> If Derek could write a book about his life, what would it be called?  Tyler: “Wen does it get better?” 

-> Tyler says he’s feel like he’s gaining two new family members each season and it’s gonna be like the Brady Bunch.

-> Before the fire the Hales were a really close family, ancient and really tight-knit

-> Derek used to be laid back and care-free before the fire. He was the middle-child. No pressure to be an example and he always got his way. Everything that happened due the fire was a huge adjustment to him, now that he’s drastically alone. Tyler said he does see glimpses of Derek’s “carefree and cocky” attitude now.

-> Tyler wants Colton back. “We’re so glad Colton’s gone. I"M KIDDING!" 

-> If Tyler would have to leave the show he’d take Derek’s loft with him. He would fix it up and re-decorate. 

-> Derek and Peter do not trust each other at all, they’re only together because they need each other. And in S4 we’re gonna get a closer look at Peter and who he’s becoming. 

-> Tyler says Derek was not jealous of Scott becoming the True Alpha, he’s proud of him. He would’ve been jealous in S1, but now he’s more a prideful mentor. He has accepted that he himself wasn’t meant to be an Alpha.

-> Derek’s new role is to make Scott as good as he can be, be the best Alpha be can be. He wouldn’t be the same without Derek.

-> Derek is the total opposite of Tyler himself.

-> "The thing I admire the most about that is I try to emulate is his growth, and learning from his mistakes." 

-> Tyler wants to play a villain. He’d like to play one in “Pirates of the Carribean” 

-> Tyler’s most memorable gift from a fan was a letter on a baseball.

-> Tyler said he doesn’t live-tweet because he likes the fan to actually watch the show.

-> How Tyler sees Derek’s role: “Derek isn’t a leader. He’s the guy who comes in and takes a beating.” 

-> Ty thinks that Derek didn’t turn bad because he met Stiles and Scott and their positive influence.

-> Scott is a true example of looking out and caring for other people and Derek saw that. 

-> Hoechlin’s worst stunt was the elevator scene (in 3A in the Hospital, “The Overlooked”) when Dylan had to slap him and accidentally hit him right in the nose and immediately hugged him right after.

-> Tyler one ripped off a toenail on set.

-> He flung himself into a boulder filming “Fireflies” and tore up his arm. 

-> He did the whole Kanima fight himself (at the end of S2), which is also his favorite stunt scene

-> Derek can’t be an actual part of Scott’s pack, but he would self-identify as Scott’s pack. He was kind of adopted by them and sides with them, but he’s still an Omega. 

-> Tyler has never freedom with his scenes either, only Dylan.

-> Tyler and Dylan were in the Pool (for the Pool scene in S2) for like 7-8 hours and it’s been really bad for Dylan Dylan had to carry him, fully clothed and soaking wet. Ty also weight 15lbs more in S2 than in S1. Both of them were constantly under water in the first takes and at some point Dylan refused to do more.

-> Tyler’s most memorable scenes from the show are the Scenes with Scott this season (S4), and the scenes with Stiles in S1+2. He also loved the Possesed!Derek scene with JR Bourne in S3B

-> To Tyler’s knowledge there’s no way for Derek to be an actual part of Scott’s pack

-> “Would you ever write a fic?”  Tyler: “Not my area of expertise.” 

-> Tyler says that S2 humbled Derek a little bit, but in S3 he hit rock bottom and he realized he needed to change - the fight with Alpha Pack made him realize that.

-> Tyler said that if his pack was still around, there would be a conflict between his pack and Scott’s - or the Hale pack would pack up and leave BH. He said he picked a pack of kids who had nothing left to lose, so he would move them out of BH

-> JR Bourne is one of Tyler’s best friends too

-> JR and Tyler love how Derek and Chris’ relationship developed and that they have a deep mutual respect for each other. They respect each other and if the circumstances were different they’d be on the same side. He thinks their relationship changes the dynamic between the Werewolfs and the Hunters

-> More Derek/Chris in S4

-> Tyler’s favorite scene with Ian (Bohen) will be in Episode 4 or 5 of S4

-> Up to now, his favorite scene of Ian is when Peter comes up and says, "The Hunter becomes the hunted." 

-> ”There’s no right or wrong, there’s just Hoechlin.” - Eaddy Mays 

-> According to Tyler Ian’s thing is “creeping”, it’s what he does best.

-> Derek has no age. He says they age’d Derek because Kate is no pedophile and they didn’t want to make her one. He joked, "The more time you spend as werewolf, the slower you age.” He think’s Derek is somewhere in his mid twenties-late twenties.

-> Tyler loves Baseball and always watches his Team. He also loves surfing with Linden (Ashby), as well as dirt-bike-riding. He’s also a big shuffle-board enthusiast. 

-> His most memorable quote of Derek is Derek brooding and staring. 

