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Peyton Sawyer Appreciation Week 2017: Day 6 → favorite quotes from or about peyton

“And just like that I’m reminded that – you know what, it’s probably gonna be okay. If it doesn’t kill me - and it won’t, then it’ll make me stronger. So listen, I don’t know anything about your world, hell I barely know about mine, but if you’re carrying around something difficult or something that nobody seems to see or get or can help you with… just remember: The weight is a gift… and we’re not going out like that.”


There’s a reason the queen is the strongest piece on the chess board and a reason why you win by killing the king. (x)


Declan Lynch, the oldest of the Lynch brothers, was never alone. He was never with his brothers, but he was never alone. He was a perpetual-motion machine run by the energy of others: here leaning over a friend’s table at a pizza joint, here drawn into an alcove with a girl’s palm to his mouth, here laughing over the hood of an older man’s Mercedes. The congregation was so natural that it was impossible to tell if Declan was the magnet attracting or the filings attracted.


They took everything from us. And then they called me a monster. The moment I sign that pardon, the moment I ask for one, I proclaim to the world that they were right.
This ends when I grant them my forgiveness, not the other way around. 


“I dreamt I was a butterfly. ”  

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anonymous asked:

I saw a post floating around again talking about Andy's mother and it stated she strongly opposed apartheid in South Africa and ended up being exiled from her own country due to protesting against it and I was just curious if that was factual. I wouldn't doubt it but was curious if you knew of the source where this was stated.

Yeah no worries, I don’t blame you for fact checking. Yes it’s true that his mother’s family left South Africa because of apartheid. It’s been mentioned here and there(not in great detail just Andy saying they left) but here’s one source. Also there’s a post on Laura’s old running blog that clearly shows how much she reveres Nelson Mandela. 


Things my heart used to know. Things it yearns to remember.