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tbh i got such parent!ym vibes in this run ep it killed me you could see how seamlessly they work together as a team, no personal space but no crashing or bumping into each other cause they know how move around each other, and they way they guided and encouraged tae, giving him little tasks and cheering him on with his lil squirrel sauce garden (i don't want to insinuate tae's a child btw it's just the way ym was acting towards him) just ksjfksjf!!! they work!!! so goddamn well together!!!

honestly !! even here jimin was on his way to get something but, look easily he sidles up to yoongi just to see how he’s getting on

since they know how to move around each other i guess they must’ve done this a lot, can you imagine how it would’ve been at first with them just bumping into each other and laughing and taking forever to finish off, until they get to the stage where they’re weaving around each other and throwing around jokes and making conversation as they get on with their assigned jobs

Quest'estate vorrei andare a:
- La Biennale a Venezia (+Damien Hirst, +Rauschenberg)
- Il Color Fest in Calabria con la serata campeggio!!!
- L'hotel di Banksy in Israele

Questa estate devo:
- Lavorare in biblioteca
- Studiare per tre esami
- Studiare per altri tre esami da dare a settembre
- Far recuperare alla ragazzina il debito in matematica

Questa estate ho i soldi per fare:
- Niente

Sentite, mettiamo tutti cinquanta centesimi a testa, mi ci pago le vacanze e alcolici a sufficienza per non pensare ai doveri, mh?

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Zero is getting like a whole college makeover and I love it

lmaooo i knoww.. like the more i look at him and how he’s developing each day the more i’m like..

this really is Zero’s “realizing things” year so much. like we’re not even half way through the calendar and so much has already happened to him that’s changing his dynamic as a person and i love it. like throughout the years i’ve treated him like garbage compared to the rest of my chars but it’s his time to shine now lmao. 

also if i’m being honest this has been the most fun i’ve had with my game and characters since the GrangerxHitomi era (only 90′s kids remember) and that’s saying a lot because it’s from a character i didn’t think i’d care so much about at all. even apart from being Granger’s son he’s growing into his own person and i’m sitting on the sideline watching like..

gcldenfool replied to your post “okay same anon what about Ryan teleporting and dieing anyway like he…”

How fucked up would that make all the guys? Just suddenly Ryan materializes in front of them and goes splat. Like shit man, there’d probably be silence and a bit of scream from them as they try to see if Ryan’s okay and check his pulse but heck, no one can really survive that fall no matter how hard they try. Maybe if he had a broken bone instead of an entire broken body


okay but like,,, can we talk about chrisana for a moment,,,, they were hoverboard besties in s1 and now we got that ADORABLE moment in the otherwise horrible clip that shall not be named,,,, now chris pls talk to sana and sana pls open up to chris,,,,, she’ll listen!!! she’ll help you!! she’ll make a stupid joke!! pls julie just gimme a chrisana talk it’s all i want at this point

guys, wag nyoko kalimutan sa mga fs nyo. gustuhin ko mang pumunta kaso ay napakalayo ko at wala akong budget hahaha umaasa ako sa inyo lalo na sa mga binubuhat ko sa lol dyan oy fs na nga lang hinihingi ko at hindi skin sa lol wahahaha basta sa mga tropa ko din dyan everywhere, paramdam nyo sakin na hindi nyo ako nakakalimutan :( salamat at mag enjoy sana ang lahat bukas ingat kayo

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