-> He did gymnastics for a few years as a kid, that’s where he learned to backflip. He does his own stunts. 

-> He can’t say if Cousin Miguel might ever come back because it would be a spoiler.

-> Tyler got at #AlphaCon a shirt that said, “This no fit.” 

-> S4 Derek would tell S1 Derek “not to bee too proud.” He said, “Derek was such a douche and thought he was cool.” 

-> Someone mentioned Tyler’s chest-hair and he pulled up his shirt to his neck. The girl said he should keep it and the whole room cheered. Tyler said that he asked Jeff and from now on he will, officially, have a hairy chest. 

-> Tyler was made aware of the “We hate Derek not having chest hair” campaign, and he agrees (HE’S BLUSHING). He says he’s tired of shaving. 

-> Tyler imagines Derek’s dad as an incredible man and a symbol of the community and that he loved his family a lot. Which is a reason why Derek feels the loss so strongly. Tyler also thinks that the leather Jacket Derek wore in S1 was his Dad’s 

-> Derek thinks if the Fire never would’ve happened, Peter “… never would have been pissed off about anything… well nah… he would.” He think’s there would be some kind of civil war because Peter was always jealous of Talia.

-> With no Hale-Fire Derek would’ve never met Stiles and Scott

-> Tyler prefers Q&A sessions when it comes to fan-questions because he likes to see his fans up and in person.

-> He says that it sucks to have Kate back as character, but he likes to have Jill back.

-> We’ll find out about Kate’s intentions this season

-> Tyler said after acting he’d like to become a Baseball-Coach and maybe even teach his kids one day

-> JR, Ian, Tyler and Jill have a ton of fun on set together 

(Picture belongs to @keysmashblog

If I missed anything, please let me know :D

Olicity versus Lauriver....a surprising discovery

My first official post on my official tumblr page!! Every so often, I’ll post my ramblings….mostly so my husband doesn’t have to keep listening to me! Twelve years with me and he suggested a tumblr page lol

My current obsession is Arrow.  The writing, character development, action are all amazing.  I think Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen is a revelation - quite possibly the best “tortured hero” I’ve seen since Batman (he’s the epitome for me). However, the real gem of the show is Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak.  I cannot get enough of her.

To be honest, when I started watching Arrow I fully anticipated to fall in love with Laurel & Oliver.  The basic reason is this - in any TV show there is one couple the writers set up in the pilot as “planned” endgame. Does it always work out that way in the end? No, but 80% of the time it does. When I get involved in a show, I trust the writers until proven wrong.  So, if they are telling me “this is the couple” I tend to believe them.  Across the board, I ship “Plan A” couples - Buffy/Angel, Derek/Meredith. Mary/Francis, Scott/Allison, Castle/Beckett, Booth/Brennan, Sam/Andy (Rookie Blue), Lucas/Peyton, Stefan/Elena, Harvey/Donna (Suits), Rachel/Mike (Suits), Mary/Matthew.  As long as the writing supports the “canon” and the writers show (not tell) me why this couple is meant to be, I’m basically on board.  With a few notable exception, which I’ll get to later.  My husband also let me know that Laurel would be “Black Canary” and in the comics she’s the Green Arrow’s go to gal.  Who I am to argue comic book cannon?

I like Katie Cassidy and I think she’s a fine actress.  I think she’s got quite a talent for playing the “bitch” but I was intrigued to see her playing the female/heroine lead.  Then I watched the pilot.  The fact that Oliver cheated on Laurel with HER SISTER which then lead to that sister’s death, quite frankly stunned me.  That’s one hell of a hoop those two have to jump through.  I’m mean, I’m all for couples overcoming obstacles…but seriously? He cheated on her? With her sister? And she died? And this is the FIRST thing we learn about the couple.  Still…Buffy & Angel basically had to be celibate so anything can happen I guess.

So, I hung on during the first season, desperately WANTING to fall in love with Lauriver.  To me, Episode 5 was their best “chemistry” when Oliver showed Laurel’s his scars.  Granted, it’s somewhat difficult to NOT have chemistry with Stephen Amell when all that’s required of the actress is to ogle him, but I digress.  It contained all the desire & tortured lovers I like to see in my ships.  But that was the high point for these two. 

Listen, chemistry is completely subjective. I can watch Damon & Elena have sex up against a wall and I feel absolutely no connection to their chemistry (yes, I know….the rest of the world disagrees).  All Oliver has to do is look at Felicity and I’m swooning.  So, take this as simply my humble opinion.  When Laurel & Oliver finally had sex in the season finale of 1x23 it was like watching two pieces of cardboard.  With Stephen Freaking Amell.  Shirtless.  So, yeah, I was nonplussed at that point.

