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Of well hung young men- Sehun scenario (rated)

Having the hots for a younger man is hard.
Having the hots for a well hung younger man… absolutely exhausting.


So for the last year or so I’ve been playing a good game of hide and seek. I’ve developed mad skills in the art of covertly checking men out. Checking one man out, and technically he’s not even really a man. He’s like a boy. An almost man. A man-boy.
But does my body care about any of that. Well. No.
My body gives not one fig for the fact that I am so much older than this man-boy. In fact my body has the damn audacity to break out into erotic applause every time I see this man-boy. Metaphorically speaking that is. Except for that one time when he showed up in  a pair of tight, tight, tight black leather pants that moulded his bulge, oh so beautifully. I should probably be embarrassed that I did actually applaud that one time. Because, Whoo!!
Fortunately he’d had no idea why I was clapping, and the rest of our friends were well used to me doing strange things when drunk so they hadn’t really questioned it. They’d just figured I might have one too many drinks and simply cut me off.
I met this fine boy/man man-boy, about a year ago, when my business partners, well sort of business partners, informed me that they’d taken on a new guy. They were expanding their horizons a little, and they were going out for drinks later that night to celebrate and they wanted to know if I wanted to come.
Beak, Chan, Suho and Gee ( his girlfriend and man had that been a long time coming) and I had worked together so many times, on so many projects, that it really did feel like we were business partners.
Even though there was no actual contract signed between us.
I suppose it helped that we’d met in college in a business class, well I’d shared a business class with Suho and Economics class with Beakhyun and had it hit off with both of them separately, and then unified when we’d discovered we all knew each other.
And that had been the beginning of calls and texts to the effects of.
“ Oi, wierdo, class project wanna collabo?”
Which later became
“ Oi wierdo. New business project. You want in?”
I really wasn’t that weird.
But eh.
They brought business my way. I brought business their way. We could call each other whatever the hell we wanted.
Anyway back to the new hot kid.
The new well hung hot kid.
I’d noticed the bulge the minute he’d walked up to me at the table I was already occupying while I waited for them to show up.
His name was Sehun, but for the first month or so, I had referred to him in my head as the horse. What?!
He was hung like one.
I’d taken to arriving first for all our get together’s and meetings from that point out, because I needed to get my fill of that glorious monster he was hiding behind his pants.
And he did, try to hide it that is.
But there was no hiding it.
It was big, and proud, and often made i’s presence known.
Now as shameless as I was, checking out the kids’ manhood, I wasn’t shameless enough to let myself be caught, so I developed some mad skills. Either that or my powers of sneaky observation had simply been waiting to be awakened.
It had probably gotten to the point where I was quite close to obsessed with his bulge, and I suppose one could ask why I didn’t just do something about it.
But like I mentioned before. He was a kid. I’d asked Suho about him earlier on and had wanted to cry when I’d found out he was a good six years younger than me.
And with me being almost thirty, I just couldn’t go there.
Like if I was fourty and he was thirty five, I’d have jumped on the chance already, but perversely, twenty nine to his twenty two, just seemed a bit much, so I kept myself in my pants and simply allowed myself to fantasize of the things that could have been.

My spy powers must have been slipping though, because someone caught me.
“You know, you could probably just ask him to show you,” Beakhyun whispered to me from where I was leaning against the wall and discreetly (not so discreetly) eyeing Sehuns hips, pelvis and ass (over time I’d found more things to appreciate,). We were at a formal black and white function of some sort,for the official opening of a hotel that one Of Suho’s friends was in charge and I really hadn’t wanted to be here, but Suho had invited me. They wanted me to meet someone and this is where I was meeting them.
They were trying to connect me with another friend of theirs who wanted to do some business with me.
Well not him specifically but the company he worked for.
I was glad I’d come in the end, I’d liked talking to Kyungsoo and got the distinct impression that I’d enjoy working with him. But I was even happier I’d come because Sehun in a suit was like a nicely wrapped present from a secret admirer for no reason at all.
“You’ve been staring at his ass for a good,” he had the audacity to pause and glance at his wrist watch, “ ten minutes now. It’s disturbing.”
“It is rather,” Suho said as he joined us in my private corner.
I scowled at them.
“Do you mind. I’m busy here.” I snapped, but there was no malice in my voice and they both just smiled at me.
“Dude, just ask the kid out will you?” Beakhyun said.
And I snorted.
They did leave me alone after that and I returned to ingraining the image of Sehuns impressive but sadly covered body parts to the back of my eyelids.
