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This might be really awkward, but I was wondering if you could help spread awareness about the recent rise in hate going to some YOI blogs? This has severely affected one of my friends to where she was too scared to open her ask box. If you could help, this would mean so much to me and my friends affected by hate anons.

ahh, absolutely. i pm’d maddie myself a while ago and im glad that she seems to be staying strong but its hard to be unaffected by any kind of hate

guys. you have absolutely no right to be an asshole to someone just because you didn’t understand that they were joking around. even then that doesn’t give you or anyone an excuse to tell someone that they don’t deserve anyone, or that they don’t deserve their own life. just because you hide underneath a mask doesn’t mean you can escape the consequences of your actions.

instead of blindly attacking someone, it’s literally so much easier to unfollow, block and move on. nobody gets hurt! it’s a wild concept i know but try to grasp your mind around it

and to anyone affected by anon hate: you’re so, so strong for keeping your head up despite all of the negativity thrown towards you and you deserve everything but this. please stay safe. block the anons you’ve been getting, turn off anon, close your ask box if you have to, or stay off tumblr for a while if that’s what you need to do - let’s be real this is a pretty shit website and sometimes it’s best to stay away from it for a while

and remember that you have your friends and your kind followers to be there for you and support you! i’m also available to talk to, if needed.

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Headcanons for the main four (and maybe Link) for their reaction to their s/o wearing lingerie >:3c (if you're not comfortable with sort of thing then please ignore ^_^) Hope you're having a good day 💜💜

(Since I really like looking up different lingerie sets, I decided to also put their preference for lingerie as well as their reaction. Nothing below will be really NSFW, because one can appreciate someone getting dolled up for them, even if they aren’t wearing any clothes, but if you don’t want to see woman with not much on, be warned.)

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This is How u’s Rolls-- I Mean, These are their Roles.

This is a quick and fun activity that @athyrabunlord and I did a week ago. We talking about each of the members of u’s and tried to figure out what they jobs are in the group. We are all very familiar with the Production Team (Maki, Umi and Kotori) but what about the others? Here is our take:

• Honoka – This is u’s sunberry. The showy and outgoing leader, who… procrastinates on many things. The clueless yet adorable dunce. The boss pimp. The harem owner. She serves best as the group’s spokesperson and icon. She really doesn’t do much in terms of song production but she is indeed the inspiration for many of them. The unlimited supply of sunshine and manjuus.
• Umi – The Oni Instructor. She is the backbone of u’s, as well as its muscles and abs. She keeps things moving, though she sometimes fails at keeping it moving smoothly. The dense block of wood. The underboss pimp. Her greatest contribution to u’s is her lyrics (though sometimes it does beg the question where she gets ideas from, c’mon, Cutie Panther? Love Novels? Trouble Busters? BiBi? –wait that’s a subunit). She claims not to know anything about romance yet she managed to write Garasu no Hanazono, Storm in Lover, and Wild Stars (read the lyrics, seriously. So lewd). An invaluable member of the Production Team, she makes u’s performances possible. She works extensively with her (pairings) partners in the Production Team; making songs with Maki, cross-checking Eli’s choreography with the track and lyrics, and serving as a personal (dummy) model to Kotori’s costume making. A true busybody. Also oversees practice sessions and the members’ physical training.
Maki – The useless tsundere. Well, she’s not entirely useless. U’s wouldn’t be possible without her music after all. As the group’s resident composer and member of the Production Team, Maki creates all the tracks for their songs (including Afterschool Navigators; and she said she only listens to classical… and how the hell do her scores get played?). Everyone’s tomato baby. Tsuns her way into being spoiled by the older members. The Santa believer. The haughty yet zannen heiress. The bueeh?!  And imi wakannai. The SFX princess who has melancholy issues (and is very gay). Oh, and her family’s summer homes and winter cottages are very handy too.
• Kotori – The birb from heaven. The most unappreciated and underrated member of the Production Team (because Soldier Game Trio are spotlight whores). She conceptualizes and produces all the costumes u’s has ever used, which is easier said than done. The time allotted to drawing, tweaking, and then looking for materials must be tremendous, then she has to cut, sew and fit the dress to nine bodies, while making each and everyone just slightly different to fit personalities. Oh and she does this while having a part-time job. Take that SG! Oh, and, she is also responsible for sending people into the hospital due to her suspicious taste in hotpot ingredients.
• Eli – The harasho kaichou. An honorary member of the Production Team, Eli plans and oversees the group’s choreography, practice sessions, and chocolate rations. She is the one who puts everything together and makes sure the final product is as smooth and flawless as possible. The preppy manager. Nico’s nemesis in the human gene pool. The eyecatcher. The seemingly indomitable manager who, more often than not, fails at keeping the group focused (just listen to all the live intermissions dramas). The glacial queen who often gets a meltdown.
• Nico – Everyone’s Lil Imp. The mascot. The shithead with many secrets. The red-eyed devil of randomness. The rapper. The unmeasurable nico nico nii~. The smol shrill Chihuahua. She is also the idol encyclopedia. She uses the knowledge of the idol community to promote u’s, perhaps post on forums, advertise on websites, and maintaining the group’s webpage. Her online social media followers help in u’s rankings. Teams up with Hanayo a lot to learn what is trendy and what is not. Updates the group with the online activities of their fans. The crouching devil and hidden buchou of u’s. Gets zero respect from kouhais but is very well loved.
• Hanayo – The cinnamon roll. The squeaky baby that gives her all. The goddess of rice. The idol wiki. She serves as the group’s newsgirl, always on top of what’s latest and greatest in the school idol world. The resident teddy bear and cat babysitter. She is the warm support, full of positive encouragements. The spark that allowed u’s to continue after that empty auditorium. Wild feline handler. Cat whisperer. She works closely with Nico on PR and website maintenance. The girl who probably has thousands of followers on social media because of all the idol information she had dug from the deep web.
Nozomi – The perverse yet encouraging Yan. The card reader. The resident consultant and tsundere therapist. The team mom. She makes sure that there are materials for Nico and Hanayo to upload. She is probably responsible for stage and camera set-up for local performances and PVs. The double-checker as well as the prankster. The infinitely lucky washi washi max (even though Nico’s bad luck seems to always counter this).
Rin – The pet cat. The maji angeh. The true useless member. Just kidding. She probably helps Nozomi a lot with cameras and stage set-up. The temporary leader. Mostly follows Nozomi’s orders to annoy the shit out of the tsunderes. She leads the group’s stamina training though. The energizer bunny. The ramen sink. The cat’s nya. Everyone’s dream bride.