I think the central issue with Oliver & Laurel is that for the majority of the season the primary emotions involved were 1) Anger & judgement from Laurel and 2) Guilt by Oliver.  Were these feelings justified? OF COURSE….especially by Laurel. I don’t begrudge her anger.  And Oliver should have felt guilt, if he was any kind of human being.  Yet, these aren’t the building blocks of an EPIC love story.  It certainly didn’t help matters that any “flashback” of Ollie & Laurel during S1 seemed to show Laurel pushing commitment from a hesitant Ollie.  S2 was worse - the only Lauriver flashback revealed Oliver had cheated on Laurel (AGAIN) & gotten a girl pregnant. It was essential in these flashbacks to show the EPIC part of Oliver & Laurel.  Instead, I saw two young kids who yes, loved each other, but were they really right for each other? It was an unanswered question in the flashbacks and therefore left us only with the present Laurel & Oliver.  Who were angry, guilty, awkward and quite frankly painful to watch.

That’s not to say that Laurel wasn’t a profound touchstone for Oliver on the island.  As he said in in 1x05 “ There were times when I wanted to die.  In the end….there was something I wanted more.”  His love for Laurel gave Oliver the will to live. Ollie wasn’t an evil person, but he was a selfish person.  I argue though that the love he carried for Laurel, albeit true, was the only touchstone he had to the life he’d left behind. The issue is, the Island and what it would do to him, would forever change him.  Making returning to that life - the life of “Ollie” virtually impossible.  Since Laurel is so intricately connected to that, it also made their “reunion” in the finale all that more difficult to stomach.  It felt like step backwards in Oliver’s progression in S1….two people desperate to change the past, but without recognizing how much each had really changed.  Yes, they loved each other, but the same question remains as it did when Oliver left on the Queen’s Gambit….were they right for each other?

Part of the reason, I consistently asked this question throughout S1 is because the writers, whether intentionally or not, presented TWO very EXCELLENT romantic alternatives for both of them.  For Laurel - it was Tommy.  Tommy was the Felicity to Laurel’s Oliver.  He had a lightness to him, a humor & joy, that brought out the lighter side of Laurel.  Often, the only time LAUREL smiled was when she was with Tommy. In turn, she ignited in him a desire for independence from his father and to simply be a better man.  That’s a love story I can get behind.  It’s too bad that Laurel, continually conflicted by her feelings for Oliver (and hamstrung with the writers NEED to make Lauriver happen) failed to see that Tommy was probably the right guy all along….until it was too late.

For Oliver….it was of course, the delightful Felicity Smoak.  I like my tortured heroes - A LOT.  Vampires, vigilantes, tortured writers…whatever.  Give me a guy in pain, but with a desire to do good and I’m sold. Arrow excelled at that in the first season. They captured Oliver’s rage & pain in his need for revenge & the violence of his killing.  Yet, that side of him contrasted sharply against the man who wanted to better, to be more than “Ollie”….to be more than a man even.  In the midst of his vigilante killing his basic goal was to make the city better. That’s some heavy light & dark my friends.  A war was raging not only in the city, but in Oliver’s soul.  Great dramatic stuff.  

The issue was Oliver was almost too dark.  He was too tortured.  There was no levity, no light in him - except for the times he was faking it as “Ollie”.  He kept anyone he cared about at arms length to protect them, but it isolated him entirely.  Buffy The Vampire Slayer was a show known for it’s heavy themes.  One of my favorite quotes is when Buffy says “My life happens to on occasion suck beyond the telling of it.” It could be an intensely dark show.  Yet, the character of Buffy had a levity to her.  She could slay demons & vampires and make quippy remarks.  That IS NOT Oliver Queen. He is the proverbial example of stoic.  Often, showing little to no emotion at all.

When your lead isn’t allowed any real levity of their own it is left up the supporting characters to do it.  Oliver had Thea, Moira, Laurel, Tommy….all people who at one point or another told him what an awful person he was.  The problem was, Oliver didn’t need to be told that - he already believed it fundamentally.

When Felicity Smoak appeared on screen in 1x03 in was truly an exceptional scene. As a viewer, you just knew something special had happened, but you had no idea what.  Honestly, it was one of the first times Oliver was shot in a scene that was BATHED in light.  From her perky hello, to her babbling, right down to her soft pink shirt….Felicity was the warm against Oliver’s cold, so much so that she melted that exterior and for the first time ever….Oliver smiled.  

What we’ve seen from Oliver & Felicity from S1 & S2, is that yes…she is the levity in the dramatic.  Often the comic relief, the one person that can make Oliver smile or laugh in any circumstance.   However, she's intelligent, with a strong sense of self.  Oliver can be quite the bully when he wants to be and nobody puts him in his place better than Felicity Smoak.