Jack-off material.
I should probably be ashamed to admit, but I wasn’t.
Apparently I was really slipping that night, because someone else noticed and approached me.
Kyungsoo stopped beside me and took position next to me also leaning against the wall.
We were both silent for a little bit, and then he spoke.
“I’m going to assume you’re not always so obvious” Kyungsoo said and I found myself smiling.
“No. I have mad skills.” I replied and Kyungsoo chuckled loudly, making  a couple of people turn in our direction in curiosity.
“I have it on good authority he likes older women,” Kyungsoo helpfully supplied.
And I snorted, “Uh huh. And what authority would that be?”
“My mother,” Kyungsoo supplied and I turned and made big googly eyes at him, like noooo, and it took Kyungsoo a minute but then he realised what I was thinking and he started laughing.
Giggling at first, and then snorting and then full on laughing. He had to hold onto the wall to stay upright.
“Oh, man, that was good. No his mother is my mother.” He finally explained.
I see.
Sehun was not boinking Kyungsoo’s mother.
“You looked so distraught,” Kyungsoo finally says and I shrugged.
“I was for a minute. And then it occurred to me that I might have had to go and fight your mother and I wasn’t sure how you’d have felt about that.”
This started Kyungsoo laughing again.
I grinned mischieviously.
“So since you’re obviously feeling nice. You wanna share more information with me?” I tried.
Kyungsoo grinned slyly, “dance with me and maybe I will,”
I snorted, “can’t buddy. Heels. Not made for walking in, let alone dancing in,”
Kyungsoo smiled even more slyly, “you want information or not?”
I narrowed my eyes at him.
Obviously I wanted information. And who better to get it from than an evil older brother. So the heels came off and I set my drink down and raised an eyebrow up at him.
“You leading? Or am I?” I asked, and he threw his head back and laughed again.
Kyungsoo was very informative. Told me how no matter how many blind dates their mother set Sehun up on in the last year or so, he just wasn’t impressed until one day he’d just flat out admitted to his parents that he just wasn’t attracted to the women they were hooking him up with.
“Older women ma. I like older women, he said,” Kyungsoo said, “my mum spewed her tea across the breakfast table, my father quite near had an apoplexy.”
I started giggling.
“How much older, ma asked him,” Kyungsoo continued, “ you know what he said?”
I shook my head, and Kyungsoo grinned, “and I’m not telling,”
I groaned, “oh you evil man.
Kyungsoo grinned, “you could just ask him yourself,”
I snorted.
Not happening.
The kids’ idea of an older woman was probably something ridiculous like, oh, say, three years older than him, which was still three years younger than me.
“You know, for someone who claims they want me to work with them, you’re not being very nice,” I said, and Kyungsoo chuckled.
“I apologise, how about I make it up to you,” he said and I grinned and nodded.
“Ok fine, You can ask me anything, one thing, about my brother and I will answer with brutal honesty and if I don’t know I will endeavour to find out for you. “
I narrowed my eyes at him, “what is this going to cost me? You don’t strike me as the nice kind.”
“ Oh nothing much, I just want your soul,” he replied dead pan, and I grinned.
“ My soul huh? Interesting. What my body doesn’t interest you?”
Kyungsoo grinned, “ is it for offer?”
“ No. No, sadly no. I’m sorry. My soul it is then.”
“ Right then, what do you want to know?”
That we were having this whole conversation on the dancefloor, me barefoot, Kyungsoo’s hand dangerously close to my ass, was absolutely inconsequential.
Unless your name happened to be Sehun.
“ I’m going to kill him,” Sehun hissed and Chanyeol followed his friends line of sight.
“ I believe fratricide is frowned upon,” was Chanyeols response.
“ Besides, it’s not like you staked a claim,” Beakhyun offered.
“ Traitors,” Sehun hissed. They were supposed to be his friends. Granted they were also my friends. And Kyungsoo’s friends. But that was totally besides the point.
He seemed to make up his mind though in a moment and set his drink down and walked across the room to where I was dancing with Kyungsoo. Well dancing and giggling as he like he promised answered my question with brutal honesty.
“ I can’t believe you asked me that” Kyungsoo groaned, “ woman this is going to cost you a hell of a lot more than your soul.”
“Fifteen percent off whatever you commission to do, plus five percent of my commission profit, “ I offered and Kyungsoo groaned.
“I do believe you just gave me a bloody erection. Deal. Well last I checked, …” he leaned in and whispered into my ear and I nodded as his breath tickled my neck.

