also: lazy


i traced these so i could get the hair measurements and style right (and also i’m lazy) but, like

prompto and ignis have really long hair (iggy’s bangs alone are around 5 inches high, and prompto’s swoop is PART of his bangs, it’s just hard to tell cuz, like, they’re swooped up)

so, like

have a reject emo band member and a cute hipster barista i guess?

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Not only is this hilarious, it also solidifies the idea beyond a shadow of a doubt that Force Ghost Anakin spends a ridic amount of time lazily sprawled out, resting his head in Obi-Wan’s lap, cracking wise while Obi-Wan pets his hair.

;) Yep. I mean, I don’t make the rules here, people. This is just how it happened. We all know of my deep commitment to the idea that the Force Ghosts are only about 34% helpful to Luke at any given time: it makes sense that Anakin would spend most of his afterlife napping on (and demanding attention from) Obi-Wan, watching daytime TV and eating all of Luke’s snacks. (”Dad you don’t even need food” “SAYS WHO?”)

i’m. thinking of giving different links e.g. tp!link, wild!link, sky!link, time!link, etc. constellation inspired nicknames bc. 1. no way would gramps be able to think of them/differentiate all of them in his head as just link without being confused at least once &&. 2. he’s a fuckign nerd who knows his constellations,, 3. the nickname will sometimes slip out in conversation 

i think leo said this on twitter so i can Not claim original post but. where’s my mermaid lance that is actually like those freakin cool mermaid aliens from episode two… the more alien the better lads…. im not here for the vanilla disney mermaid stuff give him some webbed fingers and some antennae and let him lose the pupils maybe


I’ve been watching you from the start.

Steinunn: Wait-

Stefán: Don’t record this, Steina.

Steinunn: Stebbi, aren’t you gonna come inside?

Stefán: I’m not coming inside, dear, I’m gonna spend the night here.

Steinunn: Why?

Stefán: [scandalized] Why? I won’t let the baby plants be alone in the greenhouse, not for the first nights at least. Goodnight, dear. [to the plants] Hiiiiiiii