One thing that truly swayed me to the Olicity camp was that Felicity could always see the hero that Oliver/The Hood was…even in S1, when being a hero was the farthest thing from him mind.  She challenged him that he could do real good in the city in S1 and was the first person on the show to call him a hero when she told Detective Lance “But, it seems to me he’s willing to sacrifice an awful lot to help the people of city. That kind of makes him a hero, doesn’t it?”  In S2 she never strayed from that belief. Dragging Oliver back (with Diggle of course) from the island, telling he has to “find another way”.  Her belief in him never faltered, even when his belief in himself did. It was her belief in him, her demand that he honor the dead by fighting, that ultimately spurred him onto his victory against Slade.  Maybe on the island Laurel gave Oliver the will to live. But it’s Felicity that’s shown him HOW to live.

In contrast, Laurel & her opinion of “the Hood” and Oliver, was simply too confusing to keep up with.  In the early stages of S1, Laurel was the vigilante’s champion and partner.  Yet, in later episodes she called him a murderer with “no remorse”.  Finally culminating in her need to blame the vigilante for Tommy’s death.  Yes, Felicity had the upper hand because Oliver was truthful about who he was.  Maybe he did that because he knew he’d find acceptance there.  If we are to believe that Lauriver is the epic romance of the show….shouldn’t Laurel be able to see Oliver for who he is? Even if he’s keeping her at arms length? I’m not trying to lay the blame entirely at Laurel’s feet, but as a viewer you are rooting for Oliver.  You would expect that the supposed love of his life would be doing the same - but sadly she didn’t.  When I ship a couple, I want them to believe in one another, to be each other’s champions….even when they are apart.  That’s where the Lauriver history really works against them. The hurt is so bad, so painful….that it's difficult for Laurel to see past it.  

When she finally does see the change in Oliver at the end of S1 it comes at the price of betraying Tommy.  Even when these two make moves in the right direction, they are immediately slapped down in anger, loss, pain, betrayal.  It’s why their “break up” in episode 2x1 was so honest. They finally recognized that while they loved each other, the stronger motivation for reuniting was a desire to go back, to undo the past.  Thus, they began two very different trajectories….Laurel’s alcoholic downward spiral and Oliver’s journey to becoming hero…with Felicity standing by him.

Oliver doesn’t pull Laurel out of her spiral. If anything, Oliver makes it all the harder by actively screwing Sara again (nice one Ollie).   Anytime, he did try to help her, it either backfired or continued to show Laurel in an unflattering light. In the end, Laurel pulls Laurel together.  The fact remains, that Laurel is a more interesting…more relatable , more sympathetic character, separate from Oliver.  

So, what are we the viewers left with? I call it the Pacey problem. Dawson’s Creek was one of the few shows where I didn’t ship the “Plan A” couple Joey & Dawson.  Yes, the show was built around their epic love in the pilot…yet more often than not Joey & Dawson brought out the worst in one another, too hamstrung by their past together to allow the other to grow into the person they needed to be.  Rather, it was Josh Jackson’s character Pacey that ignited the fire in Joey and the chemistry was off the charts. He challenged her and she made him a better person.  Kevin Williamson WISELY realized that soul mate doesn’t necessarily mean romantic partner (Are we paying attention Arrow writers?) The finale definitively answered that Dawson was Joey’s soul mate, but Pacey was the love of her life.  It takes a wise writer to realize that the place you started off in the pilot, the story you intended to tell, isn’t the one you ended up telling.  It’s called organic story telling.

To me, Laurel & Oliver aren’t the epic romance of Arrow.  We’re only in Season 3, but I am FAR more interested in seeing Laurel develop into the Black Canary.  The fact that Oliver had a romantic relationship with Sara, as the Black Canary, hopefully means that the writers checked off the comic canon box of Green Arrow + Black Canary = romance.  I hope that means Laurel can become the comic book heroine separate from romance with Oliver.  Or is Oliver meant to sleep with every incarnation of the character?  God I hope not.  I hope that the writers are wise and realize that canon, pilots and plans don’t make a tv show.  The characters do. Sometimes when you put pen to paper the story arrives in a completely different place than you intended, but the great writers don’t stand in the way of it. 

The bottom line, Felicity balances Oliver, challenges Oliver…she is the one who can harness the light that’s still inside him.    Oliver’s “I love you” to Felicity at the end of S2, (more on that some other time) was a ruse…but also a profound realization.  He loves her.  More than that - he NEEDS her to become the man, the hero he’s meant to be.  That’s not Laurel’s role anymore.  Laurel can have Oliver’s past.  Felicity can have his future.  The key for Laurel is that she has to love Oliver enough to let him go.  Only then, will she be able to become the person she’s meant to be.

Empathy, Double Standards, and Audience Insight

So a lot of the “meta” I have read about Teen Wolf has been extremely skewed as a way to project hatred on a character because of ingrained prejudice or for shipping purpose. A lot of the people in this tag like to draw on complete fandom creations or non-canon support for their ideas, solely because they’re trying to promote ships that have never and will never be canon. This leads to a lot of really bad analysis and flat out fiction in the guise of what real meta analysis really is.