“Mind if I cut in?” a voice suddenly asked and I looked up to see Sehun standing besides us.
Kyungsoo grinned and handed me over, with a wink that Sehun did not see. Which really wasn’t fair. I wasn’t prepared for this. Especially not after Kyungsoo had just gotten done telling me about his brothers’ impressive and extensive porn collection.
A girl needed to know these things. For….. recreational purposes. It would be nice knowing we were jacking off to the same images, but I digress.
Here I was in Sehuns arms and oh man was I doomed.
We’d never been this close before, hell I barely even talked to the kid unless I had to, outside of work that was.
I was never alone with the kid.
My avoidance game was that good.
“You two looked like you were having a good time,” Sehun said breaking into my thoughts.
“We were,” I squeaked, then cleared my throat and tried again, “we were.”
“What were you talking about,?” Sehun asked me, and I choked as his hand did a thing along the small of my back.
I wondered how embarrassing it would be if I just went ahead and had an orgasm right where we were standing, well technically dancing, because I could feel one coming on.
In reaction to this (un)welcome orgasm I gripped his shoulders tight, in a death grip, because I was seriously trying to decide whether or not I was shameless to have this orgasm right there and then.
His hand kept doing the thing, it was tracing little patterns on the small of my back, and the other one was ever so slightly squeezing at my hip. And although that was certainly contributing to the oncoming orgasm, what was about to have me throwing propriety and common sense to the wind, was how close he was holding me.
I could feel the bulge!!!
It was pressing into my belly and I was losing it. Oh. So. Very. Slowly.
He repeated his question and I blinked and looked up at him, and immediately regretted it.
Why had I never noticed his lips before?
Yes. Yes. I know it’s kind of hard to see someone’s mouth when my eyes are on his dick. And the words mouth and dick in the same sentence( albeit even if the sentence was in my head) proved to be too much for me, and I ducked my head into his chest as my hands slipped a little to rest on his arms and squeezed as I came.
I bit his chest in an attempt to muffle my sounds of pleasure, because I could be loud, and was well aware of it. My legs were locked still, clasped tight, and honestly the reason I didn’t just throw my head back and yell, “yes, bloody fucking yes!!” was because he was kind enough to hold my head into his chest.
He looked so shocked when I finally did pull my head out of his chest, it was actually kind of funny and I giggled.
And then I couldn’t stop giggling.
I couldn’t believe that had just happened.
“ What just happened?” Sehun finally managed to ask me, and I finally just decided fuck it, I have no more fucks left to give.
So I pulled him down til I could whisper in his ear.
“ I. Just had an orgasm, “ I explained, and then I started giggling.
Now. I’m not really sure what I was expecting, but it was not for Sehun to grab a fistful of my hair and tip my head back and growl, fucking growl at me as he said,
“ If you tell me my  brother had anything to do with it, I’m going to have to hurt him,” he growled at me.
Well shit.
How dare he?
Like this wasn’t hard enough for me, when he was just the sweet, cute well hung kid. How dare he go all daddy on me?
That was just not cool.
He tugged on my hair lightly as he waited for an answer and I licked my lips.
“Your brother had very little to do with it,” I said.
“I don’t like that answer,” he said, and I shrugged, I wasn’t going to lie to him. Technically, Kyungsoo had a lot to do with it. I just hadn’t come because of Kyungsoo. The kid needed to learn to ask the right questions.
Call it recklessness, but I grinned at him and very sweetly said, “ oh yeah. Well what you going to about it?”
We’ll call it recklessness, but when he looked down at me like that with one eyebrow raised and asked,
“ is that an invitation, “
I shrugged, smiled, disentangled myself from his arms and walked away from him heading for the doors.
Still barefoot.
I barely took five steps out of the building room before he was striding confidently beside me.
“Your room or mine?” he asked me, and it was only then that I realised that I had left my stuff with Beakhyun, since he had pockets and I didn’t and purses were cumbersome. This meant I did not have my key card and I showed Sehun my empty hands.
“ My room it is then,” he said hitting the button for his floor.
And then my back was against the wall and he was kissing me.
Hard. Lips teeth and tongue, and if he didn’t stop I was going to come again. Which when you thought about it was kind of embarrassing, so he needed to stop.
But I didn’t want him to.
Not when he hand one palm flat against the wall over my head and the other palm filled up with my ass as he bent over me and sucked at the side of my neck.