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You said that you're used to the other bands you like working to keep you engaged - how so? Can you give examples? I'm trying to understand this point of view because this is the first band I've ever followed that gave me something nearly every single day - be it promo, award shows, merchandise releases, pap walks, club appearances, meeting fans, releasing little video snippets, tweets, etc. I just wonder how the other bands you like do more. Not attacking, genuinely curious! All the love!

I really don’t want to become that girl who keeps complaining but here I go.

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"if Kylo raped Rey then Rey raped him back when she got into his mind" Thank you, I'm so fucking tired of that bullshit, everyone saying that scene was a rape and then forgetting that Rey does it too. It's like because they hate Kylo and love Rey they consider the actions of one disgusting but the ones of the other not. I'm not a reylo shipper (though you're kinda turning me into one) but the whole reylo hate makes me really angry, it's fiction, for god shake

Yeah, I mean, obviously Rey mind-assaulting Kylo back is not on the same level since she’s his prisoner and he’s the one who attacked her first, but suddenly equating Force-relating mind-assault to rape just to provide a clear-cut, moralistic excuse to hate on a ship is dumb as fuck.

Because 1) once again, in TFA Kylo doesn’t owe Rey *shit*. They’re enemies. Yes, he hurts her - the she hurts him back; but not a single shipper is pretending like they’re anything but two people on different sides. Neither of them has an obligation to each other.

2) Stop! Trivializing! RAPE! Stop throwing that word around. I am aware that ‘mind rape’ is the acknowledged name of the trope, and there’s non-consensual mind-violation going on which isn’t supposed to be interpreted as anything but painful; but comparing magic tricks in a Disney movie to actual rape - a real thing that happens to real people - just to demonize a ship you don’t like? That’s so fucking tasteless and crass. (*)

It’s like because they hate Kylo and love Rey they consider the actions of one disgusting but the ones of the other not.

BTW, it’s not exactly that antis dislike Kylo; I know of plenty who actually like him just fine - as a villain. The thing is that SW at first look it’s a ‘verse with a very sharp, very definite Light vs. Dark narrative, so it’s quite easy to say which one are the heroes and which the bad guys and that they shouldn’t mix. This is of course bullshit - Star Wars is, as any true fan know, at its core a story of redemption, and you can’t arbitrarily set apart the perfect cinnamon roll bad good guys from the irredeemable villains.

But it makes sense that a portion of the new fans haven’t realized that yet, and tumblr is a site which kind of encourages to see things in black and white with all the ~problematic~ discourse, so I can kind of - understand the tendency a sizeable portion of the TFA fandom has shown to consider Rey this perfect angel of sunshine who can do no wrong and shouldn’t be tainted by any trace of Problematic Evil (conveniently ignoring the signs that Rey has been kind of set up for dabbling a bit with the Dark Side, but that’s another story). I personally find this point of view boring and needlessly trivializing - like all the headcanons about Finn being a pure child who knows nothing of Real Life because was brainwashed since birth so now obviously needs to be taught everything; are you serious? - but then again, I’m a villain hoe and like my characters morally grey; black and white never sat well with me.

I’m not a reylo shipper (though you’re kinda turning me into one)

*pumps fists in the air in victory*

THAT’S HOW IT STARTS, anon. I mean, I first heard of Reylo because everyone was hating on the shippers and I wondered what the fuck was up, but then I really got into it because someone I follow was reblogging a shitton of meta and I was interested in the character dynamic, even beyond anything potentially romantic. I just wanted them to interact, you know? Then I actually read the book/watched TFA and wanted them to make out, but. That’s how it starts. Just saying.

TBH it’s not the antis hating on the ship I dislike - it’s their godgiven right - what I dislike is the *viciousness* of it. The way it’s coated over in moralistic self-righteousness. The way that now it’s the cool thing to do so it’s incredibly widespread, and people don’t realize how harmful they’re being, because more often than not it bleeds over to hating on the *shippers* - who are real people, and more important than fictional characters, but are getting called ‘horrible people’ and ‘trash’ and ‘rape apologists’ and all this crap.

It’s so intense and suffocating and pretty much straight online bullying, and the wider TFA fandom that’s not involved with one side or the other just looks on and lets it happen, even though it’s happening on a website where people are so enamoured with the idea of calling out harmful behaviour. It’s such an odd fandom phenomenon. Why is everyone so angry all the time. I came out to have a good time etc, etc.

(*) Yes, I know there’s a quote going around by JJ Abrams that explicitely used the word ‘mind-rape’ for the scene, but the source is a second-hand story shared on a FB post and we have no way to know if that’s the actually wording he used - and even if he had, no one else at Lucasfilm used the word ‘rape’ (which they never will. They’re selling Kylo toys to children. They’re not selling us that scene as ‘mind *rape*’, sorry antis) and also I find it odd how the very same people who trashed JJ for the sexism in NuTrek are now acting like every word he says is gospel. Gimme a break.

ETA:it got 200% better