One of the biggest “meta” criticisms I’ve seen in this fandom is how Scott McCall is a “bad friend” because he didn’t immediately believe Stiles about Donovan. This was extremely prevalent last season when sympathies swung towards Stiles after he accidentally killed Donovan. Stiles (in canon) believed that everyone, including Scott and his father, would condemn him for what we in the audience saw as a clear case of self defense. He was a character blinded by panic and guilt, so his belief was absolutely understandable. The fandom’s reaction was not.

As the audience, we’re able to see much more than the characters do. We have insight into why they feel or act a certain way, we see things in scenes that the characters haven’t figured out yet, and often, fandom forgets that the characters are flawed or limited in ways that we’re not. While it made sense that a panicked teenager would make irrational decisions based on guilt, we as the audience knew that the people who cared about Stiles wouldn’t have blamed him. We knew based on what we’ve seen of all these other characters since season 1 that no one, especially not Scott or the Sheriff would have blamed Stiles.

And yet, there was this surge of hatred for Scott. There was extreme criticism that Scott didn’t immediately believe Stiles when he said he “had” to kill Donovan or that he believed Theo’s lies. There was no empathy or understanding for Scott who was a victim of a villain who manipulated and lied to him, isolated him, turned his friends on him, and drugged him. The audience saw the responsibility on Scott’s shoulders to immediately forgive because we got to see what happened with Stiles in the library and that Stiles never TOLD Scott the details of what happened, forgetting that Scott was being victimized by a very skilled villain.

When you remember your role as the audience and that the characters don’t share the same level of insight that we get to experience, it’s completely understandable why Scott would be hurt! He didn’t trust someone who was a random person, he trusted someone who had repeatedly helped him and put his life on the line to save his friends throughout the season. It appeared to him that Theo had risked death to save their friends, that’s worthy of trust and any of us would trust someone like that in our lives. We only knew differently because we as the audience could see scenes Scott couldn’t. It was understandable that when you find out your best friend had been lying to you about something huge, you’re hurt and confused and need time to trust again, you can’t immediately just forgive. That’s a normal response any of us would have. It’s understandable that Scott would be wary of Stiles’s intentions, especially when Stiles himself admitted he can’t trust anyone and that it was a problem. It wasn’t something Stiles liked about himself, it was a problem he admitted needed to be fixed, especially because in canon, Stiles has been wrong about trusting every single person throughout the series. This includes Lydia, Allison, Liam, Kira, Derek, Deaton, and Isaac. 

The level of empathy for Stiles is understandable, we saw exactly what happened to him when the others didn’t, but the level of empathy for Scott was shocking. In any other story, a hero who has been victimized, manipulated, and drugged by a villain is worthy of sympathy. When he is led astray by someone he trusts, it’s heartbreaking. In our fandom, Scott is even condemned for being a victim of Theo, blamed for his own death, and the fandom demanded he grovel at Stiles’s feet. People thought Scott “should have known” or “should have listened” or “should have trusted” even though that would have been impossible. The only reason we know any differently than Scott was because we get to see the whole picture, he doesn’t and we somehow blame him for not being as all-seeing or all-knowing as the audience. There’s a huge disconnect in this fandom between being able to understand Stiles’s actions and feelings, and understanding Scott’s.

It’s the same thread that holds true when you take a look at the violence in the series. We run into the exact same problem when Stiles is angry, so he hurts people. It’s sort of been a consistent character trait of his since S1 when he got Scott beaten up and threw lacrosse balls at him to “help” while he was still angry. In S5b, we see an angry Stiles pick up Scott, throw him around a hospital hallway, and dismiss the fact he’s bleeding (and recently died, which Stiles didn’t know at the time but has not shown any canon concern over since) with the words “Oh you’ll heal.” The fandom immediately understood and sympathized with Stiles’s pain. It’s understandable, he’s hurt, his Dad is dying, he’s angry. He lashes out because he’s hurt.

But here’s the disconnect. There’s no empathy or understanding for Scott, who had just died, was suicidal, and had just scraped himself from his floor where he’d passed out to help Lydia to the hospital and check in on Stiles. This boy who had died, kept going despite being so hurt he couldn’t stand up because he wanted to help other people with no thought to his own well-being. And there was no outrage that Stiles hurt him, no demand that Stiles apologize before they talk about what happened before repairing their friendship. This was seen as Stiles being justified in hurting Scott because he was angry, even though Scott was also hurt and angry and no one would ever say he would be justified in hurting Stiles. This is the same fandom who says that Scott is a “bad friend” because he didn’t answer the phone when Stiles called him in S1, or spent time with his girlfriend, or doesn’t unquestioningly obey Stiles’s every command, even when he’s wrong 90% of the time. This same fandom that blamed Scott for dying instead of protecting the Sheriff or blamed him for being manipulated and drugged by a friend. 