He had no intention of stopping it seemed. (thank you, deity of the well hung. thank you)
I cursed under my breath as I felt another orgasm coming on.
“ Shit,” I hissed, “I’m going to come,” I warned in a breathless whisper, and he, naughty boy, naughty shameless boy , dropped to his knees in one fluid motion and stuck his head under my dress. Well technically he just hiked it past my hips, and pulled my panties to the side and proceeded to eat me out. In the elevator.
On the fourth floor. I checked.
My head slammed against the wall, and I cried out in absolute pleasure.
I had the presence of mind to reach out and stop the elevator.
I was shameless, but I really didn’t want to be caught like this.
He apparently didn’t mind being caught like this, because as soon as I stopped the elevator he reached out and blindly started it up again.
“Don’t make me have to punish you.” He growled into my pussy as I stopped it again and I whimpered in delight, “ I’d like to get to my room before I cum in my pants.”
Well. When he put it like that. I could totally get with starting the elevator again. So I did.
And for being such a good girl he rewarded me by sticking his tongue up my pussy and twirling it around, and I came again. Bucking up into him my hands plastered to the wall as they sought purchase.
The elevator finally dinged to let us know we were on our floor and as the doors opened I was eternally thankful that there was nobody on the other side.
Sehun stood up with a shit eating (pussy eating) grin and picked me up so I had to wrap my legs around his waist and carried me down the hall to his room.
He slammed his door shut with the heel of his foot and spun me around so I was leaning against the door and started kissing me again.
I moaned into the kiss, because hot fuck, the kid was going to kill me. This many orgasms in so little time, couldn’t me healthy.
“ I’m going to ask you again,” he growled breaking the kiss, “ did my brother have anything to do with your orgasm?”
I whimpered and tried to get him to kiss me again, but he wasn’t having it.
“ No, “ I finally said, “ well yes. But no. We were talking about your porn collection ok. Now will you please just fuck me, kiss me, anything, please.” I begged. Quite shamelessly too, if I might add.
His eyebrow went up in interest at that, but he thankfully decided to put me out of my misery and started kissing me again.
I let him for a little bit, as he held me up against his door.
I was pretty sure I was going to be marked ass all get out tomorrow, but it would be oh so worth it, especially once I got to actually see, his damn dick.
Speaking of.
“Bed,” I whispered huskily into the kiss, and he took a couple of steps backwards til his leg hit the edge of the bed and then he sat down so I was straddling him.
But that wasn’t what I had come here for. Well it was, but I mean it wasn’t.
I slid off his lap and got down on my knees between his legs and begun unbuckling his belt and then his pants. I must have been taking too long because he huffed and gracefully got up to his feet and pulled his pants and boxers off, and I was slapped in the face with a monster.
I whimpered in delight and licked my lips. He was huge. Huger than I’d imagined. And I had most certainly imagined.
“ You just going to stare at it?” he asked and I could hear the amusement in his voice, but honestly I couldn’t really blame him, I was staring at his dick, like it was a candy stick just begging to be licked and sucked.
“ Can I?” I asked and even to me I sounded quite desperate.
“ I don’t know. Can you?” he teased.
And I decided to find out.
I most certainly could. Well. Sort of. I kept gagging on his girth and length, because, fuck, he was huge.
He grunted when I finally managed to get him to the back of my throat, gag reflex adjusting. I whimpered and sucked, and came back up so I could lick around the head and then went back down again. And gagged.
He grabbed my hair and pulled me off and I whined.
“Much as I like watching you try, I’d really like to fuck you now, so get on the bed please” he instructed as he pulled me up to my feet and I let him pull me up.
I pulled my dress all the way off as I slid up onto the bed, panties right behind it, bra right after that. And for a split second, I thought to myself.
Shit. Your naked. And your not exactly slim, trim and sexy. Maybe getting naked wasn’t such a good idea.
But then he was between my legs and fingering me and I forgot about not being, trim, slim and sexy.
My back arched off the bed as I whimpered.
“fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” I hissed as he twisted and wound his fingers inside me, because I was getting close again.
And then I quite near wailed as he crawled down my body and proceeded to eat me out. Again.
My head was thrashing from side to side and I had the sheets in a death grip, and I was probably drowning him down there.
I had tears streaming down my face when he finally came up for air.
And he had a shit eating (pussy eating grin) on his face.
I don’t know where he got the condom from and I honestly didn’t care, I was just happy to see him slide it on, because it meant he was about to fuck me senseless.
He did.