Fandom blamed Scott because Stiles blamed Scott, but we in the audience can see that what Stiles felt about Scott ISN’T TRUE, just like we saw what Scott thought happened with Donovan isn’t true. They brought this point home this season with Scott and Stiles’s talk at the gas station on their way to New Mexico. We saw that Scott never killed Stiles out of the pack, even though Stiles lied, hurt him, and was never canonly shown caring about Scott’s death. We saw that even though Stiles kept pushing Scott away, Scott was always there to help and support without judgement. We watched Scott say that he knows the difference between self defense and murder, and as the audience who sees this show from a different view than the characters in it, that was something we should have known about Scott from the very beginning.

I guess what I’m saying is there is a double standard going on that’s extremely clear. When it comes to Stiles, we expect all of the characters to immediately empathize and expect that they know all the things we as the audience know, even if from their POV in the show, it’s impossible for them. When they fail, we condemn them, especially when it’s Scott. We treat these characters differently. Stiles is immediately worthy of our empathy and Scott (and everyone else) isn’t. 

The litmus test is this: If you’re not angry about something Stiles did to Scott, would you be upset if Scott did it to Stiles? If Scott was angry and threw a bleeding Stiles against the wall, would you rush to defend and explain Scott’s actions or would you be angry Stiles was hurt? If Scott lied to Stiles and didn’t tell him something huge, would you be angry at Scott or angry that Stiles didn’t immediately forgive him? If Stiles was hurt and had just DIED, and Scott told him “Oh you’ll heal,” would you be angry with Scott?

If you’re not upset at what Stiles does to Scott (or other characters), but you would be upset if Scott did the same thing to Stiles, you need to really think about why. 

The reason anti-Scott fandom will never ever let the Season 2 finale Discourse die is because Scott’s actions there expose the two biggest lies fandom likes to perpetuate about his character.

1) Scott is dumb and only succeeds because he surrounds himself with people smarter than him and then takes credit for their plans/insights.

2) Scott is too moral, too perfect, and this is bland and boring and that’s why people don’t like him.

Let’s take a look at Lie #1. It’s no surprise to anyone that anti-Scott fandom likes to paint Scott as stupid, despite tons of evidence to the contrary, but no single episode embodies how false this is more than the season finale of episode 2. The episode is literally called ‘Master Plan.’ Scott looks at everyone’s surprised faces and says flat out ‘Everyone always says Gerard always has a plan. Well, I had a plan too.’

Its literally the only time Scott has ever directly claimed credit for a plan or a victory over a villain. Its also literally the only time Scott has expressed pride in his own intelligence or strategic thinking. And this, to fandom, is unforgivable. Lydia’s allowed to do it all the time. Stiles too. So was Allison. But Scott does it once, and once only and it incensed anti-Scott fandom.

Mostly because there’s no way to refute it.

Every other time, there’s wiggle room to make assumptions about what other people might have contributed to Scott’s plans. But not this time, and if you look closely at most arguments about the actual planning part of all that, you’ll notice two recurring themes. The first is a lot of talk about how Scott ‘went behind everyone’s back and didn’t even tell Stiles’, and how this was a Bad Thing. The second is a lot of supposition that Deaton heavily influenced Scott in forming this plan. The latter is pure conjecture….we know for a fact that it was the confrontation outside of the hospital that alerted Scott to Gerard’s condition, and literally the only other thing we have to work off is a flashback of him and Deaton filling the fake pills with mountain ash….its pretty clear that Scott came to him with the information about Gerard and probably asked for advice or input, but he’s also very clear about expressing that HE had a plan, not Deaton. 

And as for Scott going behind everyone’s back, especially Stiles….ask yourself this. If anti-Scott fandom is truly so firmly convinced that what Scott did to Derek in the S2 finale was terrible and crossed the line and he shouldn’t be forgiven for it….why would they portray it as a Bad Thing that Scott didn’t confide in Stiles? Why would they WANT Stiles to have been party to it as well? There’s never any talk of how Stiles would have definitely talked Scott out of it and that’s why Scott should have confided in him. No, its just….Scott should have told/consulted Stiles. That’s it. The end. Because the issue I think a LOT of people truly have with the finale is not even the plan itself…but rather that it was Scott’s plan. That nobody else can be credited with it. Scott not telling Stiles means there’s no way to say ‘oh well, Stiles came up with the gist of the plan, Scott could never have come up with it on his own.’ And ask yourself honestly….if Stiles HAD been party to coming up with the plan….do you truly believe his fanbase wouldn’t have found justification to forgive him for it? That he wouldn’t have been applauded for his cunning instead? The plan, instead of being used to vilify him, instead being used as the angsty obstacle standing between Derek and Stiles that they needed to work past, that Derek needed to forgive Stiles for, before they could have their Epic Romance?

All of which brings me to Lie #2: Scott is too moral, too bland, too perfect. We hear all this talk of how Scott did a terrible thing by stripping Derek of his agency….but that’s hardly the only time something like that has happened on the show. And yet none of the people who raise this objection ever seem to have any complaints about Peter’s assault of Scott in the pilot, or Derek manipulating Scott into helping him kill Peter….there’s no acknowledgment of Peter violating Scott’s mind in the locker room in S1 while Derek stands complacently by….no objection to Derek having his betas drag Jackson into the bus depot and hold him down, struggling, as Derek paralyzes him with kanima venom….no endless discourse about how Jackson spent literally all of S2 stripped of every bit of his agency, nobody’s in a rush to bring up over and over again how Peter violated and used Lydia, no talk about Stiles getting his borderline alcoholic father drunk to ply him for sensitive case details, and so on and so on.

No. The one time a character was stripped of agency and fandom just can’t seem to get past it just so happens to be Scott making Derek bite Gerard. And this wasn’t even something Scott was just gunning for to happen. He wasn’t going through the motions trying to stop the kanima and Gerard until all the pieces were properly in place. He was running around frantically, same as always, trying to keep everyone safe and alive and trying to stop Jackson and save him LONG before everyone wound up in that warehouse. His big plan was actually just a big failsafe. It was a desperate, hail mary, In Case Of Emergency - Break Glass kind of a plan.

And yes. Being all of that, it was also ruthless. It was a ‘get the job done no matter the price’ kind of plan. It wasn’t ideal, it wasn’t a Good Thing, and yet it was exactly the kind of thing anti-Scott fans claim to hate Scott for not being capable of doing…he’s too naive, too soft, too incapable of doing whatever it takes to protect his pack. It was the kind of plan people WOULD expect of Stiles, or of Peter or Derek or Lydia or even Allison….and the kind of plan all of those characters would be forgiven for because ‘look we don’t always have to agree with what characters do to like them, they make mistakes, they make compromises, perfect characters are boring, we like characters who are REAL, who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.’ Any of that sound familiar?

But if Scott IS actually capable of being ruthless if the right circumstances conspire to make him feel he has no other choice, then a whole lot of fanon dominoes start to fall and fandom can’t have that. How can Stiles be the necessary flip side of the coin to Scott’s pure morality if Scott doesn’t actually need Stiles to make the ruthless choice, to do the thing Scott isn’t willing to do himself? How does his constant suspicion work as a balance to Scott’s too trusting nature if Scott isn’t actually naive and more than capable of recognizing Gerard plans to double cross him and he needs to plan accordingly?

And while I’m sure there are exceptions, that’s why as a whole, fandom will never ever ever let the S2 finale discourse die, because they literally can’t afford to. The entire mythology fandom has constructed to justify their contempt for his character is discredited by that one single episode, and by constantly forcing Scott fandom to remain on the defensive about it any and every time its brought up, for over four years his detractors have very neatly circumvented ever having to acknowledge what that episode displays about Scott’s intellect and his willingness to cross the lines if the right pressure is applied.

Thoughts on teen wolf 4x07

So this week’s episode was much hyped and as a result i think some was a bit disappointed. I liked it. It wasn’t the best of the season by far, but still good. Compared to last week’s phletora of exposition and setup, this was more of a filler episode (and on a weird level reminded me a bit of spn’s Croatoan), but still had some intersting stuff that furthered the plot.

Worth noting is that TW this season really does seem to mirror s1 pretty well structurally. 1x07 Night School was also a “bottle episode” where the entire plot was set in the school and not a lot of exposition was revealed. Jeff did say he wanted to go back to s1 :)

The blood money, Not-A-GoodGuy Peter (but not the benefactor) and a smidge of sterek feels.

One of the most debated thing in fandom the last week has been the money scott stole the orphans’ locker. The views have ranged from outrage of the moral implications (tampering with evidence, breaking in, stealing, potenitally keeping and using blood money) to those who claim that scott deserved to hang on to it as “compensation” from all the hurt the Hales have caused him.

(To those harboring the latter opinions - that Scott deserves it as compesation - please do a rewatch of the entire series and bear in mind that everything your told is biased towards scott - pay attention to what you see as well and it shows a whole other story.)

I’ve definitely been one of those questioning the morals of this (as discussed in my thoughts on ep 4x06) but wanted to wait and see before jugding to harshly.

While stealing the money and tampering with the investigation still was a shitty thing to do of scott, i’m pleased to see that neither he nor stiles has completely damaged their moral compass. Scott suggests returning it to Derek but Stiles is hesitant. 