Fuck me senseless that is.
He slid in one smooth thrust that had me coming off the bed in a breathless gasp, my hands slapping onto his back, my fingernails digging into his shoulders.
“You ok?” he asked stilling his movements.
“Move. Just. Move. Oh shit….” he did move and I immediately flopped back down onto the bed, because he felt so. Fucking. Good. My imagination had not done him justice,
He was hot, and hard and huge. Steel and velvet drowned in hot oil sliding in and out of me, pressing me into the bed, and I could do nothing but hold on for the ride.
He was pounding me. And I was loving every second of it.
My pussy drenching him, as it tightened around him, tighter and tighter and tighter til it was finally squeezing and contracting around him in a vice like grip that had me seeing stars.
I sobbed as I came, a broken cry falling from my lips and tears slipping from my eyes.
And then he was growling into my ear and biting down onto my neck as he came.
And that had me cumming again.
“fuck,” I hissed.
And then I blacked out.

I was woken up by a loud and insistent banging, and as my eyes cracked open I realised someone was knocking at the door and I groaned and rolled over burying myself into the covers, but the ache in my body reminded me quite rudely exactly where I was and what I had done last night, and my eyes snapped open to see a freshly showered Sehun with a towel wrapped around his waist opening his door.
Beakhyun was standing on the other side of the door with my key card, phone and car keys in his hand.
I didn’t quite catch what they said to each other, but whatever it was it had Sehun walking back into the room with a smirk on his face.
“ Good morning, “ he said, and my eyes dropped to the towel and I licked my lips.
“Yeah. Good morning.” I whispered back, and then I fled, to the bathroom that is.
I heard him chuckle behind me, and honestly I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.
I had just broken one of my own cardinal rules.
We never, fuck kids. Until yesterday it would seem. And he sure as hell didn’t fuck like a kid. So I had no idea where that left me.
I mean I didn’t want it to be a one time thing. I think I might have become attached to his dick, and now I wanted it all for me.  But that wasn’t exactly a conversation I felt like I had any right to instigate.
So I showered.
And as I came out of the shower ten minutes later, I realised the folly of my ways.
No clothes.
Well shit.
Sehun when I returned from my shower was laying back on his bed watching the news.
I cleared my throat and he looked up.
“Think I could get away with walking down the hallway to my room in just a towel,? “ I asked and he smiled as he shook his head.
“ Or I could get naked and join you.”
I nodded enthusiastically and he threw his head back, and he walked up to me and lifted my chin with one finger.
“ You are so inappropriately cute,” he said and I grinned at him.
“I took the liberty of getting your clothes from your room.” He said indicating the chair behind him, and I turned and saw that he had.
I was dressed in a couple of minutes. Knee length skirt, t-shirt and flats. But no panties.
I raised an eyebrow at him, and he shrugged and pulled them out  of his pocket.
“ You probably won’t need them,” he said, and then he was standing right in front of me, “ besides, for as long as you’ve been imaging just how hung I really was, I’ve been wondering what kind of panties you wear. So I’m keeping these. Gotta start my collection sometime,”
I blinked and blinked again.
“ You knew?” I asked stupidly.
“ No. Not until that one day when you broke out into applause,”
I groaned in mortification and he laughed.
“ You’re the only person to ever applaud my dick,” he whispered and I groaned again, and then something else occurred to me.
“ Wait a minute. What do you mean start your collection?” I asked, and he made this stupidly cute pout at me.
“ You won’t let me keep your panties, everytime we have sex?” and I had to bite back a groan.
“ Depends.” I said narrowing my eyes at him, “ how many times are we talking about?”
“ How about, til you run out of panties.” He suggested and again I nodded enthusiastically, and he smirked and leaned down, “ and when you do, I’ll just buy you more.”
And I might have come again.

Telling Heather that Sebulge made its way back onto my dash...
  • Me: "debulge's younger counterpart...sebulge"
  • Heather: "O_O dubulge and sebulge....go hand in hand..."
  • Heather: "wait.... that sounded so wrong..."
  • Heather: What?
  • Me: THAT WAS TOO FUNNY...."they go hand in hand..."
  • Heather: i wasnt even trying to be pervy i know im going to hell for this T_T
  • Me: hahahahahahahahaha
  • Heather: am i funny ruth? you're so going to post this on tumblr arent you ¬¬
  • Me: you just gave me the idea there...MUAHAHAHAHA
  • I'm such a nice friend~
  • I don't even get why i found it so funny....