And before anyone gets all up in arms about scott being the good guy and stiles just wanting to keep it - Stiles is thinking strategically here, with two main points in mind

  1. He knows that Derek was the third key and according to Lydia-Geiger-Counter-For-Death more or less sentenced to die. He’s also witnessed firsthand derek is having trouble with his powers.
  2. Stiles don’t trust Peter for a second - a) because he’s Peter and Stiles has a gut feeling about these things (that more people should pay attention too) and b) Peter is conveniently not on the deadpool making him a prime suspect to be the benefactor

It is HALE money, not just Derek’s. Stiles has no issue returning it to Derek, but knows that half is Peter’s and if Derek dies the rest goes to him as well. Why help him potentially fund this if he’s behind it. This episode did a good job of reminding us all that PETER IS UP TO NO GOOD via Stiles. It is repeated in the vault when discussing whether or not to tell Malia about Peter (supposedly) being her dad.

(okay this is getting looooong - hit the link)

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mxriartywho  asked:

okay so does anyone still have faith in endgame sterek? not being a pessimist, i just haven't been around the fandom often so i'm a bit out of the loop.

I’ve been on hiatus from Tumblr myself, mxriartywho, so I can’t tell you what the current consensus is in fandom. I had a big report to finish shortly after the season finale, which meant I banned myself from Tumblr for ages, and I’ve only just started to get back into the swing.

Maybe someone else can chime in with a Sterek update for us.

For what it’s worth, I’m in two minds about it myself.

On the one hand, as far as the foreshadowing goes, everything is still on track for Sterek. The S4 finale had two key Sterek scenes which were central to the characters’ development – Stiles giving Derek the other mantra, which enabled Derek to “evolve”; and Stiles unwilling to leave Derek when he thought he was dying, even though Scott was in danger.

That’s pretty significant stuff.

On the other hand, the second half of the S4 finale was a hot mess. Other finales have been a hot mess too, but they did pay off at least some of the major plot strands in the season. The difference with this one was that it came across as reneging on the promises the story of S4 made. It didn’t pay off the season’s major themes and plot strands, and didn’t make any significant set-up teasers about S5, apart from the Desert Wolf (who we haven’t even met yet, so big whoop).

Further, even though the two Sterek scenes in the finale were really important, the rest of the season did it’s best to downplay Sterek, so there was limited development outside of the finale itself. After so much subtextual build-up in previous seasons, that really wasn’t okay.

I wish I knew what was happening behind the scenes, because Sterek has played really weirdly since S3. There were few overt Sterek scenes in S3, but those there were, and the subtext of Derek’s arc, were still progressing Sterek pretty significantly. S4 reduced scenes again, but the finale scenes progressed the Sterek arc in a major way.

What gives, you know? Has someone at MTV told them to cool it, and this is Davis sneaking it in sideways? Is there a behind the scenes personality clash? Is Davis just keeping his cards too close to the chest so we don’t guess what he’s up to?

I honestly don’t know, but it’s weird, and I’m pretty tired of feeling toyed with.

At this point, those two things together – fewer scenes, but major character turning points – comes across as trying to have your cake and eat it too. There’s a reason so many people are crying “queerbaiting”. Basically, there aren’t enough scenes for Sterek to be a major plot strand – in fact homophobes can still happily deny it – so it feels like the text has put on the brakes since S1 & S2. It’s almost a No Homo situation. Except if the brakes were on, there should be no development at all, just incidental stuff. Instead their scenes are often really important and have significant consequences for the characters. Stiles as Derek’s anchor. Stiles hesitating over staying with Derek or going to save Scott. They are huge turning points for them, given where the show started.

And yet? The text keeps downplaying Sterek despite these major turning points.

If the text had killed off the potential for Sterek in S3, I’d be tetchy but okay with it. Whatever, you know. Shows do that all the time. If they had gone for subtle but consistent development, I’d also be okay with. Slow build is cool. But this “nothing to see here” for episodes and episodes, and then major character moments which are never acknowledged again? Nope.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

It doesn’t feel like slow build. It feels like we’re being jerked around.

Between the hot mess of the S4 finale and being jerked around by Sterek for the last 2 seasons, my trust has been pretty thoroughly dented that Davis & co. are going to pay off the larger themes that have been building throughout the series. Trust in the author is a pretty fragile thing, and Davis & co. spent a lot of the trust they’d earned in S1 & S2 with some of the rushed and careless choices in S3. They needed to at least hold ground in S4 in order to maintain the reader/writer contract, and they didn’t manage that.

I’ll go a fair way to meet an author if they show me something interesting, but there comes a point where I’ll cut my losses, and Teen Wolf is just about at that point for me. The writing team will need to pull out something pretty major early in S5 to get me interested again – Stiles’ spark would do it. So would Kira’s dark arc, Danny’s magnificent return, or overtly canon Sterek.

In short: yes, I think Sterek is still on track in that it’s still textually building, and yet no, I don’t currently trust that the writers are going to have the guts to pay off all that build up in any satisfying way.